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Chapter 1: I’m a Streamer! (Haishinsha)


Ataraxia is a world where magic has developed and is the home to many civilizations.

Not just humans but even demons exist, and they have been in endless conflicts since ancient times.

In such a world, there is something called the Magic Measurement, which, although not a good way of putting it, rates people who live in it.

It is a world rich in magic, where the very existence and strength of magic power is a matter of course.

Of course, there exist some great people who can’t use magic yet accomplish incredible achievements with swordsmanship.

However, such results are due to the tireless effort and a long time, whereas ordinary people fail before even reaching that point.

Well, in general, the usual way people live is by being able to handle magic and learning swordsmanship.

Now, let’s talk about the boy who lives in such a world.

He turned seventeen this year and is attending the Royal Academy established in the Royal City of Sistol, the heart of the Kingdom of Logias.

In other words, it’s a place attended mainly by aristocrats with money, but depending on their magic rank, some commoners are allowed entrance to the academy.

There sure exists a clash of statuses, but because the teachers are excellent, there are not many major conflicts.

“… Fuwaa, I’m so sleepy.”

He yawned as he put on a white uniform given to him by the academy.

With black hair and brown eyes, unusual in this world, a face that does not stand out in particular, and a physique that is neither large nor small, the boy’s name is Kanata, which is as unusual as it sounds.

In this world, family names exist only for nobles, so no such thing exists for commoners.

In other words, Kanata is a commoner because he lacks a family name.

Yet, for one reason or another, he attends this revered academy.

“I’ve been here for a while, but this world really doesn’t resemble my previous life.”

He mentioned his previous life.

Yes, he is a reincarnated person who was reborn in this world.

In his old world, magic didn’t exist, while in this new world, it does, and like everyone, he was very excited when he found out about it.

After experiencing reincarnation into another world, which has become popular recently, he found himself blessed with powers perfect for the new world.


Infinite magical power.

As per definition, his body got blessed with inexhaustible magic power.

The magic ranks range from SSS, SS, S, and A all the way down to F, at the very bottom.

However, he realized that this infinite magic power was a nuisance for him to live quietly, so he adjusted the magic power he put into the magical measurement, resulting in a grade of S.

“Yo, plebeian, why don’t you just disappear for good”

“That’s right.

This is not a place for a lowly person like you.”

Being a commoner, this was a normal thing to be told by the noble students on a daily basis.

Violence and the use of magic don’t go that far because the teachers are excellent, as mentioned previously, but… this level of deep-seated discrimination is common.

“Tell that to the teacher.

I don’t give a s**t even if you tell me.”

“Damn you…”

“How impudent!”

And apparently, aristocratic students have a low boiling point.

Well, nobles have a sense of being part of a family of chosen blood.

It’s like they felt their pride hurt by Kanata, who is just a commoner.

They approached Kanata silently.

Kanata thought there might be some trouble, but a dainty voice echoed through the room to stop them.

“What are you two doing”



It was a beautiful girl who appeared dashingly.

Her golden hair swayed, and her blue eyes, which exudes her willfulness, shone through to the noble students.

Her face was very well shaped, and her uneven body radiated a tremendous s*x appeal.

This girl’s name was Maria Ataraxis, the third princess, a member of the royal family that ruled the kingdom.

The noble students fawned over Maria but soon looked down as if afraid of her strong gaze.

“It doesn’t matter if he’s a noble or a commoner as long as he attends this academy, he has… No, all commoners are here because they are qualified to do so.

Stop imposing your silly pride on them.”



After being scolded by Maria, the noble students left at a quick pace.

It is not uncommon for the commoners, like Kanata, to be saved by Maria.

She is truly in a position to lead her people as royalty.

That is why, whether it is her sense of responsibility or not, she sees all the people residing in this country as equals.


“Thank you, Maria-sama.”

Kanata had spoken rudely to the noble students, but when the other party was royalty, Kanata changed his attitude.

The current exchange was tantamount to child’s play because of his previous life’s memories.

However, Kanata is still cautious because he knows what will happen if he makes enemies with the royal family.

“It’s all right.

But you knew it would upset them if you talked back to them like that.”

He knew that, but it was annoying, so he muttered to himself.

“Seriously, why do people clash because of their different statuses You really should listen to what Haishin-sama has to say.”

“Did you just say something”

“It’s nothing.

I’m done here.

Are you going straight home”


So Kanata and Maria parted ways, and Kanata went straight to the student dormitory.

Most of the other students would share a room, but it was unusual for a commoner like Kanata to have a magic rank of S.

So he was given a room all to himself… It’s not that he was never looked at strangely by even the commoners and that no one wanted to room with him, apparently.

“Well, let’s get back to work then!”

He entered the room, locked the door firmly, and activated the terminal on the desk.

It is a working terminal given to all students, but this terminal specifically was one that Kanata has made various improvements to through his own efforts.

It is like a personal computer in the original world, and having this terminal was the very thing that made him start doing the activities that he now does for a living.

[Right on time.

All right, everyone! How was your day It must have been hard for the students with their schoolwork and the adults with their jobs, right]

When he spoke into the microphone near the terminal, countless letters appeared on the screen in response to his words.

Yes, he was doing what we call streaming in this world in the other world.

The new world had established communication using terminals.

However, such technology was unable to deliver such worlds to an unspecified number of people.

However, since it is possible to make a new attempt at this world’s network with magical power, Kanata created a pseudo-real-world streaming site using his infinite magic power.

Creating a single network requires a tremendous amount of magical power.

Under normal circumstances, one’s magic power would run out in a matter of minutes without the aid of some magic item or other external help.

However, there is no need to be troubled because the word ‘infinite’ was on Kanata’s side.

[Today, I saw a disgraceful scene.

There was a fight between an aristocrat and a commoner again.

I heard that the conflict caused by differences in status would never disappear, but why is it like that when everyone should be having fun instead of squabbling like that]

The first sentences were an objective description of the event Kanata had just experienced, to which he received numerous replies.

Kanata smiled at the endless words he received, and he wondered how he had become so famous.

This pastime, which did not exist in this other world, spread at record speed, especially among the young people who had access to the terminals.

It is unknown whether or not people of various countries, including kings, princesses or others of high status look forward to this event.

Although Kanata could have used his name, the name he goes by when streaming is Haishin.

I’m not going to lie, but in a sense, Haishin’s name has a great impact on this world.

Given that his magic power never runs out no matter how long he talks, each country wants to get their hands on him.

At the same time, even if someone wants to hijack his broadcasting, they can’t take over and stop unless they direct more magic power than Kanata into it.

In other words, in this world, there is no one with more magic power than Kanata, who possesses unlimited magic power.

No one can stop this streaming.

(I never thought that the dream of being able to broadcast my work in this world would turn out to be so crazy.)

Kanata was satisfied because he was able to become the streamer he once longed to be in his previous world.

[Well then.

I’m going to read everyone’s messages today as well~]

Today he continued to entertain his viewers as usual.

This is the story of a boy reborn with unlimited magical power.

He doesn’t flaunt the magic power that makes him the strongest.

He is neither interested in being a hero nor a warrior but only does what he thinks is fun.

There are those who were captivated by his streaming and had their destinies changed, where some were even saved.

He does not yet know that he is the hope of countless beings.

He does not yet know that there are those who will appear in the world of Ataraxia who will be known as Haishin worshippers.

Now the curtain has risen on the life of the man who would later become the legendary streamer!


TLN- As usual, still unsure of picking this series, well lets see… updates will be twice a week.

Lemme know what you guys think of this type of stories… Have fun reading, next chap will arrive shortly, have a great day, and dont mind shibe.


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