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Chapter 246- Incense


The martial artist invited by the Wei family was surnamed named Yue, he used to be one of the members of a gang called Cao.

A few years ago, the old leader of the gang was seriously ill, and Master Yue and another membered named Cai were the strongest contenders to become the next leader of the gang.

However, master Yue was falsely accused of plotting against the old leader and almost lost his life by lynching.

Fortunately, old master Wei intervened to stop the Cao gang and help clear Master Yue’s name.

Master Yue was extremely disappointed with the Cao Gang that he quit, and because of the kindness shown to him by Old Master Wei, he stayed with the Wei family over the years, serving as a personal guard to Old Master Wei.

And his willingness to come to the Qin family this time as a teaching martial arts master was also due to Old Master Wei’s wish.

After Yu momo finished, she mentioned.

“Young Master Yu, Master Yue is highly skilled in martial arts, you should learn well from Master Yue in the future.”

Qin Zeyu nodded repeatedly with his eyes shining as he listened with relish to these anecdotes that he had only heard in the mouths of storytellers.

After a while, Master Yue followed the maidservant to Yijiayuan.

He was about thirty years old, tall and burly, but he only wears a simple blue robe in cold weather with his upright posture, and his eyes were bright and full of expression.

Seeing that this man has clear and honest eyes, Qin Jiu was relieved.

Considering that he has stayed in the Wei family for so many years because Old Master Wei has been kind to him, he was obviously a man of loyalty.

In addition, the Wei family should also have great respect for Master Yue after listening to Yu momo‘s tone just now.

Qin Jiu pointed at the bluestone floor and said, “A’Yu, why don’t hurry up and greet your master!”

Her meaning was very clear.

It was to make Qin Zeyu kneel down and salute, which was no longer the etiquette for someone who only teaches a student.

All in all, the general status of martial masters who were asked to teach nobles in the capital was no different from that of general guards, but Master Yue was far more comparable to those masters.

So, when Qin Jiu asked Qin Zeyu to kneel down and perform the obeisance, his relationship with Master Yue would not just be ordinary teacher-student anymore.

In this era, masters and apprentices were like fathers and sons.

Apprentices must obey their masters and most of the masters would devote themselves to teaching their apprentices.

Master Yue looked at Qin Jiu in surprise and hurriedly said, “I dare not, I dare not.”

Yu momo was also surprised, but after a short shock, her smile deepened, and looked very happy thinking that Qin Jiu was worthy of being the daughter of Second Madam Wei.

She was knowledgeable, does not bother about trifles, and courageous as the Second Madam and Old Madam.

Qin Zeyu dared not say no to his sister’s order and immediately fell down on his knees with a plop.

Without giving Master Yue a chance to object, he bowed down and kowtowed, calling out, “Master.”

A servant boy of Qin Zeyu carefully handed him tea.

Qin Zeyu then held the teacup with both hands and handed it to Master Yue.

Master Yue’s thin lips were slightly curved and his eyes flash.

Before he came, Old Man Wei told him tactfully that his grandson Qin Zeyu was a kind of mischievous devil.

So, Master Yue prepared himself, after all, as far as he knows most of the nobles in the capital looked down on people who came from Jianghu, especially in this great Qi Dynasty that valued literature over martial arts.

With this little knowledge, he agrees to come to the capital and teach Qin Zeyu martial arts for a few years as how a paid teacher teaches a student just to repay Old Man Wei for saving his life and showing him kindness.

Unexpectedly, this third young miss Qin was unlike any daughter of a government official.

She was very respectful to him, while this fifth young master was spirited and had a very simple personality.

Perhaps in the next few years, his life in the Qin family would be different from what he expected.

Master Yue still had a stern look on his face but a smile flashed across his eyes as he took Qin Zeyu’s cup and casually took a sip, unperturbed by the fact that the cup he receives was the apprentice’s cup of tea.

Opposite to what he appear outside, inwardly since he now recognized the young man as his apprentice, he should give it all and teach him.

Qin Zeyu smilingly got up from the ground and eagerly asked, “Master, today… no what are you going to teach me tomorrow”

Qin Jiu patted Qin Zeyu on the back and asked, “Where is your Six Rites payment”

What she meant was, since he didn’t give his payment yet it was not good to rush Master Yue with his lessons.

Qin Zeyu puffed out his chest and said confidently, “I’ll make it up tomorrow, no, I’ll make it up tonight!!!”

Master Yue settled down in the Qin family, and as for Yu momo after Qin Zening returned from the court, he invited Yu momo to wish her with good health before she went to the Wei family’s mansion in the capital to stay.

Qin Zening then asked someone to take Master Yue to rest, he then left Qin Zeyu behind and carefully instructed him.

“A’Yu, you said you are determined to learn martial arts, and now that we have invited a martial arts master you should study hard, this is up to you now.”

“Don’t worry, Brother, I will!” Qin Zeyu patted his chest and agreed cheerfully, his face glowing.

He liked martial arts and hated literature since childhood but neither Old Madam Qin nor Qin Xin allowed him to learn martial arts.

But now, it was good that his real sister was back.

So, Qin Zeyu began his training from the 19th to the 27th day after the winter solstice and hadn’t slacked off even after the heavy snow.

The snow fell for three days in a row and on the fifteenth day of the twelfth lunar month, the snow finally stopped.

Yu momo was about to leave for Suzhou, and on behalf of the three siblings, Qin Jiu had prepared a gift for Yu momo to take back with her and bring to the Wei family.

In addition to some specialties in the capital she bought, she also made two pairs of knee pads for her grandfather and grandmother herself.

She just learned feminine* needlework so her hands were very slow, and it took her several all-nighters and changed a few times to be able to do it.

It couldn’t be considered exquisite, but little ingenuity could be seen in her work.

(*needlework technique)

Maybe because she has been staying late and the wind during the night was cold, the day after Yu momo left Qin Jiu fell ill.

She has been lazing on her bed and was lying with the incense wafting inside her room, which seemed to make her head even more dizzy.


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