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Chapter 245- Incense


When Qin Xin was growing up and her facial features developed, Yu momo saw that Qin Xin doesn’t look the same as second madam Wei nor Old madam Wei but she never thought that Qin Xin was not the real daughter.

Fortunately, second madam Wei and master Qin who were in heaven were blessed by Buddha so they were able to get the real young miss Qin back!!

Yu momo recited the Buddha scriptures devoutly in her heart, and then went on.

“I just heard from Old Madam that young miss just recently got engaged, when this servant just traveled from Suzhou, the Wei family had not heard about this news yet.

If Old Master and old madam knew about it, they will be very happy.”

Although Yu momo has never met Gu Zezhi, she was assured that the emperor would not let Qin Jiu with just anyone, not to mention the empress must approve of this first so the third master of Duan wangfu must be a good man!

Yu momo breathed a long sigh of relief inwardly and smiled with joy.

At this time, the sound of a maid greeting someone came from outside: “Fifth Master.”

Immediately after, the curtain was crudely raised and Qin Zeyu who was dressed in blue robes walked in with quick steps.

Qin Zeyu knew Yu momo very well, and after greeting Old Madam Qin, he took the initiative to talk to Yu momo: “Yu momo, how are grandfather, grandmother, and several aunts and uncles”

“Young Master Yu, good, everyone is good.”

As soon as Yu momo saw Qin Zeyu, she smiled brightly and her eyes form into slits as the lines on the corner of her eyes were showing.

“Master Ning said you wanted to learn martial arts, so he asked the Old Master to send a martial arts master over, Master Wu is here.”

“Really!” Qin Zeyu’s eyes instantly lit up, and the whole person jumped three feet high, cheering.

“Grandfather is really the best!!!”

After returning to the capital from the winter hunt, Qin Zeyu has been following Qin Zining and asked several times about Master Wu but was dismissed by his brother with an “I’m still looking”.

Truth be told, Qin Zeyu also secretly wondered if his brother has reneged on his promise.

But it seems that he got it wrong, his brother wouldn’t break his promise as he was a gentleman that honored his words and with this thought, Qin Zeyu repented inwardly.

Right after, he couldn’t wait to ask.

“Yu momo, where is the person”

Old Madam Qin, who was sitting on the kang shang*, shook her head in disbelief at Qin Zeyu’s hyperactive appearance and replied for Yu momo.

(*kind of bed made of adobe or brick that has a hole at the bottom which can be heated by fire)

“He is in the outer courtyard.

I have asked the head steward to arrange a guest room for him.”

Yu momo brought Master Wu over, so naturally, she had already informed Old Madam Qin about this.

After hearing this Qin Zeyu could no longer sit still, Old Madam Qin said thoughtfully.

“Xiao Jiu’er, Xiao Yu’er, take Yu momo down to have a good talk.”

Immediately afterward, Old Madam Qin instructed Cui momo to give the gift list to Qin Jiu, “Xiao Jiu’er, keep this gift list.”

She meant that these gifts would not be distributed back to the public but back to her family.

Old Madam Qin said this not only for Qin Jiu but for Yu momo to hear, as it was like telling the Wei family.

Qin Jiu was not polite to Old Madam Qin at all and accepted this gift list unrestrained.

When Qin Jiu and others went out from Ronghe Hall, a delicate figure draped in a plum-red cloak happened to be walking towards them, with a servant girl holding an umbrella for her.

The bright plum-red color stood out in the surrounding area of an icy snowy sky.

“Third sister, fifth brother.” Qin Xin, who was walking slowly, smiled faintly at Qin Jiu and Qin Zeyu, and called out to Yu momo as well, “Yu momo.”

Qin Xin wanted to talk about the past with Yu momo, but unexpectedly, the latter didn’t even look at her as if she hadn’t heard her at all, instead, Yu momo smiled at Qin Jiu and said.

“Young miss watch your step, it’s slippery because of the snow.”

The three people walked past Qin Xin and went outside Ronghe Hall.

Qin Xin stood motionless on the spot, her hands in the cloak tightly clenched into fists, and her round nails tightly pinched her tender palms.

Her face was also getting gloomy as the knife-like cold wind scrape her tender cheeks.

What else would she expect She knew people like this would always step on people with low status.

When she was knocked to the bottom, even those servants looked down on her!

Qin Xin was ashamed and angry as she gnashed her teeth in hatred.

Qin Jiu took everything from her without much effort, just as she did in her last life.

Qin Xin suddenly moved, turned around slowly, and looked at Qin Jiu, Qin Zeyu, and Yu momo‘s backs as her lips closed in a straight line.

She should have recognized this reality long ago.

In the eyes of the Qin family, there was only blood.

In the eyes of the world, there was only status.

If she was still the future Second Prince Consort, how would Yu momo dare to treat her like this!!!

And very quickly, the cold wind in the courtyard became more violent, blowing a few snowflakes on Qin Xin’s willow eyebrows and eyelashes, lining her beautiful little face a little colder.

Qin Xin’s eyes gradually sank, and she said to herself—

She hasn’t lost yet!!!

She was the one who has been reborn in a new life, she was the one who has been sheltered by the heavens.

Since God has given her a chance to start over, she would never easily admit defeat after all she knows many things that would happen in the future.

The more they want to suppress her, and the more they want to see her as a joke, the more she wants to live a better life!

Qin Xin turned around and walked back in a different direction from where Qin Jiu was going and the distance between them was getting farther and farther.

After leaving the courtyard of Ronghe Hall, Qin Jiu walked along the winding corridors with Qin Zeyu and Yu momo.

“Yu momo, do you know the Xiao’s in Jiangnan” Qin Jiu asked as she walked.

The reason why she asked this question was that her grandfather, Old Master Wei, was the governor of Jiangnan in Suzhou, and the Xiao family was also in Jiangnan.

Yu momo, of course, knew Xiao about the Xiao family.

She also knew that the reason why Qin Jiu asked about the Xiao family was because of Duan Wang Fei.

Yu momo said: “The Wei family is well acquainted with the Xiao family, and the two have frequent dealings.”

“The Xiao family is a prestigious family that has been producing officials for hundred years, Duan Wang Fei is the first daughter of the Xiao family in Jiangnan, they raised their children really well.

Duan Wang Fei is a well-known young miss in her younger days before she was later married and became the madam of the Duan, the younger brother of the late emperor.”

Speaking of this past, Yu momo was also somewhat emotional.

“In those years, Duan Wang Fei had been unable to bear children after she married, and in those years also, she had invited countless famous doctors from all over the country but they all had the same answer.

It was difficult for wangfei to get pregnant, and because of that Duan Wangye had to declare his seventeen-year-old eldest son as his heir apparent to the emperor.

No one would have thought that just a few months after the emperor sealed the heir apparent, Duan Wang Fei had good news!”

Yu momo couldn’t help but feel helpless.

The third master Gu was the legitimate son and the only legitimate son of Duan Wangye but because of circumstances, he had to lower his head to a concubine-born son.

But on second thought, it might just be how fate works.

If the third master Gu was the heir apparent then with his identity and status, this marriage would not be possible.

The world was determined by fate.

Just like Young Miss Qin, although she was taken away by those scoundrels, she was able to get back and recognize her ancestors.

Thinking of Qin Jiu’s sufferings over the years, Yu momo felt distressed.

Yu momo composed herself, then said: “This slave servant also heard that Duan Wang Fei is quite capable of managing the family, although Duan Wangye has many concubine-born sons and daughters, there was never a trouble.”

“Those concubines in the wangfu are respectful and obedient, I have never heard of any conspiracy going on at the rear courtyard or children dying early.

It was peaceful.”

“Undoubtedly, all the daughters of the Xiao family are that capable!”

While talking, they already pass the second door and came to the outer courtyard.

Qin Jiu then instructed to invite Master Wu, and the three of them went on to the Yijia Garden where Qin Zeyu lived.

Along the way, Yu momo quickly told the brother and sister about Master Wu.



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