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His mother has seen two imperial physicians and had eaten too many medicines, but it was too little to no effects.

With these thoughts, it was better to try this well-known physician, also, Ji**ang was a century-old hospital in the capital, and it has been famous for generations.

The servant girl sent Physician Li away, and immediately after that, Qin Jiu took the initiative to say goodbye, not wanting to disturb Duan Wang Fei’s rest.

When Duan Wang Fei saw that it was getting late, she didn’t keep Qin Jiu and said to Gu Zezhi.

“Zezhi, send Xiao Jiu out for me.”

Gu Zezhi agreed.

After stepping out of the threshold, Du Ruo quickly put on a pink cloak with a white mink fur hood.

As the snow drifted away from the grey sky, it was hard to know when the snow would fall heavily again.

Du Ruo was thinking about whether to ask the people from the manor to prepare a soft sedan chair when he saw Gu Zezhi take an azurite-colored oil paper umbrella from the servant girl and naturally supported Qin Jiu’s head.

“Watch out for the steps.”

Gu Zezhi reminded Qin Jiu as they walked down unhurriedly.

Du Ruo swallowed back the unspoken words, also borrowed an oil paper umbrella from the servants, and wittingly lagged behind a few steps as she silently followed behind the two of them.

The snow started to fall more and more heavily, and the dense snowflakes were “rustling” against the paper umbrella, which blurs the vision of the sky.

The not-so-small oil paper umbrella separates the two from the outside world.

The two walked slowly, joking and laughing, and in a short while, they arrived at the Qin family’s carriage.

“Big Brother ……” Qin Jiu was about to say goodbye to Gu Zezhi when she saw a few snowflakes smeared on his left shoulder.

She took out a handkerchief from her sleeve pocket and gently brushed the snow off his shoulder with it on tiptoe.

Seeing that his robe was clean and spotless, Qin Jiu smiled with satisfaction, then raised her small face, and said to Gu Zezhi in a somewhat meritorious tone: “You’re welcome.”

The oil paper umbrella cast a light shadow on Qin Jiu’s small face so when she looked up at Gu Zezhi, her long and thick eyelashes trembled slightly, making her dark almond eyes extremely bright.

Her eyes were soft and were like flowing water as she smiled beautifully.

Gu Zezhi stared blankly before he look at Qin Jiu with a smile, “Wrong.”

Qin Jiu was stunned to see Gu Ze Zhi personally lift the curtains of the carriage for her.

“Between you and me, there is no need to say thank you.”

The corners of his graceful lips curled up slightly, curving out in a pleasant arc, gentle as the warm breeze of three springs.

Qin Jiu was not polite to him at all as she stepped into the carriage and said, “That’s right.”

At this time, the boy led Gu Zezhi’s white horse to him and handed the reins to Gu Zezhi, as well as putting a cloak on him.

Gu Zezhi sharply got on the horse, and soon one horse and one carriage drove out of the west corner gate of the manor at the sound of the coachman’s whipping.

The Marquis of Zhongyi’s residence was not far from Duan Wang’s residence, so after a stick of incense, Gu Zezhi sent Qin Jiu back to the Marquis of Zhongyi’s residence.

In such a short time, a thin layer of snow has accumulated on the ground, roof, and treetops, turning into goose feather snow.

Qin Jiu was not at all polite with Gu Zezhi as she did not say thank you, and just directly waved her hand and said, “Be careful on the road.”

The young girl smiled sweetly, the original delicate and beautiful face was like a hibiscus blooming in the beginning, scorching its splendor.

The carriage soon entered the Marquis of Zhongyi’s residence under the guidance of the gatekeeper and only after the corner gate of the Marquis’ residence was closed did Gu Zezhi spur his horse away.

When Qin Jiu returned to the Yuanxiang Courtyard, she had just asked Du Ruo to put the incense given by Duan Wang Fei to be lit at night when she went to bed, when a maid came to report.

“Third young miss, someone from the Wei family has just arrived, they are here to deliver the New Year’s gift, and are at Old Madam’s courtyard.

Old Madam asked you to go over there when you return.”

The Wei family was Qin Jiu’s the maternal family, her birth mother’s family, so Qin Jiu went over there immediately.

The person who came from the Wei family was an old lady who was in her fifties, she was wearing a rusty dark patterned robe.

Arriving at the place she was currently sitting on a chair wrapped in embroidered fabric bestowed to her by Old Madam Qin and was eagerly looking forward to her arrival.

Seeing Qin Jiu coming in, Old Lady Wei stood up excitedly from the chair

Qin Jiu first greeted Old Madam Qin before Cui momo introduced Old Lady Wei who was on the side.

“Third young miss, this is Yu momo, who served beside the young miss maternal grandmother……”

“Alike, really alike…..” muttered Yu momo as she stared dead on at Qin Jiu in excitement.

She couldn’t control herself and took two steps forward, bending her knees to give Qin Jiu a greeting.

“Greetings, young miss.” Her eyes were red, and even her breath became rushed.

Qin Jiu: “…”

Holding a handkerchief, Yu momo wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and said.

“Young Miss, this servant also watched your mother grow up when she was a child.

The young miss and your mother really look alike, you look just exactly the same…”

While talking, Yu momo‘s eyes became redder, and choked slightly.

She took a deep breath, eased up a little, and then said.

“Your esteemed grandfather and grandmother received a letter from the Empress in October.

Originally the old madam wanted to come to the capital in person but before leaving, the old madam fell ill and took more than a month to recuperate.”

“Both your grandfather and grandmother wanted to see the young miss with their own eyes, but the old Old Master could not leave his post at will and since old madam was not well this winter, he sent his servants to greet the young miss.”

“Old Madam said she would come to the capital as soon as spring starts.”

As she spoke, Yu momo couldn’t help sighing.

The Wei family would always send New Year gifts to the Qin family every year.

In the past ten years, she has basically come to the capital to send these gifts and every time she would also pay her respect to Qin Xin.

When Qin Xin was growing up and her facial features developed, Yu momo saw that Qin Xin doesn’t look the same as second madam Wei nor Old madam Wei but she never thought that Qin Xin was not the real daughter.


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