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The emperor rarely plays as a matchmaker and this couple he recently match made him surprisingly in a good mood.

He said.

“Zezhi, you did a good job on this errand.”

“Next, you should continue to be responsible for the peace talks with Beiyan.”

These Yan people have also been in the capital for a while, and the emperor was already tired looking at Yelu Luan* whenever he saw him, had been wanting to send them back to Beiyan as soon as possible.

(*-if not mistaken it was translated as Ye Luan previously)

Gu Zezhi: “Yes, Your Majesty.”

After that, the emperor dismissed Gu Zezhi as well.

“You’re tired from this tiring journey, go back early and rest.”

Gu Zezhi answered, but after leaving the palace, he did not rush back to his manor but went to the marquis’s manor first.

As soon as the Qin family’s gatekeeper heard Gu Zezhi’s name, she knew that this was the future husband of the third young miss, so she hurriedly reported to Madam Su first.

“Madam, the future husband of the third young miss is here!”

The old woman who came to report the visitor was beaming with joy.

Who would not know that the future husband of the third young miss was Duan Wang Ye’s son and the emperor’s cousin!

But her beaming face was in sharp contrast to Madam Su’s gloomy face that was about to drip out of ink.

Hearing the gatekeeper, she squeezed the teacup in her hand tightly, almost breaking it with her bare hands.

Madam Su’s mood these days has not been good.

She has been tossing and turning for several nights because of her daughter, Qin Sheng’s marriage making her whole person quite haggard.

Qin Sheng was her only biological daughter.

She originally planned to arrange a good marriage for her, so that she could hold an extravagant ceremony and make those people envy her daughter.

But because of Qin Jiu, now her Sheng’er was going to marry that coarse Scholar Cheng.

How can a wild girl like Qin Jiu get such good marriage!! Qin Jiu should marry Scholar Cheng!

The more she thought about it, the more annoyed she became, she put the teacup in her hand heavily on the small square table.

The old woman who came to deliver the message was startled, her voice restrained, and her head dropped lower.

Madam Su stroked her sleeve as she said peculiarly to the old woman.

“Our marquis is a house with rules, especially when a visitor is a man.

You go and tell Young Master Gu to go away.”

On the side, Zhao momo wanted to say something but stopped.

This marriage was bestowed by the imperial decree, and it was also this reason that this marriage was a sure thing.

So why would the madam bother to do such things and harm herself

She was afraid that if the marquis hears about this, the madam would only be blamed.

Madam Su on the other hand only wanted to vent the anger that had accumulated in her heart, and then she coldly instructed.

“Sizhu, tell the third young miss that as a person who is already betrothed, she should abide by the rules.

A man and woman should distance themselves first before the marriage lest create a ridiculous scandal.”

Both the old woman and Sizhu replied obediently and withdrew lightly from the room.

They then walked separate ways, one went back to the gate while the other one went to Wanxiang Courtyard.

Sizhu truthfully imitated Madam Su’s tone and said it word for word, daring neither to add words nor omit them.

Qin Jiu blinked, reacted immediately, and stood up from her chair.

The meaning of this sentence, could it be that the golden thigh was back!

Qin Jiu was about to go out at once, but Sizhu stopped her, frowning she said.

“Third young miss, where are you going Didn’t you hear what Madam said…”

But before she could finish her sentence Du Ruo rudely pulled Sizhu aside to prevent her from blocking Qin Jiu’s way.

“This is Wanxiang Courtyard, the third young miss can do whatever she wants if you’re not convinced beg on your knees, if you still don’t believe it then go out and go home.

No one is stopping you!”

Sizhu’s pretty face slightly stiffened.

She was Madam Su’s maidservant, this was the first time someone disrespected her in the marquis manor and even pointed at her nose as she was being reprimanded.

Du Ruo proudly said, “Miss Sizhu, I’m busy here, so I won’t entertain you!”

With that, Du Ruo gave two claps, and two rough women came in, approached Sizhu, and stretch their hands and hold Sizhu.

As for Qin Jiu, she had long hurried out of Wanxiang Courtyard to the gate.

From a distance, she heard a woman saying.

“… Young master Gu, you’d better go back.

In this cold weather, the snow is freezing, if you get caught by the chilly wind or slip, you may hurt yourself…”

“Big Brother!”

Qin Jiu raised her voice and looked at the youth outside the east corner door with a smile.


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