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Chapter 228


As soon as he turned his head, he saw Madam Su had already brought Madam Cheng into the main hall to sit down and were talking about the dowry while bargaining.

Qin Zhun: “….”

Well, in any case, they should settle down the other party.

Though he may think like this, but Qin Zhun was confused and nervous, pacing back and forth in the same place, and after an unknown amount of time an old gatekeeper excitedly rushes over and said.

“Marquis, madam, another eunuch from the palace is here.”

Qin Zhun’s heart jumped, and quickly let the chief steward usher the eunuch in.

The one who came was a young servant in a black robe, who cupped his hands with a smile on his face and said his congratulations.

“Congratulations, Marquis.

The emperor instructed this servant to give an order and congratulate the fourth young miss, Qin Sheng on her marriage to Scholar Cheng from the Pinghua County and ask to choose a day for their union.”

Madam Su, who was coming out of the main hall, just heard the words and fell to one side.


A group of servants cried out in panic and everything was a mess.

So, when Qin Jiu went into the palace to thank the empress early the next morning, she took this farce as an interesting story and told Empress Wei.

“Fortunately, the maids next to her reacted quickly and held the second aunt in time, so she didn’t fall down and hit her head.”

“Fourth younger sister made a scene again, saying that she would not marry and that doesn’t care whoever forced her to marry, she will die instead!”

“She also had the Cheng mother and son thrown out ……”

Qin Jiu happily narrated what happened as Empress Wei also listened joyfully.

Qin Zhun thinks he was a smart man, but he was in fact too stupid.

How could he even compare to his younger sister’s husband.

If her sister and brother-in-law had not died early, how could the loyal Marquis Mansion have come to this point

After hearing the gossip, Empress Wei suddenly asked, “Are you happy, Xiao Jiu”

Qin Jiu blinked and looked at Empress Wei.

Empress Wei said with a look of relief.

“As the saying goes, it’s easy to seek priceless treasures, but it’s hard to find a good husband.

As long as Zezhi treats you well, that’s enough!”

Empress Wei’s smile was gentle and loving.

Qin Jiu felt vaguely familiar with this scene.

When she was in the hunting palace, one night after the palace banquet, she was called by her aunt, who asked her if Gu Zezhi was good to her.

What did she answer then

Anyway, she seemed to say that the golden thigh was very good to her, and then her aunt just like today said with the same look on her face and current tone.

“As long as he is good to you!”

Qin Jiu carefully recalled the dialogue at that time, and then remembered that Empress Wei’s first question was how she felt about Gu Zezhi, and her answer seemed to be: Young Master Gu is very good.

Qin Jiu: “….”

Well, it seems it’s too late for her to change her mind now

Having said that, she and the hero as well as the heroine were already on the same boat anyway.

If she wants to live a good life, it seems that she still has to hold her golden thigh tightly.

In that case, it seems that the marriage was also good.

Maybe she would be able to “lie down and win”* in the future!

(*- winning by doing nothing at all)

Thinking of the bright future just by “lying down and winning”, Qin Jiu pursed her lips and smiled, revealing a pair of shallow pears like dimples.

Looking at the girl’s smiling face, Empress Wei was completely relieved and said.

“Xiao Jiu, Duan Wang Ye, and Duan Wang Fei have entered the capital.

After they have signed the marriage certificate, you should go to the Duan Wangfu to pay your respect.”

The signing of the marriage certificate means that the marriage was completely settled, meaning Qin Jiu was already a member of Duan Wangfu, so it’s also a courtesy to greet and pay respect to Duan Wang Ye and Duan Wang Fei.

Empress Wei told Qin Jiu about this because she had no father or mother.

She was afraid that no one in the Qin family would remind her.

Qin Jiu responded obediently.

Empress Wei took Qin Jiu by the hand and continued to say to her.

“Duan Wang Fei, whose surname is Xiao, is the eldest daughter of the Xiao family in the south of the Yangtze River.

The Xiao family has been a family of officials for generations and has been glorious for a hundred years.”

“Duan Wang Fei is very good-natured.

She believes in Buddhism, often copies Buddhist scriptures, and likes all kinds of flowers and plants, tea ceremonies…”

“Oh, also, Duan Wang Fei has liked bright colors since she was young and doesn’t like plain colors saying she is not someone who’s plain.”

The corners of Qin Jiu’s lips curled up, listening attentively and nodding down from time to time.

Empress Wei talked for about a quarter of an hour before she picked up the teacup and took two sips.

Feeling she had said enough, she smiled again and ask Qin Jiu to have more snacks.

“Xiao Jiu, the imperial kitchen has developed a new snack recently.

Come and have a try.”

Qin Jiu kept in mind what Empress Wei had just said.

She picked up a fried golden snack and asked.

“Maternal Aunt, have you heard from cousin”

As soon as she talked about her young son Gu Zhen, Empress Wei was even happier.

Her eyes narrowed with laughter.

“Yesterday, I received a letter from him.”

Empress Wei asks You Bai to take the letter and share it with Qin Jiu.

“Xiao Jiu, you see, his letter says that he should arrive in the capital the day after tomorrow.”

“Zhen’er, I’m happy seeing him happy, he said that Zezhi took him to play ice games.

They followed the fishermen to make holes in the ice and catch some fish.

They said that the fish was very delicious…”


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