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Chapter 1000 Holding a Private Auction

Just like they heard the grimmest news in their lives, those troublemakers\' faces went as pale as a white sheet.

\'He is alive....He is still alive...\'


\'The hell! I got Intel from legit sources that he must have died inside the dimensional pocket!\'

While confusion and fear was setting in their minds and hearts, the majority of leaders had the exact opposite reaction.

Relieve and Happiness were seen in their faces as none of them wanted Felix to die so soon.

They knew that he was the lifeline of their existence and the beneficiary within the Federation.

If he was gone, no one would have their backs when the bigger backgrounds start to abuse them.

Pay attention, please.

Without hesitation, Madam Zosia turned on the video recording on the big screen, forcing everyone to focus on it.

It didn\'t take even two minutes before the video recording of Felix ended...Yet, those two minutes had changed the fate of many backgrounds in the Federation forever!

If your nation has been mentioned in one of the lists, those changes will be implemented effective immediately.

Madam Zosia announced with a hidden delighted smirk as she eyed the stunned looks of the troublesome leaders, who had been hit with the heaviest penalties.

Before they could even open their mouths to argue and defend themselves, Madam Zosia stated, If you don\'t accept any of those penalties, Mr.

Felix will personally pay you a visit to \'convince\' you.

You all know how fast he can travel through the cosmos.

Upon hearing so, the punished leaders felt their words got stuck in their throats.

They wanted to object, yell, curse, and even threaten the Federation...Alas, the horrific image of Felix and his army was installed in their minds, making them never cross the line of no return!

Heh, they got what they deserve.

Damn...They got massacred simply due to making a couple of troubles...I should never cross that monster.

Thank god I was in closed training for the past year...I would have been in their place.

The other leaders had different reactions to the heavy penalties imposed on their allies.

Some were gratified and felt protected, some were alarmed.

Whatever their reaction was, all of them were clear about one thing.

Unless they were 100% certain that Felix was dead, they should never threaten the stability of the federation to earn extra profits...


Two days later...Back in the Icarius Galaxy...

The news about Felix\'s return had gone viral on a universal scale due to his video recording getting leaked before the council meeting could even end.

While Felix\'s fans were relieved, the royal dragons had much drastic reaction.

All of them had their eyes turn red with greed and envy at the thought that Felix had spent an entire century within their treasure land.

They couldn\'t imagine the amount of royal gemstones he had collected.

Before this could get even messier and chaotic, the white clan had come out with a statement that cleared out Felix of all troubles.

They simply shared the amount of royal gemstones he collected and that he would be holding a public auction for his portion within the UVR for anyone interested.

When everyone saw that Felix was going to be selling more than 16 pieces of royal gemstones, no one cared anymore about details of his stay and started rallying to obtain as many natural treasures as possible.

Even the red dragons were planning to snatch at least one royal gemstone.

While was everyone focused on the royal gemstones, prince Domino had his eyes only on Felix after the news came out.

In fact, he started his journey towards the white clan the instant he heard that Felix was staying there!

\'Finally...Finally, I can prove my worth again.\' Prince Domino narrowed his eyes dangerously as he pierced through the clouds at his fastest speed.

The past year had gone terribly for him as he had lost the respect of his entire clan.

The dragons were simple creatures...If you were undefeated and on the rise, they would worship your strength.

However, the instant you lose a single time, the level of respect and worship disappear, making you get treated just like any other royal dragon.

Although prince Domino refused to accept the way he lost, everyone else thought otherwise.

Nothing he said could change this fact...Only actions!


Is everything set properly Felix asked Malak while walking inside a gorgeous ancient auditorium with more than ten thousand seats.

At the top, there were cubicals for VIP guests, such as the four clan heads and their officials.

There was an even higher seat prepared specifically for Elder Dragon in case he desired to participate.

Though, Felix knew that was highly unlikely as sixteen royal gemstones wouldn\'t make him even bat an eyelid with the amount he had consumed over his lifespan.

Yes, we can allow the guests to enter any time.

Malak nodded while wearing a breathtaking blue dress, black heels, and light make up, making her seem dressed for a party.

As the host of this private auction, she naturally had to dress beautifully to attract the eyes even though all the attendants would be dragons.

Begin sending the invitation links based on the dragons proper heirachy. Felix stressed, knowing that it would be upsetting and disrespectful for royal dragons to attend earlier than red dragons.

I will make sure of it. Malak assured with a serious tone.

It didn\'t take even half a minute before the entire bottom row of the auditorium to be packed to the brim with humaniod red dragons.

All of them were normal red dragons, taking advantage of the UVR and picking a humaniod form to access the auction.

Since it was impossible to have every single red dragon participating in the auction, Felix had limited the number to five thousand and established a rule that allowed only red dragons with the highest amount of natural treasures to attend.

With Queen Ai help, it was easier to get it done.

Next, the four clan royal dragons sat on a seating row that was divided from the red dragons area and a bit higher than them.

Because the royal dragons numbers were in the thousands, everyone interested could attend the auction without any requirements.

After they attended, they were followed by the officials, and then the clan heads.

Felix waited for a few minutes for the Elder Dragon...After he didn\'t turn up, he requested from Malak to start the auction immediately.

Good evening everyone. Malak smiled charmingly as she stepped on stage while having a holographic screen behind her.

When she saw thousands of eyes from dragons capable of shredding her apart, she got slightly nervous.

However, her nervousness soon gone away after the image of Felix brutalizing those same dragons had surfaced in her mind.

Today, we have sixteen bloodline treasures of various sizes and colors for sale. Malak disclosed straight to the point, knowing that dragons weren\'t here to get entertained.

Bring out the first bloodline treasure.

Malak clapped her hands and two cute little elves showed up on the stage, pushing a cart that was carrying a cubical glass container.

A red hexagon shaped royal gemstone was placed in the center of the glass container, capturing the eyes of every dragon.

It\'s massive!

Oh lord...If I bought this, I can grow at least ten meters!

What a fine piece...This is just the beginning of the auction

Even the clan heads had their expression turn more serious, knowing that such a big royal gemstone must be secured by them.

In fact, they already came to an agreement that not a single royal gemstone must leave the hands of the royal family.

That\'s because the red dragons were still clueless that bloodline treasures were just royal gemstones in disguise!

The royal family couldn\'t afford such news going public as it would make the red dragons greed for royal dragons\' gemstones for their own advancement!

In addition, this would make it impossible for the royal family to harvest anymore royal gemstones from the dead.

The starting price is one hundred Grade B natural treasures or other treasures of equal value. Malak eyed everyone and hit the gavel on the podium loudly, You may begin!

Unlike her enthusiasm, the dragons kept bidding higher and higher without a letting out a single word.

All of them had invisible holographic screens before them to be used as bidding tablets.

Meanwhile, Malak had a hologram to the side, showing her all the bids and the current price for the royal gemstone.

\'Dear lord...How can they be this filthy rich...\' Malak felt poorer each second she saw a new bid getting placed.

Who could blame her

The starting price was a hundred B graded natural treasures...In less than thirty seconds, it had reached one thousand B graded natural treasures!

\'Good, good, good, keep bidding to make sure that your secret doesn\'t get out.\'

In the corner of the auditorium, Felix was watching his pocket getting filled with a creepy wide grin.

The auction was merely his first step.

Felix planned to dry every single dragon here from their natural treasures before he leaves the galaxy...If he didn\'t do so, he wouldn\'t be called Felix!

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