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The piece of news became the biggest joke of the day.

Some people laughed at the paparazzi for using such underhanded means to discredit her marriage to Mu Yazhe in order to create sensational news.

Some envied Yun Shishi for her love-filled marriage.

Among all the female celebrities in the circle, Yun Shishi was not the only one who had successfully married into a wealthy family.

However, not many were as lucky as her.

In fact, none were.

Most female celebrities, especially those in the entertainment industry, dreamed of marrying into a wealthy family.

However, all the young masters of wealthy families knew in their hearts that such celebrities now were different from those in the past.

Without some means, they would not have been able to survive in the entertainment industry.

Therefore, they also knew what the celebrities were capable of.

Hence, most female celebrities who married into wealthy families were unhappy, even if their husband was extremely rich.

It was already extremely difficult for them to marry into a wealthy family and just maintain their position.

This was not to mention the women that the man may have outside of marriage.

Some men would even brazenly bring other mistresses into the household, and several women would serve the one man.

As a wife, one could only swallow the bitter pill.

Because the man controlled the familys finances.

After marriage, many female celebrities would go into retirement or semi-retirement.

The most pitiful thing was marrying a rich second-generation heir and looking forward to enjoying life.

In the end, the woman may realize, after being married for three years, that her husband was actually a pseudo-rich on the verge of bankruptcy.

She would have been made a laughing stock.

This particular female celebrity wanted a divorce.

After the divorce, she wanted to make a comeback and restart her career in acting.

However, the management company warned her that she may look too materialistic.

After all, when she announced her retirement after getting married, she had declared that she had found love.

If news of this divorce went out, it would make her a laughing stock for marrying into money, for now that her husband was bankrupt, she was bent on leaving him.

This image was not flattering.

Hence, the public relations company designed an image for her, taking the angle that in order to pay off her husbands debts, she had returned to acting, to support her family.

In short, there were countless types of people in the entertainment industry, but most of them were not doing well.

As a result of not having a good life themselves, so many people hoped that Yun Shishi would also live a terrible life.

It was as if they would find solace through her misfortune.

After all, so many people have ended up miserable marrying into rich families, why should she have found happiness and bliss! There were even female celebrities who hired private investigators to spy on how Yun Shishis marriage to Mu Yazhe was going.

However, the facts were also clearly seen.

Mu Yazhes career had advanced rapidly since he got married, the Shengyu Group had already replaced the Mu familys former status in the capital and jumped to the top of the hierarchy of wealthy families.

After getting married, he paid great attention to and focused on his family.

If a case came up that was not too tricky, he would usually hand it over to Lu Jinyu and Jiang Shen to follow up.

Following the arrival of his daughter, this high-spirited man seemed to have softened.

In the past, when he appeared in public, he was always unsmiling and aloof.

However, after Yueyaos arrival, for some reason, his personality seemed to have become gentler.

He was even willing to appear on camera.

Occasionally, the media would muster up the courage to ask about the little princess recent situation.

He was also happy to share and tell them about some of his post-marriage bliss.

Especially when it came to being a newbie dad, Mu Yazhe had many words of wisdom to share, since he was a very hands-on father.


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