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If it were Gong Fan, he wouldnt be so interested in dolls, but he would be willing enough if Yueyao were to pester him to play with her.

For some reason, it gave any family member a great sense of accomplishment to have Yueyao clinging to them.

It was a great honor for that person to be liked by Yueyao!

One time, Yueyao had pestered Gong Jie for a hug.

It was no exaggeration to say that Gong Jie had bragged about this for half a year.

“Yueyao likes to be carried by me!”

“My niece loves to pester me!”

It was as if this gave him his greatest sense of accomplishment.

And for that, it made Mu Yazhe lament in silence.

It was only because he had not been there that day.

If he had been, Gong Jie would never even have stood a chance.

Gong Jie, however, was unconvinced.

He felt that he was every bit as charming as Mu Yazhe.

A daddy and an uncle, tit for tat.

Gong Fan liked Yueyao very much.

This fondness was probably second only to his feelings for Yun Shishi.

With Yueyao, even when the little lass was noisy, he would feel very much at peace and in total bliss.

The best thing in the world to him was laughing while Yueyao created a din.

Little Yichen came into the living room and saw her sitting in Youyous arms, munching on a pizza.

Yun Shishi was the one whod made the pizza.

She hadnt been busy lately, so shed begun to work on her baking.

Sad to say… She really had no talent for it at all.

With the help of many friends, she finally bought several recipe books.

Then she spent another fortune on super-expensive smart ovens – the sort of oven that would make baking foolproof for even an idiot.

As for the books, they marked the proportion of each ingredient needed down to grams.

Yun Shishi followed the recipe book strictly and learned to cook step by step.

Shed even used a test tube to measure the amount of sugar and added auxiliary tools to finally produce a few products successfully.

This pizza was one of her successes.

It wasnt as good as Youyous, but it was comparable to the pizzas one could get at a restaurant.

Yueyao was a fussy eater, like Mu Yazhe, but she loved this pizza, which gave Yun Shishi a great sense of accomplishment.

“Wheres Daddy” Little Yichen sat down in his seat and looked around.

“Why isnt Daddy back yet”

“Hes working late today, he has a meeting, so well eat without him.”

“He wont be coming home to eat”

“Uh huh.

I expect they have a scheduled dinner.”

It was rare for Mu Yazhe to attend work dinners, unless it was an important one that he could not turn down.

Only then would he occasionally not come home for dinner.

It had to be said, Yun Shishi was married to a husband who truly loved her.

Many people in the entertainment industry were jealous of her.

Most female celebrities were married into wealthy families.

Superficially, their lives seemed glamorous, but in reality, they had many problems and difficulties beneath that facade.

Everyone was waiting for a scandal on Yun Shishis marriage into this wealthy family.

The paparazzi were rubbing their palms, determined to capture the misfortunes of her marriage.

As soon as there was the slightest sign of anything happening, these paparazzi would be mobilized.

One time, a reporter had caught him walking into a mall with a woman on his arm.

He then made a big deal out of the fact that the man was having an affair and Yun Shishi had a love rival.

Eventually, fans zoomed in on the photograph and realized that the woman in the photo was Yun Shishi herself.

The picture of the affectionate couple made many people envious.

This piece of news also became a joke at the time.


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