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“Three days is enough time for us to find the list of suspicious patients in New Life Hospital.

A large number of the Blood Alliances members must be hidden in this list,” Shen Yuanbao said confidently.

“If the Blood Alliance is really going to make a big move in three days, these people will have to gather from all directions and attack Shen Yuanbiao.

By then, we will be able to wait for the rabbit to fall into our trap and catch all these guys in one go.

We will also be able to trace the clues and find Yun Feidian!”

Meng Chao could hear the confidence in Shen Yuanbaos words.

He thought that Shen Yuanbao was hiding in the depths of The Grand View of the Universe, but he could still spy on the secrets of the nine mega corporations.

He knew that the strength that the top Deity Realm expert of Dragon City had accumulated in the dark was more powerful than anyone could imagine.

When he had just experienced the assassination attempt and his enemies were unknown, Shen Yuanbao did not reveal all of his trump cards to Meng Chao.

However, now that Yun Feidian had exposed his true intentions, Shen Yuanbao could only gamble on his own fate and that of Universe Corporation!

Meng Chao contemplated for a moment and said, “Since you already know about the Blood Alliances scheme, I believe that there must be a way to completely ruin it, Senior Shen.

“Im just curious.

If Yun Feidian is truly the leader of the New Blood Alliance, how will you deal with him”

“In the beginning, Yun Feidian and I didnt get into each others business.

Even if he was really ambitious and interested in setting up the New Blood Alliance, it had nothing to do with me.

“However, Yun Feidian should never have treated Universe Corporation as a stepping stone for the rise of the Blood Alliance.

“First, it was the explosion of the Red Creek Projects crystal warehouse.

Then, it was the assassination attempt on me.

Then, it was the attempt to lead those hooligans to crash into Universe Corporations headquarters with help from The Bright Lights explosion.

“After all those tricks failed, he is still trying to destroy Universe Corporation with the help of that traitor, Shen Yuanbiao!


If Yun Feidian is really the mastermind behind this series of schemes, Ill make him pay a terrible price!

“Yun Feidian is right.

If the nine mega corporations are really going to give away some of their power and benefits to the small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as the ordinary citizens, they will have to receive some compensation in return.

“In my opinion, there are too many mega corporations.

We might as well chop Thundercloud Technology into pieces and use them to compensate the eight mega corporations!”

Shen Yuanbaos words were menacing and threatening.

Meng Chao could clearly sense it even through the wireless communication line.

He could not help but feel his hair stand on end.

He felt sad for Yun Feidian, who had chosen the wrong prey.

Why did he have to provoke Shen Yuanbao

Nevertheless, he said, “Thats good, Senior Shen.

Now that you have a complete plan, I can open a second front to investigate other targets.”


Shen Yuanbao asked, “What target are you investigating”

“Lu Siya, of course.”

Meng Chao explained, “According to Yun Feidian, assassinating Shen Yuanbiao and messing up Universe Corporation are just means to something else.

“His real purpose was to capture Lu Siya under the pretext of the incident and turn her into a monster puppet.

Then, he would use Lu Siya as a breakthrough point to slander the higher-ups of the Azure Alliance.

Hell paint them as monster puppets too, thereby completely destroying the Azure Alliance.

“In other words, regardless of whether Yun Feidians assassination of Shen Yuanbiao is successful or not and whether therell be any new changes in the process, he has to attack Lu Siya in the end.

“In that case, in the next three to five days, as long as I lay in ambush around Lu Siya 24/7 and wait for the arrival of her captors silently, with Lu Siya as the bait, it is very likely that I will follow the clues and find Yun Feidians secret base.

That place is most likely the headquarters of the Blood Alliance!”

“That makes sense!”

Shen Yuanbao could not help but laugh, “The mantis stalks the cicada while the oriole follows behind.

I was thinking of withdrawing the net when the other party tried to assassinate Shen Yuanbiao.

Now, it seems that its better to let the other party kill Shen Yuanbiao successfully and capture Lu Siya before withdrawing the net!

“I believe that at that time, Yun Feidian must have thought that he had succeeded and his vigilance had been lowered to the bottom.

He would certainly have revealed more clues!

“Besides, with the real evidence to kill Shen Yuanbiao, even if I cant find the connection between Yun Feidian and the Blood Alliance for the time being, it wont stop me from making him lose his reputation and die a horrible death!”

Shen Yuanbiao was his younger brother who had gone through thick and thin together with him.

However, when he mentioned that he would let the other party kill Shen Yuanbiao successfully, he did not hesitate at all.

It was as if he was talking about a complete stranger or even a lifeless chess piece.

Meng Chao shivered deeply.

However, when he thought about what Shen Yuanbiao had done to Shen Yuanbao, Meng Chao didnt have the position or ability to ask Shen Yuanbao to show mercy.

“Then, its decided.”

Meng Chao didnt know whether what he had done for Shen Yuanbao and the temporary concealment of Lu Siyas identity was right or wrong.

Fortunately, one thing was certain.

The scene of dragon city being blown to smithereens by the explosion of Ten Thousand Suns appeared in his mind again.

“No matter what, it cant get any worse in the future!”

It was not difficult to figure out Lu Siyas whereabouts.

In other words, Lu Siya was a top internet celebrity in Dragon City today.

She was on social media twenty-four hours a day, keeping track of her whereabouts and movements.

Even the cell phones of passersby and the glass walls of tall buildings occasionally showed Lu Siyas name and figure.

In particular, a few days ago, Lu Siya swore in front of tens of thousands of angry citizens that she would find out the truth about The Bright Lights explosion.

Since that day, she had been running around investigating the scene and was exposed to the spotlight almost twenty-four hours a day.

She also held a press conference every twelve hours to report the latest progress of the investigation to the public.

Although only some clues had been found so far— such as the pieces of the crystal bomb that caused the airship to explode, the parts that were pieced together from these pieces, the manufacturers and shops that produced and sold these parts, and so on—no breakthrough had been made yet.

However, Lu Siyas hard work, day and night, and her haggard appearance had once again reaped the favor and trust of a large number of citizens.

Lu Siya was smarter than Meng Chao had imagined.

According to Meng Chaos thoughts, Lu Siya had already noticed that she had become the hunting target of Yun Feidian and the other radicals of the nine great families.

Then, she should hide in secret strongholds and wait for the dust to settle before showing her face.

Unexpectedly, Lu Siya did the opposite, constantly exposing herself to the spotlight and the public.

She was surrounded by dozens of loyal members of the Azure Alliance and dozens of ordinary citizens.

Any capture team that wanted to take her away under such circumstances would set off an unpredictable storm!


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