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Seon-woo informed Hyeon-woo and Do-jin about the news.


“Where are you going”



Kenya to be exact.”



Hyeon-woo’s face looked a bit worried when he heard that he was going to a distant country to close a portal.

He knew that Seon-woo was strong enough, but he didn’t know what level he was as he had never seen him encounter a monster.

So his anxiety was natural.


“It is not dangerous.

So don’t worry too much.”


As if reading Hyeon-woo’s mind, Seon-woo tried to relieve his worries.

Still, the worries did not go away.


“But just in case, take Kero since I don’t know how it’s like.”


Then he handed him a black wad of hair.

Kero, who was just asleep, yawned and faced Seon-woo.




It looked completely unreliable.

But he saw how strong he was.

He knew that Kero was originally a strong monster.


“No, it’s okay.”


Seon-woo returned Kero to Hyeon-woo as it was.



“It’s better to protect my Hyung than me.”


Because there was a higher probability that his Hyung was more at risk than himself.

However, Hyeon-woo also began to be stubborn.


“There are a lot of people who will protect me.

So you take Kero.”


“But I can’t.”


Kero, who was suddenly moved back and forth between the brothers, gave him a dissatisfied expression on his face.


“Or take me!”


“I want to know where it is and take me there.”


“It’s Kenya!”


“No, you can’t.”


“What is wrong with me going”


Hyeon-woo asked, waving Kero.


“Hyung is resting here.

You’ve been through a lot already.

It must be difficult, so why do you want to follow me”


‘Cause I’m worried about you.’ Hyeon-woo bit his lip thoroughly.



‘Would you rather have me following you secretly’


If he used Kero, he would be able to follow along without difficulty.

But in that case, of course, there would be an uproar here.

Hyeon-woo, the target of protection, disappeared.

What should they do As he was thinking about it, Do-jin next to him spoke up.


“It will be fine.”




“Really, Hyung.

I am not weak.”


‘Weaker than me!’ Hyeon-woo pressed down the words that almost spilled out of his throat.


“Take Kero too.”


An endless fight ensued.

The quarrel subsided only after a long time had passed.

In the end, Seon-woo decided to take Kero with him.




Seon-woo let out a small sigh as he watched Kero tilting his head cutely in his arms.

In the end, he couldn’t win against his brother’s stubbornness.


“Are you thinking about leaving it behind secretly”


“If you leave it behind, he will follow.”


He read thoughts like a ghost.




I’ll take you.”


What kind of help would an uncontrolled monster be It didn’t seem like a bad thing if he did this to calm his brother’s anxiety.


“Then please.”


Seon-woo bowed his head for the first time after meeting Do-jin.


“I will do my best.”


Do-jin also looked at him and bowed his head.

So it was decided that Seon-woo would go abroad.

Ever since he had returned to Earth, this was the first time he was ever separated from his brother.

Only one person disappeared, but somehow the house felt empty.


‘Please keep him safe.’


Before sending it, Kero had also been warned.


‘If Seon-woo gets hurt.’


Hyeon-woo motioned to cut his neck with his hand in front of Kero, who was tense for a while.


‘You die.’


‘Waw, wang!’


Kero, with his legs straightened, barked vigorously.

Recalling the hellish days in the Demon Realm, he raised his paws and swore that he would surely protect him.

Or, it was because he was the only one who was in trouble.

So Kero was taken by Seon-woo with him.


Now he just had to wait for the day when Seon-woo returned and lead a normal life, Hyeon-woo thought.

He would wait until that day came.





Chan-young handed Do-jin an envelope with a troubled expression.


“Sent from the Hunter Administration.”


Do-jin silently opened the envelope and looked inside.

Then he raised his eyebrows as if in trouble.


“Is there a new portal open in Korea


“Yes, it’s an S-class, maybe even higher.”


“But I am not the only S-class Awakener.”


“It seems that almost all other guilds have received this request.”


Most of the portals opened were level A or lower.

The portal in Kenya, called the S-class, had opened not long ago.

In that situation, a dungeon that was more dangerous than that had been found.

One abroad, and one at home


“So, it seems that all domestic S-class awakening people are gathering.”


“Is it really a dungeon that goes above class S”


“The Hunter Administration’s measurements are on the more accurate side.

So, it should be right.”


Yes, but this felt fishy.

He knew that the Hunter Administration coveted the first generation, but it was more so because they had been too quiet.

In such a situation, a portal was suddenly opened, so he had no choice but to raise his suspicions.


“What kind is it”


“It’s a gate type.”


The gate type is more dangerous than the dungeon type.


‘If all this is true.’


The human casualties would increase.

He knew that, but he couldn’t easily decide whether to participate or not.

Because Hyeon-woo was here.

At the same time, Kero was also absent from his side as he was following Seon-woo.

If Do-jin was absent, the strength of the escort would drop sharply.


“Once I’m here, I intend to stay here.”


Chan-young was similarly asked, but he was going to refuse anyway.

As the Guild Leader Seon-woo was also absent, the calculation was that even the Deputy Guild Leader would not be forced to participate.


Do-jin clenched his teeth.

He didn’t know what to do.

If he weighed the lives, he had to go.

But what about Hyeon-woo Strangely, he didn’t open his mouth.




Hyeon-woo spoke to Do-jin in a calm voice.


“I will be fine, so go.

It’s important to save more people.”


“You could be at risk.”


“It’s okay.

Chan-young is there, and there are others as well.”


“What will you do if the target is stronger


“I will knock him down!”


Then he clenched his fists.

Chan-young, who looked at him, turned his head back and shook his shoulder.

He couldn’t laugh openly because of the situation, but now it looked as though he was crying.


“…I don’t think that’s how you are supposed to clench your fists.”


Do-jin stretched out his hand and corrected Hyeon-woo’s way of clenching his fist.



“Like this.

Yes, put in a little more force, and then the blow will go in.”


“Like this”


The shape of the grip again was perfect.

His comprehension was amazingly fast.


“So, go safely.”


How could he be reassured Do-jin rubbed his forehead with his fingertips.


“Are you worried I think it would be more comfortable for me to go and protect others than to stay here.”


“It’s dangerous.”


“It’s okay.

Isn’t Chan-young strong too


“Yeah Yes!”


“That’s right.”


It was brilliant to see them shove their backs to quickly protect others.

It must have been difficult for him too, but maybe it was because he was so kind.

Do-jin’s expression darkened.


“Then please promise me that you will not leave this place.”


“I will, so please go safely.”


“Never, never do anything dangerous.”


Then, Do-jin pointed out the things he had to be careful about one by one.

He taught him what was dangerous, how to respond in such a situation, and how to save himself.


“I will be back as soon as possible.”


In fact, it was Jeju Island where the portal opened.

It was not a place that you could run to immediately if you had a car.

So he could only make that promise.


So Do-jin also left the residence.

As soon as Do-jin left, Chan-young strengthened the security.

He called the teams that had gone outside, and he himself sat down in the living room.


Chan-young, who was sitting in front of the table, operated the tablet and quickly turned the paper.

He seemed very accustomed to working.

He grew tired of watching him, so he leaned back on the sofa.


Hyeon-woo wanted to enter the room badly, but Chan-young was told not to let him out of his sight.

The result was this.


“I’m bored.”


Chan-young’s back twitched as he poured out his feelings.


“I can’t help it now, so be patient.”


“Yes, I will.”


He’d rather have Kero for company.


Right now, Kero was working hard to help his brother, Seon-woo.

Hyeon-woo, who was scrambling around, pulled out a game machine.

Then he started playing the famous kart game.


The character on board the glitzily painted small car began to sprint frantically.

However, the game was not particularly good, so it hit, slipped, and slammed.

If he memorized the map, used the power he had originally, and adjusted it, he could have run perfectly, but he didn’t want to do that.

Ho, what a messed-up game.



Chan-young got up from his seat.


12 o’clock.

It was around lunch time.

He stood in the kitchen as if it was natural and began doing something.






The sound of the microwave was loud.




He warmed up the frozen rice and picked up some canned food.

If Seon-woo saw this, he wouldn’t allow him to feed his Hyung! He looked like he was weeping.

Still, this was the best Chan-young could do.

He couldn’t even call in someone to cook from outside.

There was a chef inside too, but in the current situation, it was good to be careful about everything.


The best thing to do was to cook by himself, but Chan-young had never cooked before.

Huk, Hyeon-woo sat quietly at the table as he worried whether he should complain or write a complaint.


No, it looked like his eyes were twinkling.


“Is it canned food”




“Wow, I haven’t eaten much canned food.”


Then he started to open the canned food.


“Nowadays, canned food is available.”


Sesame leaves, ginseng, stir-fried kimchi, and various flavors of tuna.

It wasn’t as good as the homemade dishes, but the taste was not bad.

In addition, the added novelty made the meal more enjoyable.


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