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Chapter 366 – Girl with the winged people – Part five

I pray, and later when I go to bed and fell asleep, I have a dream again.

I only kind of remember what it was like, but I think it was just like when the same thing happened with Reimar, Gaius, and Phyto.

When I wake up, I hear an uproar in the village.

Sounds like my prediction was right.

Mister Villa’s hair and wings changed color.

They’re black now, like the night sky.

The same color as Mister Douroean and Doanea.

Also, his wings look thicker than the others’, like they’ve become stronger…

“So you have become a ‘knight of the miko’.

I heard about it from Lerunda, but I didn’t expect it to happen.

I didn’t think you would want to become Lerunda’s knight.”

Says Miss Lan while looking at Mister Villa.

“‘Knight of the miko’… It sounds so lovely.

I wish to become one as well.”

“…Ilma, that wouldn’t be so simple.

You’re the only priest of this country, and it could be said that you’re Lerunda’s priest.

Isn’t that enough”

“That fact does bring me joy, but being a ‘knight of the miko’ still sounds very good.

However, I have a duty to make sure future generations know about Miss Lerunda, and the same goes for her ‘knights of the miko’.

That means I probably should remain here as just a priest.”

“Reaching your own conclusions again… You never change…”

Mister Ilma and Miss Shehan say to each other.

I can’t help but look at him and think about how he’s doing it again.

Everyone around us looks a little exasperated too.

“Mister Villa, you look pretty.

And cool.”

“So ‘knights of the miko’ get all this power, Lerunda…”

“Is it that much”

I’m the miko, not a ‘knight of the miko’ , so I don’t know how full of power they get.

But I don’t think Mister Villa is lying, and he says he’s busting with power.

“Mister Villa, can I touch them”


He nods, and I touch his wings.

I feel like Mister Villa is even nicer to me than before.

His fluffy wings feel nice.

But they’re not just soft.

I really do feel like they’re strong.

“Lerunda, I will use this power for our gods… And for you.”

“For me”


You have led us closer to god, and now you have granted me power.

I swore in my dream that I would protect you, so I will use this power to do so.”

So he made a promise in a dream.

He looks straight at me, and his eyes feel kind and full of determination.

“Fufu, I see.

Then let’s get along even better from now on, Mister Villa.”

I think Mister Villa is even more firmly on my side now that he’s a ‘knight of the miko’.

It feels like he’s not going to just prioritize their gods and do anything for them without thinking about anything else.

Still, Reimar, Gaius, Phyto, and now Mister Villa.

People of all sorts of different races are ‘knights of the miko’.

How was it with other miko Did they only have ‘miko’s knights’ of the same race Were they different races like mine

Maybe Mister Douroean or Doanea can tell me.

Also, we haven’t told everyone in the village that Mister Villa’s become a ‘knight of the miko’.

We haven’t talked about this sort of thing with the people that recently came to the village.

Some people look surprised to see his appearance changed.

We’re going to decide whether or not to talk to them about it depending on how they act.

I feel like Mister Villa becoming a ‘knight of the miko’ has brought the other winged people closer to the village too.

I’m even more special to them now, because I’m the one who formed a contract with Doanea, and now I’m also the one who gave Mister Villa power.

They probably feel even more that I’m the miko now.

Mister Villa is pretty influential among the winged people too, so that also helps lead that change.

When something changes, it spreads and leads to more change.

I’m happy about this change.

I’m sure the winged people are going to become closer to us.

It’s a slow change, but I’m sure shortening the distance between us will be good for the village.

—Girl with the winged people – Part five

(Mister Villa also becomes a knight of the miko.)



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