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Chapter 30: Glamorous Dream, About to be Ruined

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He sat at the dining table and finished the sister his sister has prepared.

The siblings communicated with each other about the things they had encountered during the past few days.

After a while, Qin Yu entered the bathroom with a change of clothes.

It was already eleven oclock at night. Qin Yu was wearing his pajamas. He was wiping the water droplets from his hair with a towel while sitting at his desk. He took out the documents Zhao Fanggang had given him after he asked his disciple Mu Qing.

He flipped open the document and scanned through the lines of text.

This was a detailed plan forLeqi Media.

A large net.

Starting from the report ofLeqi Medias fake publicity, Qin Yu read it very seriously. Gradually, a deep smile appeared on his face.

This second disciple of his, Mu Qing, was the result of his teaching after he entered the Godfather mode. And he was able to see through every step Mu Qing took.

Or rather, the methods in this report, as well as the web that opened up step by step, he had seen in the S-class character template, “Wolf of Wall Street”.

In the space-time of that existence, there was such a huge crocodile cruising around its prey, waiting for the opportunity…

The layouts that Mu Qing had laid down were exactly the same as the first sniping style of the space-hunting company that shared the same name!

After the funds were in place, every day was an increasingly tight schedule…

Today, not long ago, Mu Qings sky-hunting company had just released their second report!

Qin Yu turned on the laptop in front of his desk and scanned the financial circles of Malang City.

In recent years,Leqi Media was a rising star that was jointly produced by several large capital groups. Its market value was like a snowball rolling higher and higher.

Therefore, at this moment when the limelight was at its peak, an unknown empty agency released this kind of report without cutting to the heart of the matter. Most of the attention was focused on watching the show.

“A few more days.”

These tightening reports were not for these people to read, but for those hidden in the financial circles, their own kind, the predators… constantly sending out signals and encouraging messages!

Avarice with a real keen sense of smell… must have started the investigation since the first report… and transferred the funds that made it empty.

This process increased day by day!

“From the looks of it, it could be about the same time period as the other time-space. It would also take… eight days!”

From the experience of the Wolf of Wall Street, the sniping scene that Qin Yu had seen kept flashing before his eyes.

Unstoppable stock prices plummeted, dropping 55% in 48 hours!

The stock price of a certain technology company plummeted by 15.07%. After eight days, it stopped trading, and after 23 days, it was forced to withdraw from the market!

Influenced by an air report, the stock market fell more than 15% that day… evaporating 14.5 billion in one day!


A mischievous gasp.

Her fair and exquisite face was flushed, and sweat rolled down her forehead… A thin layer of sweat gathered on her collarbone.

The tight yoga attire accentuated Yang Yuchans curvaceous figure.

After finishing the movement, she stood up and spread her long legs, forming a perfect one-horse pose in front of the window.

Divided legs with a v stance.

One kowtow stance.

Cat Stretch.

One after another, complicated yoga poses were performed under Yang Yuchan.

On this quiet night, there was only one person in the bedroom. Standing by the French window the was 1.72 meters tall, with her legs that were 1.2 meters long. She slowly revealed her soft and weak body.

Yang Yuchan was different from the typical gold digger who wanted to join a wealthy family. She was truly a woman with great perseverance and was willing to do anything to increase her charm and superiority.

After a day of yoga.

Yang Yuchan walked into the bathroom barefooted. After taking a shower, she used the best “skincare products” she could find… a casual set cost 10,000 dollars, up to 20,000 yuan and 30,000 dollars…

Looking at himself in the mirror, his skin looked like boiled egg whites. Just the smile on his face was enough to make ones heart race!

“From now on, you will be the wife of a wealthy family with a net worth of billions.”

Yang Yuchans red lips parted slightly as she chuckled.

On the eighth day after she had gotten to know Jiang Tao, she had been playing the role of a conservative girl, but she had not even touched her finger.

In fact, when it came to the topic of marriage and romance, Yang Yuchan had repeatedly expressed her opinion, “I can only accept giving up my virginity on the night of our wedding night.”

She put on a face mask comfortably.

Yang Yuchan was lying on her back in front of the bed, holding the latest iPad in her hand. Her slender fingers kept tapping on the screen.

Recently, she had been searching for information aboutLeqi Media for no reason… When she saw financial experts praising the prospects ofLeqi Media, she could not help but laugh out loud. When she saw Nasdaqs billions of yuan worth of wealth, her lips could not help but curl up!

Damn it.

“Where did this ugly woman come from!”

Yang Yuchan frowned and cursed softly.

At this moment, a photo of Mu Qing appeared on the main page of the space-hunting company and two consecutive blank reports!

“I really cant stand other people.”

“A tall tree attracts the wind.”

In the manner of a mistress, she reprimanded.

Annoyed, he stopped watching.

After applying the facial mask, she quickly fell asleep…

She could feel Jiang Taos hint and guessed that tomorrow would be an important day for the real business tycoon to confess to her!

Making up his mind, he even practiced several times:

Hold back first…

Then, surprise…

Finally, she would pretend to be happy and accept the confession from the elites of the business world!

As for why it waspretending

What a joke. Who would really like an old man who was ten years older than them!

An uneventful night quietly passed…

It was the ninth day since Yang Yuchan got to know the director of Leqi Media. It was also the third day after Lin Mos second disciple, Mu Qing, released the report.

The sky was bright and clear.

At six in the morning, Qin Yu woke up from his bed.

After breakfast with his sister, Chen Zhi, they went to work.

Chenhua Real Estate.

“Morning, Brother Yu!”

“Why are you so early today”

Qin Yu was wearing a takeaway suit and a yellow headset. As soon as he reached the entrance of the Chenhua Building, he ran into his colleague, Ye Ning.

“Ive been short of money recently!”

Qin Yu replied jokingly.

“Which floor are you going to send your order to”


“Me too, I have three units and 28 floors!”

“Then you need money more than me, haha.”

Qin Yu had specifically accepted an order from Chenhuas building.. Firstly, he could work, and secondly, he could observe Chenhua Real Estates situation at any time.


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