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Chapter 28: Sixteen Year Old Wild Wolf

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This was a busy street.

The black Volkswagen Passat was parked by the busy road.

When Qin Yus calm gaze landed on the thin boy not far away, a ripple appeared in his eyes. He let out a shaky breath as the corners of his lips curled up.

He was wearing the blue and white school uniform of Malang Citys Western Part, Jiujiangs No. 12 High School. His hair was messy, and he was carrying an old school bag.

When he saw that figure, he was about to disappear into the crowd. Qin Yu pushed open the door and followed behind him.

He watched as the young man called Qin Xiong walked into the school.

Glancing at the wordsNo. 11 High School , Qin Yu walked around the school.

It was not big. There were only three or four buildings around a four-hundred-meter field.

Qin Yu took out his phone and searched for related information on the Internet. Soon, he recorded a phone number.

As a scholarship donor, he was invited into the school by a middle-aged leader…

As he walked through the long corridor of the classroom, Qin Yus gaze seemed to pass through the windows without leaving a trace. In reality, within those clear black and white eyes, within an extremely short period of time, he quickly eliminated the existence of his target from among the students. His footsteps paused slightly.

He glanced at the class sign. Year One (2) class.

“Then thats it. I plan to sponsor one student in each of the twelve classes from the first grade to graduate from high school.”

Qin Yu said to the middle-aged leader beside him.

Sitting in No. 11 High School, in the teachers office of the first grade, a stack of student names appeared before Qin Yus eyes.

“This is child called Qin Xiong. How is he”

He asked casually.

“Theres nothing special about him. His grades are normal, not too bad, not too bad. His looks are normal… and his relationship with his classmates is also very normal.


“I remember that in Qin Xiongs family, he seemed to only rely on his grandfather. His family background is indeed quite poor.”

Qin Yu smiled gently and did not ask any more questions.

Since he was able to match Jacks template to 96%, then this childs potential was definitely not as ordinary as the teacher had described.

“Grandfathers health is getting worse. We cant delay any longer.”

“Even if I had to bite them with my teeth, I would have to tear off one of their ears…”

Year One (2) Class.

The young man, Qin Xiong, who had been judged by the teacher as a normal student, sat in the middle and leaned against the table. His eyes were shining, and he was determined.

His name was Qin Xiong, and he was 16 years old this year. He had depended on his grandfather since he was young, and his grandfather had relied on scavenging and collecting trash to support him.

In the early years, or rather, before Qin Xiong turned fourteen, the days between grandfather and grandson were the most arduous.

Because of the trash and trash, the most valuable parts were taken by other scavengers.

Wherever there were people, there was society.

Older grandfathers could not compete with others…

When Junxiong was fourteen, he hid it from his grandfather and became his grandfathers protective umbrella…

It was like a young lone wolf using everything he could to chase away the scavengers in his grandfathers scavenging area!

He was once beaten to the ground, but he gritted his teeth and did not make a sound. He only tried his best to protect his head. Then… he seized the opportunity and hugged the scavengers leg!

He opened his mouth and bit off pieces of flesh from the scavengers…

His mouth was full of blood… He reached out with his finger and poked the scavenger in the eye!

His young eyes were filled with madness. In school, he was an average student, but in the eyes of many scavengers, Qin Xiong was a madman that they could not afford to offend! He did not care about his life!

This time, in the area where his grandfather often scavenged, three middle-aged men appeared. They even called him grandpa several times.

Qin Yu calmly sat in a breakfast shop in front of the school, slowly eating.

He did not have to wait long before the bell rang.

Among the crowd, Qin Yu found Qin Xiong with a single glance. He could even see the aura that flashed across the young man in the school uniform.

“What do you want”

Qin Yu was curious.

He pressed the ten-dollar bill on the breakfast tray and hurried after her.

Qin Xiong practically jogged all the way. He kept moving his body and dashed into the demolished area near the school.

Qin Yus gaze became more and more curious.

Using the detection and anti-detection ability that he had obtained from the first template, he followed at a distance. Even so, he was almost detected by Qin Xiongs sharp sense of smell.

The thin figure did not walk down the main corridor. He climbed over the wall cleanly and jumped into the ruins.

Qin Xiong grabbed a rusty steel pipe.

In front of a relatively intact old building, Qin Yu noticed three middle-aged men who were slacking against the wall. He quickly scanned them.

One was bald and had a strong build; one had a large tattoo on his arm; the other had a cigarette in his mouth and looked the thinest.

Qin Yu saw the Hero bend over and climb in from the back of the old house to the front. He was half-squatting, his hand tightly gripping the pole. His eyes were fixed on the men lying in the corner.

Without any hesitation, he jumped down.

At the same time, he used all his strength to swing the steel pipe toward the bald middle-aged mans head.

A real fight!

Use your teeth, use your mouth, use everything you can…

Qin Yu was stunned!

To the current him, fighting between a few people was not much better than playing around… but the ruthlessness and craziness of the sixteen-year-old Qin Xiong made goosebumps appear on his arms.

Such a beast, you say he is ordinary!

Blind! How blind!


“This is too damn exciting…”

Malang City, West District. This was an old house that had been built in the last century and was about to be demolished. It was a cemetery with dilapidated houses.

To the city that was becoming more and more glamorous, this ruin was like a forgotten corner.

The hot sunlight scorched the earth

Qin Yus eyes were bright as he looked at the scene not far away in surprise. The weak were prey to the strong at the lowest level of the city.

Qin Xiong, who was only sixteen years old, was thin and weak. Be it physical strength, numbers, or experience… none of them could be compared to the other three middle-aged men. However, he possessed the ruthlessness of a desperado, the directness and madness that he had developed since he was young!

Under his gaze, Qin Xiong gradually lost the upper hand. A stream of red blood flowed down his forehead. He curled up his body and hugged his head with both hands.. No matter what, he gritted his teeth to protect his vital parts.


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