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Chapter 17: Please Welcome Qin Yu!

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Her voice was not loud, but it was extremely audible and jarring in the silent environment.

Even Yan Ruoxue coldly glanced in her direction.

”Who is this woman Is she out of her mind How dare she curse Miss Yan”

”She wants to dig her own grave! Does she know Miss Yans status How can she just curse her as she pleases”

”I know her. She seems to be from the Su family, a second-class family at best.”

”Its true that ignorant people have no fear.”

The crowd grunted and their expressions grew even colder.

Zhao Gangs expression was even more ashen, and he wanted to slap the idiotic Su Yan to death!

”What the f*ck are you talking about!” Zhao Gang scolded anxiously.

At this moment, Zhao Gang was thoroughly exasperated.

He had already pissed off Yan Ruoxue, and now, Su Yan was spouting nonsense. She was forcing him into a corner.

”She... She is talking about me. I was caught messing around last night. Sorry for the misunderstanding...” In that critical moment, Zhao Gang came up with a witty excuse and anxiously defended her.

”Keep your woman in line, and be careful so you dont get into trouble,” Somebody grunted coldly.

”Yes, yes, Im the one to blame...” Zhao Gang wiped his cold sweat while apologizing with a smile.

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Everyone was impatient, except for Su Yan, who was unimpressed.

She was emboldened after seeing Yan Ruoxues lack of reaction.

”Hmph, whats so impressive Its nothing remarkable,” Su Yan snorted lightly.

Zhao Gang shot a fierce glare at Su Yan and said with fury, “Shut the f*ck up! If you dare to spout bullsh*t again, Ill chase you out!”

If it was not for the fact that it was not appropriate to do so on such an occasion, Zhao Gang would have beaten Su Yan up.

Su Yan said aggrievedly, “I got it. I wont say anything anymore...”

Zhao Gang took a deep breath and prayed that things would not get worse.

He glanced at Yan Ruoxue every now and then. Only after he was certain that Yan Ruoxue was not bothered by Su Yans remarks did he let out a sigh of relief.

”Its a good thing that Im smart,” Zhao Gang thought to himself.

He even let himself get caught up in his own hopeful imagination. Since Yan Ruoxue came to Jiangcheng with investments in mind, and naturally, the purpose of investment is to make money, she would definitely choose an outstanding young man.

In addition, his own adaptability and quick-wittedness might have attracted Yan Ruoxues interest.

When he thought of this, a glimmer of hope surfaced in Zhao Gangs heart.

”Please quiet down,” the host on stage spoke up.

The entire venue immediately quieted down.

Yan Ruoxue stood on the stage as if she was a proud white swan.

Wherever her gaze went, the people in her view became uplifted.

In those eyes, there was arrogance, coldness, and aloofness.

Everyone waited for Yan Ruoxue to speak.

”The reason I have come to Jiangcheng is to invest on behalf of the Yan family, but also for my own sake.” At last, Yan Ruoxue spoke.

”I spent some time in Jiangcheng, and Ive met quite a few people.”

”There are some astonishing people in Jiancheng.”

”There are also people who are sickening.”

When she said these words, Yan Ruoxues gaze fell on Su Yan.

Su Yans expression immediately became unpleasant. She cursed Yan Ruoxue mentally.

”Were dead meat!” Zhao Gang obviously caught the look in Yan Ruoxues eyes, and he glared at Su Yan with regret.

Yan Ruoxue swept her eyes over the crowd and proceeded to say, “Now, I would like to introduce everyone to a young man who is the most outstanding person I have ever met in Jiangcheng.”

When he heard these words, Zhao Gang was relieved.

The most outstanding person That certainly was not Qin Yu.

In Zhao Gangs point of view, Qin Yu was not outstanding in the slightest.

Zhao Gangs mind quickly skimmed over several names.

There were few people in Jiangchengs younger generation who could be called outstanding.

However, Zhao Gang knew almost all of these people.

After pondering about it, Zhao Gang had a candidate in mind: it was either himself or Du Yuan.

”If it werent for this bitch Su Yan, this candidate would definitely be me!” Zhao Gang gritted his teeth.

”But this is also fine. If I can maintain a good relationship with Du Yuan, there is still hope for the Zhao family,” Zhao Gang mused.

The venue was completely quiet, and many people were on the edge of their seats.

Everyone was eager to find out who was the young man that caught the Yan familys interest. After all, if the Yan family had set their eyes on him, he would be able to soar to the top.

”With a round of applause, please welcome...” Yan Ruoxue purposely kept them on their feet.

A spotlight lit up in the venue.

The light scanned around the venue as if it was picking around.

The light eventually landed on Zhao Gang.

In a flash, everyone looked at Zhao Gang.

”Terrific! Terrific!” Zhao Gang was even more excited and burst into tears out of excitement.

”My guess was right after all. A businessperson as savvy as Miss Yan would never let personal feelings interfere with making a profit!” Zhao Gang thought to himself with excitement.

”Honey, did you see that Qin Yu is just a loser, so why would the Yan family pick him” Su Yan also said with a smug look on her face.

Zhao Gang also felt that his apprehension was a bit ridiculous.

How could the Yan family pick a loser who could not even keep an eye on his cheating wife

”Please let us welcome Qin Yu, Mr. Qin!”

However, just then, Yan Ruoxue unexpectedly shouted out Qin Yus name instead.

The crowd applauded loudly.

Qin Yu walked out from the crowd, bathed in the blinding spotlight.


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