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Chapter 166.1

Heart-To-Heart Talk

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


At midnight, she was suddenly awakened by a strange sound, as if someone was screaming for help.

She was startled, held her breath, and listened carefully for a while.

She heard the shouts coming from next door, moans and heavy panting, and the sound of flesh slapping dramatically.


Tian Xin wasn’t inexperienced and immediately guessed what was happening next door.

She couldn’t help but blush, and then she thought that Philo and Nita living next door were two men, and this was an authentic BL.

Tian Xin had been curious about how this BL was actually making love.

Although she often saw two big men openly making out when she was in the Lion Clan, she hadn’t seen any of the graphic images that were more restrictive.

For one thing, there was no opportunity, and for another, she was not in the mood to peek.


However, if she wanted to see it, she could sneakily push the door open a small crack and watch it.

But should she watch it or not Tian Xin was struggling fiercely inside.

Ultimately, she couldn’t suppress her intense curiosity and tiptoed out of bed.

She cautiously walked over to where the door was and gently pushed it open to reveal a small opening.


However, she misjudged.

It was late at night, and she could not see anything clearly; she could only vaguely see two dark figures tangled up in the bedroom.


“Ah ah ah! I can’t stand it.” Tian Xin was secretly annoyed and was surprised by Philo’s sudden shout.

She hurriedly slipped back into bed and pretended to sleep.


Because of her momentary panic, she did not have time to close the door.

The sound of that room was heard more clearly.

Only after a moment of silence came the moaning of Philo’s ahhhh, the sound of ‘slapping’ flesh, or her begging for mercy with a gasp.

“Ah! Nita! You gently! Gently! That’s! The meat is growing! Mmm! To be pounded by you! Is sucking! Ah!”


“Little slut, so tightly biting.

And still asking me to be gentle.

Nothing gentle, f*ck you.

F*ck you.” Tian Xin heard Nita’s voice, the tall androgynous orc, the chief of the Bear Clan.


“Ah! So deep! Please! C*m for me! Ah!” Philo seemed to have been tortured and pleaded in a hoarse voice.


“Why are you so useless today You begged for mercy after just a little while of playing, huh Pucker your ass up a little more.

I haven’t had enough.

Come on!” Nita seemed very dissatisfied with her begging.



Don’t hit.


Don’t hit.

It hurts.




Just played this morning.

Still hurts.

Gently,” Philo gasped and begged for mercy.


Tian Xin heard the slapping from that room and couldn’t help but cringe.

The bear orc seemed a little too violent.

Just from the sound, it should hurt a lot.


“Baby, little sl*t, you have given me a big problem today.

Letting me protect the female and the child, causing great dissatisfaction to the clan.

You have to repay me well, eh” Nita said with a lustful gasp.


“I am not good, but I have been a good person.

Ah! Still not really a repayment.”


Tian Xin listened to the two men’s lustful conversation.

Her impression of Philo could not help but change.

She was very grateful to Philo for saving them and was also very thankful for her own good intentions and could escape this disaster.

She vowed that if she had the opportunity to repay Philo in the future, she would do so.


The two men in that room continued their intense lovemaking.

Tian Xin was too embarrassed to listen to it, so she plugged her ears with her fingers and shrank into the animal skin.

It was unknown how long it took, but she fell asleep and got carried away.


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