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Chapter 609: Zhang Yutian is like a treasure.

Early the next morning, originally planning to return to Shanghai, Bai Douer asked Ye Qing to take her back to the Peregrine Falcon in order to resume her work, and before sending her back to the airport, Ye Qing again asked not to clean the villa, moreover before leaving he also crumpled up the handwritten papers and threw them on the desk.

He drew three more sheets on new manuscript papers, and instead of putting the pencil on it like he usually did, he put it back in the pen holder.

Minutes after the Mercedes-Benz G 65 left the hotel, a short, well-trained man separated from the hotel residents who were playing on the private beach opposite.

The pace of this person was very random, it seems it was just a bored tourist who was full of curiosity about the mountainside sea view villa.

These villas were set in flowering, landscaped trees, seemingly unblocked by railings.

But in fact, there were security handles at multiple entrances and exits, and there was 24-hour real-time surveillance at high places, sweeping the entire landscape around the villas.

The short, very well-trained man just glanced at random, and then when the camera was about to rotate, he flexibly jumped into a green plant full of thorns.

The clothes on his body appeared to have been specially made, which could easily slide off the thorns.

After several bounces, he had hit the edge of the villa.

The glass door to the room that opened with a card was no obstacle for him, and he picked up a white card and opened it.

After entering and closing the door, seconds later, two patrolling security guards passed by, unaware that the villa was being overrun.

He was not a thief, but a well-known “investigator” in the arena.

Entering the villa, the investigator was as casual as if he had walked into his own house, looking here and opening there and when he got to the master bedroom he sat directly at the desk, holding a few pieces of the last manuscript paper and looked at it.

The mechanical drawings on the new manuscript paper were more detailed than those of yesterday.

After reading it, he took out a small digital camera from his pocket, “click ~ kacha ~” and took a photo of the drawing, then put it back in its original position.

Five minutes later, the investigator, who had found nothing new except the manuscript, came out and left.

The whole process was full of self-confidence; even though he was only steps away from colliding with the patrolling security guards he still looked complacent.

He considered the security guard to be air, but it didnt turn out that there were a pair of invisible eyes in the dark, which observed it all.

Near the desk in the bedroom, there was a ripple slowly rippling through the air.

This scene overturned peoples long-established scientific values, and the rippling ripples slowly formed an entity.

A creature with pointy ears and flashing electric lights stepped out of the ripples of the air.

It was a strange beast, the electric crystal.

Ye Qing had recruited Tianjin from Shanghai City via the Monster Factory phone.

Looking at the passive manuscript, an intriguing smile appeared at the corner of Tianjins mouth, and then turned on the computer equipped in the hotel.

When the system started up, the semi-transparent hands of the electric crystal suddenly turned into an afterimage that could be unseen clearly.

The monitor screen quickly jumped, first to the official Asashima City Transportation website, then to the behind-the-scenes connection to the website.

This level of defense was futile in Tianjins eyes, and it was unnecessary to decipher the administrator account and password, and it was allowed to enter flawlessly.

In less than a minute, this computer was successfully connected to Asashima Citys internal transportation network, and the intersections of all city streets were monitored as Tianjin arbitrarily grabbed them, and the image on the computer screen was fixed on the only external freeway near the hotel.

Tianjin clearly captured the image: Not so long ago, a sneaky investigator got into a white car and drove away.

“Hey, boss, should I lock the little thiefs car”

“I also have a tail following.

It looks like the other part is fully prepared.”


In the Amano Heavy Industry building in the Science and Technology Development Zone, Zhang Yutian sat on the chair, frowning.

There were some A4 papers printed on the desk, and when he looked at the lines on the paper, his eyes widened and his scalp was straight and numb.

Ever since the circle of friends saw Ye Qings car parked on the shallow island, Zhang Yutian was a little suspicious and couldnt wait to understand why Ye Qing had come here.

He spent a lot of money and trusted a few more layers of relationships before finally finding out the location information of the hotel where he was staying.

However, follow-up investigations revealed the young president of Monster Heavy Industry had just come to play with Bai Douer, with no business-related work being done.

Zhang Yutian breathed a sigh of relief, as long as he didnt come to Amano Heavy Industry.

These designs can be taken as a surprise for Zhang Yutian.

When the investigator passed the data stored in the USB drive to him, Zhang Yutian was really excited for a long time.

Anyone Monster Heavy Industry product is enough on its own for one company to make a series of products and slowly strive to become one of the worlds top 500 companies.

This made Zhang Yutian terrified and jealous.

The only thing that Monster Heavy Industry lacks was development time.

As long as there is enough time, It could certainly develop into an industrial empire that the whole world dreaded.

He really wanted to know what was in Ye Qings head, how was it possible to create so many revolutionary technology products

Robots, ionization purifiers, industrial wastewater treatment systems, Magic Crystal cell phones.

Others may not know him, but the knowledgeable Zhang Yutian understood that in order to limit the rise of Monster Heavy Industry, the United States has banned all of its products from entering the United States by injuring the enemy of eighteen hundred injuries.

But the result

Now, the Magic Cristal cell phone in the United States has sold for two thousand and five dollars apiece.

Several of his US business partners called him and asked him to send them a Magic Crystal cell phone, in order to better promote cooperation between the two sides.

Now, Zhang Yutian quietly got some mechanical drawing manuscripts from this young president, how not to get upset What if this is Monster Heavy Industrys next new product design manuscript

Maybe it was because Zhang Yutians brain circuit couldnt keep pace.

The few mechanical drawing manuscripts in front of him almost broke his mind, and he couldnt think of what it was.

“Which mechanical product will have a triangular structure”

“Designing an airplane has no engine and oil storage space.

Designing a car, it has no wheels.

Will it be a tricycle”

“Also, in the middle of this triangular structure, there seems to be space for important equipment.


There are no specific parameters of this device on the few drawings.

So what is it is this a new product”

Someone knocked on the door and entered.

Zhang Yutian looked up to clearly see the visitor, and the unpleasant expression on his face quickly closed: “Is there a new discovery”

“With the exception of a few additional manuscripts, there are no new findings at this time,” the visitor there was, surprisingly, a small, ordinary-looking “investigator”.

“New manuscript paper” Zhang Yutian got very excited and got up from his chair: “Print it out quickly with the printer next to you.”

When the three new prints of manuscript paper were laid out on the desk, Zhang Yutian glanced at them and pretended to wave his hand: “Go out and find my secretary to settle the payment for this action.”

When the office door closed, Zhang Yutian suddenly jumped up like a cat as someone stepped on his tail.

His eyes widened because he couldnt read the manuscript paper.

Even if he wanted to resist the ecstasy in his heart, how could he hold the three new mechanical manuscript papers in front of him

It was clearly the design manuscript for the next generation of high ionization industrial wastewater treatment equipment.

The ancient triangular mechanical structure made Zhang Yutian mistakenly think it was an airplane or a three-wheeled vehicle.

The new manuscript of the drawing has been touched up with more detail.

Was it the accessory equipment of the new generation wastewater treatment system In the old manuscript, the position of the virgin core that intrigued Zhang Yutian was now filled with cylindrical equipment with only outlines and no detailed internal structure.

Even with a few strokes, Zhang Yutian was keenly aware of what Ye Qing had yet to express in the drawings.

Because Zhang Yutian has long been anxious to see this kind of sewage treatment equipment, his shrunken version of the ionization purifier has been studied eighty or a hundred times.

Although he hasnt found a clue yet, he still feels uncomfortable.

Although the drawings in front of him were not yet complete and lack more details, however, Zhang Yutians thoughts had already surged in Java, and he was even more ecstatic than being an emperor.

What is the scale of the Monster Heavy Industry Industrial Wastewater Treatment System market

This can be seen by enthusiastic US citizens, as well as the head of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the President.

Since Ye Qing is unwilling to cooperate with the United States, he, Zhang Yutian, is ready!

As long as… as long as there are more details, to produce this second-generation industrial wastewater purifier, Zhang Yutian can guarantee he can do a hundred times better than Monster Heavy Industry in terms of product development.

Zhang Yutian felt favored by the goddess of luck! It was the kind of favor as if the goddess undresses and goes into bed.

As to whether it was the Lucky Goddess or the Deadly Medusa, only Ye Qing knew.

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