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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 22: Awakened Magic Affinity

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Chapter 22: Awakened Magic Affinity

Chapter 22: Awakened Magic Affinity

Leo swallowed nervously as he waited for his new Magic Affinity to awaken.


[Wind Magic Affinity: F]

“Wind Magic Affinity” Leo muttered the result.

He was neither happy nor disappointed with the results, mostly because he didnt know much about Wind Magic in the first place.

Wind magic… Will it allow me to fly like in fantasy novels Leo wondered to himself, as this was the first thing that came to mind.

If he could fly in the sky using magic, that would make traveling much more convenient.

Leo looked at the Magic Shop after the purchase.

{Magic Shop}

[Shop Level: 1]

[Awaken Random Affinity: 300 MP]

[Increase Mana Capacity: 5 MP]

[Increase Magic Power: 5 MP]

[Improve Magic Affinity: ]

[Total MP: 1]

[Shop Experience: 10/100]

Leos eyes widened when he saw the new price for Awaken Random Affinity.

300 Magic Points! Such a tremendous increase!

Although he understood why the price had increased, he was still baffled by it.

Fortunately, the rewards I get for completing quests seem to get higher every time I finish one. While 300 Magic Points may be too expensive for me right now, I should have no problem paying for it in the future.

Since it was too expensive to awaken another magic affinity right now, Leo has decided to focus on the other options, such as Increase Magic Power and Increase Mana Capacity.

After getting out of the bathroom, Leo asked, “Hey, Lilith, since you dont want to teach me Tier 2 Magic Spells, why dont you teach me some Tier 1 Magic Spells Do you know any for Wind Magic”

“Huh Why do you suddenly want to learn Wind Magic If you dont have any Wind Magic Affinity, you wont be able to use Wind Magic.”

“Actually, I have Wind Magic Affinity, but its Rank F. I found out about this very recently.”

“Seriously You have both Dark and Wind Magic Affinity”

“Is that so surprising” Leo raised an eyebrow.

“Of course. Its uncommon to have more than one Magic Affinity. In fact, only one out of one million magicians have two different Magic Affinities.”

“I see… Anyways, do you have any Wind Magic that you can teach me”

Lilith pondered for a moment before nodding, “This one should benefit you the most.”

Leo stared at the green magic circle on Liliths palms and memorized it within seconds.

[Feather Step]

[Affinity: Wind]

[Tier: 1]

[Mana: 5]

[Mastery Rank: F]

“Feather Step What does it do”

“It basically makes your body as light as a feather, allowing you to travel faster and with more stamina efficiency.”

“Oh, thats pretty neat.” Leo said.

And he continued, “Now that I think about it, I dont know much about Magic Affinities. Each element should have their advantages and disadvantages, right And how many different Magic Affinities are out there”

“Yes, thats correct. Each Magic Affinity has their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, Dark Magic specializes in destruction but requires more mana than usual while Wind Magic specializes in support and speed but lacks firepower.”

“Thats pretty interesting…” Leo mumbled as he absorbed the information.

Lilith continued, “As for the number of Magic Affinities out there… Theres actually a lot, so Im not going to name them all.”

“Magic Affinities are split into two categories— Main and Advanced. For example, Water Magic Affinity is considered to be a Main Affinity while Ice Magic Affinity is an Advanced Affinity that is a superior version of Water Magic Affinity.”

“If you have Ice Magic Affinity, you can use both Ice and Water Magic, but if you have Water Magic Affinity, you can still use Ice Magic, but it wont be nearly as powerful, and it will also be much harder to use while requiring much more mana.”

“Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth are all Main Affinities. Only one percent of magicians are born with Advanced Affinities, so theyre quite rare.”

“What about the Light and Dark What is their superior version” Leo then asked.

“That would be Holy and Chaos Magic. There are also other Magic Affinities such as Lightning, Space, and Gravity. However, not all Magic Affinities have a superior version.”

“I see… Magic is more complex than I initially thought… How interesting.” Leo mumbled to himself.

“Hm Space Magic Is that spatial storage magic used by Miss Camille considered Space Magic” He suddenly asked.

“Yes, it is.”

“So Miss Camille also has two Magic Affinities… Light and Space. How cool.”

“Not necessarily. There are artifacts that can allow people to use certain magic, so not everyone who can use such magic has Space Affinity. In fact, most of them are definitely using artifacts since theyre pretty common in this world.”

Sometime later, Leo asked, “By the way, how come you know Wind Magic as well Do you also have Wind Magic Affinity”

“Nah. I just enjoy learning all sorts of magic even if I cannot use them. Its a hobby of mine.”

“Thats pretty neat.” Leo said.

Lilith rubbed her nose in a prideful manner.

“With that being said, can you teach me more Wind Magic Are there any Wind Magic that allows me to fly” Leo suddenly asked.

“Fly There is flight magic, but its a Tier 4 spell.”

“Tier 4 Got it! Although I cannot learn it now, I am satisfied just knowing it exists!” Leo said excitedly.

The following day, at the Adventurers Guild, Khrome said, “Leon, its been a week since our first meeting. During this time, you have managed to master 20 different combos, and you even managed to land a clean strike on my body yesterday. I believe its about time we start phase 3 of your training.”

“Theres a phase 3” Leo raised his eyebrows. This is his first time hearing about it.

“Of course. While youre pretty decent at fighting in close-quarters combat, you have no experience with fighting opponents that can attack you from a distance like magicians. Therefore, youre going to start fighting against a magician for your last week of training.”

“Oh! Ive been wanting to fight a magician for quite some time now!” Leo said in an excited manner.

“Who am I going to fight”

“Me.” A familiar voice responded to his question.

Leo turned around to see Miss Camille standing behind him with a calm look on her face.

“S-Seriously” Leo stared at her with wide eyes.

“Dead serious.” Khrome nodded with a serious look on his face.

“Arent you like one of the strongest Adventurers out there! Even your weakest magic is probably strong enough to erase my existence completely!” Leo exclaimed.

“Dont worry, I know how to control my mana output. You wont die even if I hit you directly with my magic, but its definitely going to hurt worse than being struck by a wooden sword.”

“That doesnt make me feel any better!” Leo felt an urge to cry.

Miss Camille suddenly extended her arms and summoned two beautiful but threatening golden spears made out of light in her grasp.

“H-Hey! Wait a second! At least let me prepare!” Leo cried out loud as he quickly positioned himself.

“Good luck, Leon!” Khrome laughed out loud as he took a seat at the end of the room, turning into a spectator.

Meanwhile, Miss Camille tossed one of the spears at Leo.

The spear flew elegantly and quickly, but it was not at a speed that Leo couldnt see.


After narrowly dodging it, Leo immediately started rushing at Miss Camille.

“I got you!” Leo swung his sword at her once he was close enough.

“Oh! I forgot to tell you, but most magicians know how to fight in close-quarters combat!” Khrome suddenly shouted.

Miss Camille blocked Leos sword with her golden spear with ease. Then using her free hand, she pointed her palm at his face before releasing another magic spell.

Leo was unable to react to this attack and was immediately sent flying to the edge of the room.

“Damn it! That really hurts like hell!” Leo started touching his face in a panic, as he was worried that some of his face mightve been blown off after that attack, not to mention the burning sensation on his face.

“Never lose your focus when youre fighting a magician!” Miss Camille warned him right before she sent the last gold spear flying.


Leo subconsciously moved the sword in front of his body.

Although hed barely managed to block the spear with his sword, the impact had still sent him flying all the way to the wall.

“Are you really a healer!” Leo shouted in pain as he quickly got back to his feet to prepare for Miss Camilles next magic attack.

And for the next few hours, Miss Camille would spam magic attacks to attack Leo without any breaks, almost as though she had infinite mana.


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