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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 13: Magic Power

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Chapter 13: Magic Power

Chapter 13: Magic Power

After spending two hours swinging his sword at the Slime Dummy, Leo was out of breath and stamina even though he lasted three hours before.

“Here, eat this.” Miss Camille handed him another candy.

Afterward, Leo asked her, “Are you going to teach me magic now”

She shook her head and said, “Well do it after you get some rest and I get some lunch. I will see you back here in an hour.”

“All right.” Leo nodded.

Leo returned to his room to take a quick shower before making his way to the cafeteria again.

Once his stomach was full, he returned to the training center with 15 minutes to spare.

This place is nothing like the gymnasium I know, and its also a lot bigger. Lets take a look around.

With that in mind, Leo started wandering the training center.

The interior of the building consisted mostly of hallways and private training rooms, so Leo didnt bother with it. Instead, he checked out the area behind the training center, where an out-door training field existed.

There, he could see both ordinary students and magic students doing their own things. The ordinary students were practicing their weapon techniques on Slime Dummies and other objects while the magic students trained their magic spells on dummies that appeared to be made out of crystal.

Leo focused on the magic students since they were the most interesting to him.

“Fireball!” A young man pointed his palms at the crystal dummy 10 meters in front of him and shouted out loud.

A ball of flame the size of a fist appeared before the magic student before flying at the crystal dummy

However, the crystal dummy suddenly emitted a subtle colorless light, absorbing the ball of fire before it could be damaged.

A moment after it absorbed the magic, the crystal dummy pulsated with a green light.

“Whats happening” Leo asked Lilith.

“Thats a Magic Absorbing Dummy. It will absorb all magic spells and evaluate the magic power of that magic spell,” she explained.

“Magic power above 100 and below 500 will emit a green light. 500 to 1,000 will emit a blue light. 1,000 to 2,000 will emit a purple light. 2,000 to 3,000 will emit an orange light. 3,000 to 5,000 will emit a red light with 5,000 being the limit.”

Leo pondered for a moment before speaking, “I understand the function of the dummy and the purpose of it, but I dont understand the magic power part.”

“Then let me give you some examples.” Lilith said.

And she continued, “Its hard to evaluate magic power because of many variables, but this is the gist of it. Magic power around 500 is usually strong enough to break bones. Around 1,000 is strong enough to blow a hole in your body if you dont have any protection. Magic power around 2,000 is strong enough to destroy entire buildings.”

Leo raised an eyebrow and asked, “How much magic power do you think someone like Kayn has”

“Well, it depends on what kind of magic spell he uses, but he should be able to output at least 1,000 magic power with any Tier 2 magic spell.”

Leo swallowed nervously after hearing this, and then he asked, “W-What about me My Black Bullet was able to put a hole in the wall. That should be at least 500, right”

“Yes, thats right.” Lilith nodded.

And she thought inwardly,Normally, Tier 1 magic used by newbies like him would only have around 100 magic power, but because of his high magic affinity, he was able to output at least 500 on his first try… What terrifying talents…

After watching for a few more minutes, Leo went inside the building and waited for Miss Camille to return.

When she arrived, he quickly went to greet her with a smile, “Welcome back, Miss Camille!”

“I know youre eager to use magic, Leo, but I must warn you. Even if I teach you magic today, theres no guarantee that you can use them immediately. Before using magic, you need to memorize magic circles, and that alone can take hours if not days.”

“Its just memorizing some magic circles, how hard can it be Ill have you know that I have a pretty good memory.” Leo smiled, pretending to know nothing.

Miss Camille decided to not explain it to him so that he could experience it first-hand how hard it was to memorize magic circles.

“Since you have a magic affinity for dark magic, I have picked out two Tier 1 dark magic spells for you.”

Miss Camille retrieved a laptop and opened two video files.

“The first magic spell is calledBlack Bullet. Its like shooting a bullet from a gun, but in this case, the bullet is magic and the gun is your hand.”

Miss Camille opened the first video file, which showed a middle-aged man using Black Bullet.

“The second magic spell is calledDark Barrier. Its a defensive magic spell that creates a barrier around you, protecting you from harm. However, it can only be used when there are shadows around you, and the more darkness there is, the stronger the barrier will become, so this magic spell is the most powerful at night.”

After showing him the second video of the magic spell being used, she asked him, “Which magic spell do you want to learn first”

“Dark Barrier!” Leo answered without hesitation, which surprised Miss Camille, who was sure that hed pick Black Bullet first.

“Why did you pick Dark Barrier I was sure that youd pick Black Bullet.” She decided to ask him.

“Huh Isnt it obvious My safety comes first. With this magic spell, I will feel a lot safer in this dangerous world.” Leo immediately responded.

Although he wasnt lying about wanting to feel safer, it wasnt the entire truth. However, there was no way that he could tell her that hed already learned Black Bullet from a vampire spirit.

“Furthermore, since I cannot use magic publicly, theres no reason for me to learn an offensive magic spell such as Black Bullet for now.” He continued giving logical excuses.

This guy… How unexpected… Miss Camille thought to herself.

“All right. Heres the magic circle for Dark Barrier. I will give you the magic circle for Black Bullet once you can use Dark Barrier,” she handed him a piece of paper with the magic circle perfectly drawn on it.

Leo accepted the paper, took one good look at the magic circle, and proceeded to hand the paper back to Miss Camille.

[Dark Barrier]

[Affinity: Dark]

[Tier: 1]

[Mana: 50]

[Mastery Rank: F]

“What are you doing” Seeing his actions, she asked him with her eyebrows raised in a puzzled manner.

“I have already memorized it,” he calmly responded.

“What Theres no way that you couldve memorized it so quickly.” Miss Camille immediately doubted him.

“But its true.”

“Memorizing magic circles is nothing like memorizing words on a book. Its more like memorizing every little detail on a deeply detailed piece of art with a complex design. If you miss even the slightest detail, you will not be able to use the magic properly, and magic circles are naturally hard to memorize. Even a magic prodigy will require an hour or two to memorize this magic circle.”

“I dont know what to tell you, Miss Camille. I really memorized it.” Leo shrugged.

“If thats true, then you should be able to use the magic spell right now.”

“Umm… How do I activate my mana” Leo pretended to not know again to avoid suspicion.

Miss Camille approached him, placed her palm on his chest, and poured some of her mana into his body.

“Do you feel it”

“Yes, I do. Its a very refreshing feeling.”

“Good. Memorize this feeling.”

Leo closed his eyes, and a few moments later, the shadow in this room suddenly began gathering around his body.

Miss Camille removed her palm and took a few steps back from him, her eyes wide with surprise.

No way… He really managed to memorize the magic circle in such a short time…

Miss Camille was in disbelief as she stared at the Dark Barrier that encompassed Leos body like a ball.

“How is it Did it work” Leo asked her a moment later despite the answer being clear, as he wanted to rub it in her.

After snapping out of her daze, Miss Camille handed him another paper, which had the magic circle for Black Bullet on it.

“This is the magic circle for Black Bullet. I want you to memorize it and use it.”

Leo nodded, and he calmly accepted the paper.

However, since hed already learned the magic spell, he pretended to study it.

“Okay, I am done.”

“Aim it at the wall. Dont worry, it wont do any damage to the wall.”

After handing the paper back to Miss Camille, Leo pointed at the wall and proceeded to use Black Bullet.

A small black bullet appeared on the tip of his finger before it flew at the wall in the distance.

The sound of someone smacking a metal wall with a blunt object resounded when the Black Bullet struck the wall and disappeared without leaving even a dent on the wall.

“Unbelievable…” Miss Camille mumbled in a dazed voice as she stared at the proud smile on Leos handsome face with a baffled face herself.


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