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Chapter 47: Inside Information

Even the summit meeting held in New York was suppressed to the second edition.

The influence of this rich second generation in New York is so terrifying.

Compared with the official newspaper, the layout of other news is also considered.

Those entertainment newspapers completely let go of their hands and feet.

Sleeping cover girl from Tony Stark.

Reporter to Stark Sleeper.

Go to Stark to sleep various celebrities.

Countless gossip news was concentrated on this person.

In the past, Tony was a genius **** and rich second generation.

Now, Tony has another layer of identity behind him.

Iron Man!

Some inexplicable real-life novels have been launched.

What Iron Man saved a certain superstar, the two had a spring breeze.

There was even Iron Man who flew to the homes of some “ladies” in the middle of the night to spend the Spring Festival evening.

Anyway, these entertainment reports will not be responsible.

How come how come!

Compared with the irresponsibility of entertainment reports, financial reports are a little better.

At least they don’t report anything about the “spring breeze”.

Various financial newspapers conducted in-depth analysis of Tony Stark, Iron Man, and Stark Industries.

》 Steel Battle Armor! Stark Industries’ next-generation super weapon!

》 Iron Man! Tony Stark personally speaks for his own weapons!

》 Is it because of the appearance of the steel armor that Tony closed the Weapons Department

》 From the emergence of the steel armor to the development of the next generation of super weapons!

》 Stark Industries, when will the new weapons division go online

》 Rumors! Steel armor shoots down army fighters!

》 Stark Industries! Still the overlord among the weapons dealers!

One after another rumors and analysis made everyone believe that Stark Industries is still the most powerful weapon developer!

Tony closed all weapons departments, just to pave the way for the super armor.

Now, the Super Battle Armor comes down from the sky with a halo.

Affected by this news, the first to benefit is the stock of Stark Industries!

One night later, the stock price of Stark Industries rose wildly!

Tony looked at the newspaper in his hand and took a sip of coffee casually.

“Pepper, how do they think we will restart the weapons department”

He stuck you with Pepper, who was constantly busy by his side, with a ridiculous expression on his face.

“Because you use the identity of Iron Man to prove to everyone how terrifying Stark Industries’ weapons are.”

Pepper was also helpless.

Since she knew that Tony had made the steel armor, she knew that this day would always come.

It’s just that I didn’t expect it to be so terrible this time.

“No way, this time I was shot down into the crowd.

It stands to reason that they should feel that there is a problem with our weapons.

Why do we now feel that our weapons are very powerful”

Tony couldn’t figure it out.

“Just relying on your ability to enter the summit site at will is enough to scare everyone.

And some previous rumors about Iron Man, such as shooting down military aircraft, have become facts.

That’s why they said that.”

Pepper pays more attention to these things than Tony.

“Well, count them right.

How has the matter of repurchasing Stark Industrial stock that you prepared in the early stage been handled ”

Tony asked a question he was more concerned about.

This is what he has been planning since closing the weapons department.

Originally, there was an Obadiah and a group of shareholders in front of him.

But Frank killed Obadiah and everyone unreasonably.

This allows his acquisition plan to be easily implemented.

“You have repurchased 58% of the shares, and you have completed the absolute holding of the company.

A group of directors headed by Obadiah sold all the shares a few days ago.

They have completely abandoned Stark Industries and think we are done.

This makes our acquisition plan a lot easier.

Those retail investors are even more unable to withstand such an impact.

The stocks were sold early.

However, I discovered a special thing.”

Pepper talked about recent gains.

58% of the shares!

This makes Tony become Stark’s largest shareholder.

It even made Tony an absolute controlling shareholder of Stark Industries.

From then on, Tony’s words were the goal of Stark Industries.

“What do you mean by special circumstances”

Tony wanted to know what the special circumstances in Pepper’s mouth meant.

“When Stark Industries estimated that it was shrinking crazily, everyone else was selling stocks crazily.

However, I found that apart from the fact that we are reclaiming stocks, there is another force that is constantly buying stocks.

Now, the counter party’s stock holdings have reached 11%.

Is the company’s second largest shareholder.”

Pepper said a question that left Tony stunned.

“11% More than I gave the devil… uh, Qin Xiao”

Tony was really taken aback.

“No, the ultimate beneficiary of the stock purchase is Qin Xiao.

In other words, he took 5% of the stock from you.

He himself also bought 6% of the stock through the stock market.

It seems that he knew from the beginning that the stock price of Stark Industries would rise.

I am worried whether there is any hidden secret behind this.

It’s as if he hired Frank to save you.

How does he know these things”

After Pepper said this, she looked at Tony with a worried expression on his face.

Tony was taken aback when he heard Pepper’s words.

Should I tell Pepper some news

Knowing the truth, she wouldn’t worry so much.

Suspect Qin Xiao

People are demon messengers.

He knows more than the average person.

The thing that he was kidnapped happened to be in the east.

Perhaps it was the devil in the East who knew about it at that time, and then used it as an opportunity to get close to himself.

Even when Obadiah went to the east, he was targeted by the devil.

This is when Qin Xiao reminded himself to pay attention a few months earlier.

It’s just that at that time, I didn’t care about it.

This time I let myself and the mutants save New York, so why not let myself and the mutants get involved.

And it’s a comrade-in-arms relationship who fought together.

It can even be proved from the side that there are not a few people who are staring at the devil of the East!


The largest arms dealer in New York.

Mutant Professor X!

The leader of the mutant peace line.

I don’t know how many people like himself and Professor X are still targeted by the devil in the east.

This proves the horror of the devil from the side.

When Qin Xiao sold Revive Fruit, he had to give shares to the company and bought more shares.

Obviously, he is very optimistic about his company.

In a way, this is a reassurance for Tony.

Investing in a genius can be done as long as the brain is normal.

If you buy 6%, you may still think that the other party has insufficient funds.

Otherwise, they might buy more stocks.

I have to say that it’s scary to make up for a smart human brain.

Qin Xiao didn’t need to explain anything, Tony had done it all by himself.

Immediately afterwards, he returned to normal.

“I know what you worry about, but your worry is unnecessary.

He bought these stocks because I told him some inside information.”

Tony briefly explained to Pepper.

He took the other party’s purchase of stocks to himself.

“Since you told him the inside information, I’m relieved.”


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