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I am the Entertainment Tycoon Chapter 12 Hiring A Manager

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In the afternoon, he came to the shop and called Sam to his office.

"Sam, I have a proposition for you." Theo said while looking at her blue eyes.

"I am all ears, boss" she said feeling this was serious business from his tone

"I am very satisfied with your work. As you know I am planning on opening branches, and I want someone to oversee the operations of all the shops and I want you for the job. Obviously, your salary will be raised accordingly. And if I see that you did a great job I will offer you an even higher position on my future project. I have the contract here with all the details of the job" he said as he passed the document to her

She accepted as she looked at it shocked. She thought she would only be at shop manager for him. She thought he would want someone with a degree or someone with more experience for this job. As she studied the contract. The more she read it, the more she was shocked.

She was going to be the General Manager of the BlueCloud Coffee Shop and the money she would earn monthly was what she received over a year working as a barista girl.

"Boss, are you sure you want me for this job" she said meekly while looking down.

"I never had anyone else in mind for this position. I want you." Theo said with determination

Hearing his tone, she looked at him and saw that his silver eyes looked at her like with a trust that she would be great at the job.

"I accept it. Thank you for this opportunity!" she said emotionally.

She signed the contract without any more hesitation.

"Now that you have signed it, you going to have lots of work to do. I want to open 4 new shops simultaneously in these 4 locations" he passed a document for her

For the next 2 hours, they discussed the plan for the branches.

Theo was going to invest almost 50k in these branches, almost the total cash he had in his bank account.

Most of the money was to buy the land of 3 shops since the shop in the mall was going to be rented it. The renovations were going to be costly since Theo wanted to contact a designer to draw the brand logo for the shop. Theo figured it was time for the shop to have an image that when anyone saw it, they would think of the BlueCloud Coffee Shop.

Sam estimated that she needed 7 days before they could open the shops. He would help her before she could hire a staff that would take care of the operations of the chain shops.

He said to her that she could hire an assistant to help with her everyday job.

Theo came home that day feeling that his shop was going on the right path, he felt lucky he met Sam in this life.

He entered his apartment and saw Aurora was on the couch looking at her phone.

"Hey, cupcake" he greeted her warmly

"Hey, big bro" Aurora said while looking at her brother

"Do you want to start your lessons in self-defense" he asked

"YES" she shouted excitedly

He chuckled and asked for help to move the furniture of the living room.

"Let's start" he said while thinking which style would be better for her

He concluded that Krav Maga, used by the Israel army of his past life, focused on quick and devastating strikes to the body's most vulnerable areas. And Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, this style focuses on grappling and controlling the opponent, while gaining a dominant position and using several techniques to force them into submission.

He figured she could use Krav Maga if someone wanted to deliver a blow on her, she could defend it and deliver a counterattack in her opponent's vulnerable area to incapacitate them. But if someone managed to grab her, she could use Jiu-Jitsu to defend against the grab or defeat them since Jiu-Jitsu Master are known of being capable of defeating someone physically stronger than them with only the Jiu-Jitsu technique.

Theo started teaching her the 2 styles and he discovered that teaching could help him advance the control of his body and he felt happy about it.

They trained for an hour and stopped it to have dinner. Afterward, they went to their respective rooms.

For next week Theo busied himself with the expansion of his shop.

He even started coming home late. But he still taught Aurora for one hour the 2 fighting styles in the evening. After teaching her, he would go to his room so that he could continue working on the opening of the branches through his laptop.

He even had to stop studying his pieces of knowledge so that he could finish his job.

Theo wanted to open the branches, the sooner the better.

On the eve of opening the branches. Theo was watching tv with Aurora on the couch.

"Sis, I want to take you somewhere tomorrow" he said while thinking it was time to let her know about his shop.

"Sure, big brother. Where" she asked.

"It's a surprise." he said smiling mysteriously.

"humph" she pouted while looking away.

'So cute…' he thought while looking at her, admiring her pout.


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