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I am the Entertainment Tycoon Chapter 11 Training Aurora

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After Theo took a shower, he went for his driving lessons and in the afternoon, he went for the shop.

He entered it by the back door. Now that the shop was always full, he didn't want many people knowing that he was the boss.

One week passed and Theo was in his bedroom watching an online class on culinary to deepen and level up his knowledge. He figured that he would learn more in these classes as the teacher would offer different perspectives on the subjects.

When he received an email from Sam with the accounting of last week's profit of the shop. He opened it and the more he read it, the more he felt happy.

In the first 5 days of the release of the new recipes, the shop had a huge increase of customers and consequently in profit. After the fifth day, the profit stagnated.

But Sam observed that reason was that the space of the shop was too small to house more customers causing stagnation of profit.

Now the profit stabilized at 3500 dollars daily. He was static when he looked at this number.

'I guess it is time to open the branches. Sam told me that the shop was a sensation around the city and everybody heard of it. We have to take advantage of this publicity to open more branches so I can have more profit' he thought

Theo opened the file that Sam sent him about places of potential places to open the branches.

He particularly liked 4 places. 2 in the north of the city, one in the east, and the last being inside a mall.

Next day early in the morning. If anyone looked at the street, they would be able to see 2 youngsters with gray hair running on the street.

"Brother, I feel much better after I started running with you." Aurora said tiredly after they ended up their run.

"I want to go with you to the dojo too!" she exclaimed with shining eyes.

She didn't go to the dojo with Theo in the past week because by the time she finished running she was too exhausted to continue training.

"That's great, Sis! You can learn how to defend yourself if something happens" he said looking at her worriedly. Such a beautiful girl like his sister, it would be dangerous for her to walk alone at any time of the day.

They arrived and Aurora started learning the basics of martial arts. While Theo sparred with some veteran fighters.

After one week of training, Theo already could control his body without any discomfort like a grandmaster of 3 styles. Muay Thai is a style that originated in Thailand. Karate, the school Japanese style. And Capoeira, the Brazilian style.

Of the 3, he liked Capoeira the most. Because this style was a mix of dance and fighting, the opponent didn't even realize he was in a fighting stance before being knocked out, it was very acrobatic too.

"Theo, let's have a freestyle sparring," said Akihiro-sensei

Theo looked at the middle-aged man that had traits of Japanese people of his past life and agreed. Yesterday as he was sparring with some students Akihiro-sensei noticed that he was too advanced for others and he asked Theo to spar with him.

And that resulted in Theo being utterly defeated and that surprised the hell out of Theo. It's important to remember that Theo already could move his body without any discomfort. But Akihiro-sensei somehow won. But Theo also didn't fight seriously because if he used his fighting styles through the discomfort, he would end the fight in one movement.

"Let's go sensei." Theo said with enthusiasm

Theo found out these days that he loved the thrill of fighting. He loved the thrill of mastering his styles and putting them into practice.

Theo fought Akihiro-sensei for one hour of his 2-hour class in the dojo. In the last spar, Theo won by connecting a beautiful air kick in capoeira style.

"Theo, you seem to be only rusty huh" Akihiro-sensei said noticing that the more Theo fought, the more he seemed better.

"Yes, sensei. I came here because I wanted to remember how was to fight" Theo said some lie to cover up his strange situation

"Well, tomorrow onwards we will be sparring during the entire class" he said excitedly too because after all these years of fighting he was already a black belt and it was difficult to find someone to spar that could make him fill trilled.

"Yes, sensei" he shouted with a smile

"Stop calling me sensei. You are a sensei too. Aren't you" he said with a chuckle

"Please take care of me for now on, partner" Akihiro-sensei said while bowing his head


"Please take care of me for now on too, partner" Theo said with a smile while his head too

After they departed, Theo saw Aurora leaving the beginner class tiredly but with an excited face.

"Big brother!! That was awesome! I love it how I can beat up people!" she exclaimed

Theo laughed at his sister's statement.

"If you want, I can teach you more if you like that much" Theo laughed

"Seriously, brother" she said with her purple eyes shining with excitement

"Of course, cupcake," he said affectionally as he looked at her

'I would do anything for you, silly girl' Theo said in his mind

"Let's go home" he said


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