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I am the Entertainment Tycoon Chapter 8 Moving To A New Apartment

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Arriving at home he was greeted with the vision of Aurora making dinner.

"Hey, cupcake, guess what I bought for you" Theo said enthusiastically.

Aurora looked at her brother who was caring several bags in his arms.

"hmm groceries" she said hesitantly because she thought they only had the money for that.

"No! Come here, sis. It is a present for you" Theo said as he took the bags that had what he bought for her.

As Aurora opened the bags and looked at the clothes and computer and smartphone, which certainly cost more than a thousand dollars, she was in a state of disbelief.

"Big brother, is everything here for me" she asked partly worrying how her brother got so much money and partly excited with so much stuff.

Theo guessed what she was thinking and said:

"Don't worry about the money, sis. My job is honest and it is paying much better and for now on we will live a much better life." He said tenderly as he looked at his sister.

Aurora was so happy that she jumped on him as she rubbed her head on his chest.

"Thank you for everything, Big Brother" she said emotionally

They stayed like that for a few minutes.

They watched a movie on their old TV while holding each other.

On the next day, before going to the coffee shop he bought some ingredients as he needed to experiment on some recipes.

He worked on the recipes all morning. And in the afternoon, he signed the contract for the new apartment. He could move in already on the next day.

As Theo and Aurora were having dinner. He said to her.

"Sis, I managed to rent a new apartment and it is much better than this one. I want you to gather your things so that we can move out tomorrow morning." Theo said while looking at his sister

"What We are moving" she said bewildered

After thinking for a while, Aurora was excited that they could leave this place.

They spent the night gathering their things, which weren't much.

And in the morning, Theo called a moving company and they went for the new apartment.

Theo and Aurora looked at the old apartment, and both felt very emotional. This was the apartment they lived in after their parents died as they couldn't afford their old home.

They had great and awful memories in this apartment. It was a chapter of their lives that they would never forget.

They took a picture together on the front of the apartment as a token of farewell and went to the new apartment.

As they arrived, Theo greeted the landlady and they went for the apartment. It was a brand new apartment and they loved it.

They organized their things all morning. They had lunch and Theo went to the shop as he had to keep researching and experimenting on recipes for the shop.

After one week of researching for recipes, Theo found numerous recipes that could make the Blue Cloud Coffee Shop famous all around the country. But Theo knew that he had to take things slowly.

And additionally, during this week he leveled up 2 times his knowledge skill in F&B.

Theo called Sam in his office.

"Sam, now that the shop stabilized the profit we have to expand to new heights. I want you to find a trustworthy cook and a new barista. I am going to introduce some new recipes and these recipes are going to be our trademark" Theo said

"Boss, I know someone that we can trust for the cook position. As for the barista, I can post a call for the position and I can arrange that too. But what recipes are these, boss" Sam said while thinking that trademark recipes must be good to earn this name.

Theo, knowing that Sam would ask that, said while pointing at the food that was on his table

"You can taste these two recipes I invented. This is a milk tea that can be served hot, iced, or at room temperature. And this is a cheesecake that has the flavors of strawberry and orange."

Sam first drank the milk tea and her eyes went wide instantly. This was the best drink she ever drank. It was so addicting she didn't even realize that she had drunk the whole cup in a few moments.

When she came back to herself, her eyes tingled with excitation knowing that this drink would be tremendously famous.

After a moment she also tasted the cheesecake and the same scene all over again as she ate the cake as if she was starving.

"Boss, these recipes are so delicious! We will be famous!' she said excitedly.

"I know, and that's why I want to discuss how we can maximize our profit with these recipes and contract the new employees" Theo said

After they discussed how to put the new recipes to the public, Sam went to put the plan into practice.


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