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I am the Entertainment Tycoon Chapter 7 New Missions

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After it ended, Theo walked over to the mirror and he saw a new person looking at him. Without modesty, he looked more handsome than ever.

He lifted his shirt and he observed that he had the start of what looked like a six-pack. His muscles looked strong but he wasn't overly big. Even his face looked more handsome.

He nodded at himself approvingly with the changes.

When he heard 2 notifications of the system.

[Ding! 2 New Missions for the host!]

[Mission 1 – 'I want more profit!!'

Description: Your business needs more profit if you want to expand.

Requirements: Triple the daily average profit of the shop.


1. 20000 dollars;

2. 300 exp;

3. Leveling Up Skill Knowledge of F&B.


[Mission 2 – 'I want Branches!'

Description: Your business is going well. It is time to open a branch so that the name of the shop is known city-wide.

Requirements: Open a branch and have the same profit as the main shop.


1. 20000 dollars;

2. 600 exp;


'Hmm these missions seem difficult but with the knowledge I gained on F&B it is only a matter of time until I complete it' he thought.

'I also received 20k I can invest on opening the branch and also rent a new apartment for me and Aurora, this apartment is horrible. I can also buy a new computer and phone for her.' He thought

'I also have to add Food & Beverages to my daily study. And search for a new recipe that can make the shop famous.'

Theo stretched himself as he stood up and went to take shower before going to bed.

The next day in his morning workout he noticed that he could run more and faster. So, he did some workouts that could help increase his vitality.

After going back home and taking a shower, he had breakfast with Aurora and they talked about things as they ate.

When Aurora looked at Theo, she felt something was strange.

'Is it my impression or brother looks taller and stronger today compared to yesterday…' Aurora thought

But she dismissed it while thinking it must be the workout Theo was doing everyday morning.

After washing the dishes, he went to work and Aurora went to the library.

Arriving at the coffee shop, it was already open for business.

"Good morning, Olivia. How are you today" he greeted the barista

"Good morning boss, I am doing well, thanks for asking. The manager is waiting for you in the office" she said smiling.

"Thank you, Olivia." he said.

As Theo walked into the office, he was greeted with the vision of a twenty-something blonde beautiful girl as she looked at some papers.

"Good morning, Sam. You look gorgeous as ever" Theo said with a smile.

Sam lifted her head and she saw a handsome man looking at her. And somehow, he got more handsome today than yesterday. He looked more manly and strong. She was a little lost in his looks.

Only after he went for his chair and sat, that she was able to come back alive.

"Good morning, boss. Thank you and you look somehow more handsome too" she said with a chuckle.

"Haha you are funny" Theo said laughing while dismissing the subject

She delivered the accounting for last week and left the room after talking with Theo for a few minutes.

Theo was eager to start the day. And the first thing to do was to search for a new apartment.

The price limit that Theo put was around 2000 dollars.

Theo didn't want to rent a super expensive apartment before making more money so he wanted a transition apartment.

He searched for around 30 minutes before finding the perfect apartment and the best thing was it wasn't too far from the high school that he and aurora frequented and it was close to various amenities.

He called the landlady and learned that he could visit in the afternoon. After Theo scheduled a visit, he hung up the phone.

'Now I have to start researching recipes for the coffee shop and study too. I have a few recipes that I received from the system but I want to be totally certain of the recipe I want to introduce.' Theo thought

For the next few hours, Theo researched ingredients and recipes, and concepts on F&B.

In the afternoon he went to visit the apartment and he loved it.

It had 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom, and a living room. It totally could house 2 people.

Theo said that he was interested in renting the place. The landlady, a somewhat aged woman, said he could come back tomorrow and officialize the contract.

Theo left feeling happy that he and Aurora could leave the dumpster that they were currently living at.

After that, he went to the mall and bought new computers and phones for himself and Aurora. He also bought some new clothes for him and Aurora, nothing too fancy. Just basic clothes but they were new and much better than the clothes that they were currently using.

In total, he spent 5k on clothes and electronics. With the profit that the shop was having, he could pay this amount without feeling a sting in his pocket.


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