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I am the Entertainment Tycoon Chapter 29 Getting The First Restaurant Employee

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Ayia and Theo started talking as they didn't even pay attention to the movie anymore.

When Ayia asked the question that was bugging her all night.

"If you don't mind me asking. Where are your parents"

She instantly regretted getting those words out as she saw Theo's face freeze and his eyes exude pain.

"Hmm if it is too personal, you can forget I asked" she hurriedly said.

"No, it's okay. I'm just not used to talking about it" he shook his head.

"My parents died when I was 14. And since then, I have been working to provide for me and Aurora.

She is not really my blood-related sister as my parents adopted her when she was 5yo. So, it was especially hard for her to deal with my parent's death as she loved them more than anything for adopting her. During the first years after my parent's death, I had to work in all sorts of jobs to put food on the table and it was during those hard times that we became so close. It was only recently that I started being successful in business and made money that now we can live comfortably" Theo explained with a look that transmitted his determination to take care of his sister.

Ayia was tearing up as she listened to their story.

'They are so strong… going through all that and still smile and move on with life' she thought.

"I am happy that everything is working out then" she said with her characteristic smile.

Theo smiled too as they continued talking.

Ayia asked about his restaurant and Theo showed her his designs and what he envisioned for the restaurant.

When Ayia saw the simulation design interior of the restaurant, she fell in love with the concept. She now wanted to work in such a restaurant.

Theo continued explaining and the only thing in her head was how to ask him for a job in his restaurant.

Theo was explaining the design of the chairs when Ayia suddenly shouted while bowing her head.

"Please let me work at your restaurant"

"shhhhhh" Theo motioned her to talk in a low voice as he looked towards Aurora's room to see if she woke up.

"I can as an assistant cook or even some other odd job, pleaseeee" she continued mumbling now in a low voice.

Theo looked at her and thought it over.

'I can use some help operating the restaurant.' He said in his mind arriving at a decision.

"I would love to employ you as my second-in-command" he said with a smile.

He knew about her capabilities as a cook and knew she would be perfect for the job.

Her eyes went wide as she heard him.

Second-in-command!! She would have no one above her in the kitchen other than Theo. That was a huge responsibility and she loved it.

Ayia jumped onto his arms and hugged him while mumbling thanks.

But when she realized what she did, her whole face became like a tomato of embarrassment. She hurriedly let him go and looked away while trying to hide her blushed face.

Theo was a little baffled at the sudden hug but decided to forget about it.

"But are you sure you can take it Don't you have college classes to go" Theo asked as he thought that a girl super intelligent like Ayia, and at her age too, would attend a prestigious college.

"Don't worry about it. I graduated from college with flying colors at the beginning of the year." Ayia dismissed the subject.

What she didn't say was that she was a genius person. She graduated with a double degree in Cooking and Business Management in the two of the most prestigious colleges in the entire world.

She studied cooking because it was her passion and business management. After all, all members of her family needed to study this subject.

Ayia noticed it was getting late, so she texted her butler to send a car to pick her up.

After waiting 20 minutes, the car arrived.

"Thank you for having me over. I loved the night. Tell Aurora I sent a message to her phone and that she should answer me!!" Ayia exclaimed while she ran after hugging him goodbye.

'I can't believe I hugged him twice!!!' she thought as she recounted the hugs in her mind.

Theo laughed at her antics and closed the door and went for a shower.

He slept soundly that night after a tiring day.

During the weekend, Theo didn't do much. For the last weeks, he was busy working and almost didn't have time to relax. So, he decided to take the weekend off.

He slept late, read some mangas of this world, watched animes with Aurora, and cooked for her.

Theo observed the culture of this world and realized that it was great, and it didn't pale compared to his past life's culture.

He especially liked a manga about a group of friends that lived hilarious situations while attending high school.

'Maybe after the Fuji Jump establish itself in the market, I can draw my own manga and not copy one of my past life.'

'I can do that, but I also want to buy an Anime Studio. It would be awesome to see the manga I created being adapted to anime.'

'But I can only do that after we can sell at least 200k copies of manga monthly. With this number of copies sold monthly, we would have a profit of almost 3 million dollars. And with that money, we can buy the buildings nearby the Fuji Jump and expand the company and with that, we can expand the number the copies we print and consequently the money we earn.' Theo deeply thought about his future.

Theo and Aurora also trained in self-defense as Aurora now was perfectly capable of defending herself if a man without fighting experience try to take advantage of her. But if someone that knows how to fight, attack her, she will have some difficulties.

"Great, sis, are you practicing by yourself" Theo asked after Sunday's training session.

"I entered a club on my school focused on free fighting. We can practice against each other, so I have been practicing hard" Aurora said with pride.

Aurora was impressed by this club. The club room was more like an arena than a room. She was the new princess of the school, as everyone called her, so she entered the club easily.

'Tomorrow I should go buy the first volume of Naruto at the bookstore' Theo said in his mind as he drifted to sleep on Sunday night.


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