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I am the Entertainment Tycoon Chapter 28 Making Lasagna

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Theo and Ayia arrived at the cooking class that day a little nervous because of what happened yesterday. But when they saw each other, they tacitly agreed to act as nothing happened.

But they did act a little different. Theo stopped being too reserved with her as he wanted her to be his friend. And Ayia had the determination to make him fall in love with her.

As they entered the classroom, they observed it was paired cooking class again. They looked at each other, nodded in agreement, and went to their counter.

"Today is our last class I will assign the same task from yesterday. I want you to be open to new experiences because cooking is learning something new about it every day." chef Pierre started the class.

Theo and Ayia entered their vibe and cooked even more tuned with each other today.

They talked about their preferences and if one got something wrong the other would help. It was as if they knew each other for years.

At the end of the class that ended a little earlier. Chef Pierre delivered each one of the students a certificate that was valid all around the world. He said a few words of encouragement for them and left in a hurry as he had a flight to catch.

Theo and Ayia exited the building and talked for over a few minutes.

'Today is the last day of classes. I won't be able to see him every day anymore. I have to find a way." Ayia said in her mind with determination.

Then Theo saw it was time to go home to cook dinner for Aurora.

He motioned to say goodbye to Ayia. But when he saw that she noticed that he was going to say goodbye and he saw her beautiful golden puppy eyes disappointed that he was going away. He said something else to her.

"Aurora usually gets home from school around this time. I like to cook dinner for her as she loves my cooking. Would you like to accompany us for dinner"

Her eyes lit up with excitement.

"I would love to!" she almost shouted as she sweetly smiled.

"You came driving, right Can I get a lift with you" she hurriedly said forgetting her sports car that was one hundred meters away.

She wanted to spend more time with him and conveniently forgot her car.

"Sure" he said while walking towards the car.

During the drive home, Theo discovered that Ayia was 21yo, 3 years older than him. He wasn't much surprised as she looked like a university student.

But Ayia was mesmerized as she learned he was only 18yo. He looked like he was her age! He looked too mature to be only 18yo but she knew he was telling the truth.

'I cannot believe I fell in love with a guy three years younger than me' she laughed inwardly.

As they arrived at his apartment, Ayia was truly surprised. It was nothing like she was expecting.

It was a normal apartment building and didn't look like it was expensive. They entered his apartment, and she was even more surprised. It was a simple apartment. It was smaller than her closet in her bedroom.

Although it looked simple, it was super cozy as if the people that lived here enjoyed living with each other.

"Welcome to my and Aurora's apartment. It is nothing fancy, but we like it" Theo said with a smile.

They lived for almost 3 months in this apartment and although it was only a transition apartment before he could buy a house for them. They grew attached to this apartment. It was the apartment that marked a new beginning to their lives.

"I love it. It is very cozy" she smiled as she thought about what he said.

'They live alone together… why Where are their parents' she questioned inside her mind.

Theo went into the kitchen and started cooking Aurora's favorite dish, Lasagna.

Ayia wanted to help so he asked her to make the sauce while he made the dough of the lasagna.

Ayia was curious as she looked at the process of this recipe. She didn't see anything like it before.

And she saw a lot of things on her travels around the world.

Theo was cooking with Ayia when they heard the front door opening.

Aurora came to the kitchen and greeted them

"Hey, brother, nice to see you again sister Ayia" she said in a sweet voice.

She wasn't much surprised to see Ayia here, Theo texted her warning that they would be having Ayia for dinner. And she also knew that Theo was having cooking classes together with Ayia.

"Hey, cupcake, you can wash your hands, and in 10 minutes dinner is ready." Theo greeted her as he greeted her every day.

"Hey, Aurora, nice to see you again!!" Ayia jumped on Aurora's arms.

"She is too hyperactive' Theo and Aurora both thought at the same time

They had a pleasant dinner together.

Ayia was stunned by the taste of lasagna. And shouted with tears in her eyes if she could make lasagna for her family. She swore on like 7 different gods to not leak the recipe.

Theo agreed awhile laughing. He didn't really care that she knew. It was only a matter of time before more people guessed the recipe as he would place Lasagna on the menu of his restaurant.

Ayia was stunned also by his cooking prowess. He seemed more like a professional chef than an amateur. Now she understood why he was opening a restaurant.

After they finished eating, Aurora suggested for they watch a movie together. Ayia shouted in agreement as she jumped and ran to the couch. The siblings shook their heads at her antics.

They watched a good movie, but Aurora slept midway through the movie as she was tired of her day at school.

Theo motioned Ayia to not make any noise as he carried Aurora to her room. He tucked her onto her bed and kissed her forehead.

Ayia observed everything as she thought.

"They truly love each other…" she dreamed

Theo closed her door and was relieved that Aurora didn't wake up.


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