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I am the Entertainment Tycoon Chapter 27 Cooking Together

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Theo walked into the cooking classroom and noticed that only had 10 counters instead of 20. But the new counters were much bigger.

"Today and tomorrow, you will cook in pairs. The art of cooking is much more difficult if you are with someone else, and I want you to get used to it. As you are never alone in professional kitchens." Chef Pierre said at the front of the classroom.

Theo and Ayia looked at each other instantly and they both smiled as they walked towards a counter. They didn't need to talk. They both knew that one wanted to pair up with the other.

"You will cook a simple dish, a braised fish with potatoes chips and white sauce. But I want you to cook with your partner only using the techniques I taught." Chef Pierre said.

Theo and Ayia started the cooking process making mistakes like everyone else. Now they felt it was much more difficult to cook with a completely strange person.

But around the middle of the class, they started turning on a vibe only they knew of. By the end of the class, they were the only pair that finished the dish without mistakes.

They cooked together like two dancers performed movements. Each movement of him was to help her cooking process. And each of her movements was to help him. After the class was over and they woke of their trance they got into as they cooked. They felt they complimented each other. At least as cookers.

That day after class, they didn't talk much. They went home trying to figure out what was that sensation.

When Theo arrived home and saw Aurora waiting for him. He found his answer. He now had a new friend and a cooking partner.

He was happy with his conclusion as he started cooking dinner for Aurora.

Ayia drove her luxury sports car into her house.

Although the house wasn't the best way to describe it. It was a super mansion. It was big and sumptuous and one of the many mansions her family had around the world. She parked her car and took the elevator to the floor her bedroom was located.

She threw herself on her enormous bed and signed.

She took her phone and opened a picture of a handsome boy with shoulder-length gray hair tied in a ponytail. His body was of a male god, she observed, even though she couldn't see much with his clothes on. His face was angular and pretty and his eyes were the thing that attracted her the most.

In the picture, he had a little girl in his arms and he was surrounded by children as he told them stories.

He looked at the children like they are the most precious thing in the world.

'I think I am in love…' she said while feeling her heart hurt as she fell in love for the first time in her life.

"But I think he doesn't love me back…" her heart was hurting even more

She agonized on her bed for a while when suddenly she got up with determination.

'I will make him fall in love with me. Even if he likes someone else, I will be happy even if he loves me even a little bit' she thought.

'Who would have thought that I would fall in love and that I would be content in sharing my lover' she said in her mind while she laughed.

The next day, Theo arrived at the front of the Fuji Jump Co. as he entered, he felt he was in a completely new company compared with the company he entered before.

He arrived at Sayuri's office and asked for her assistant to warn her that he arrived.

After a while, he entered her office.

Her office didn't change much compared with the rest of the building, but Theo didn't care.

"Hey, boss, good morning" Sayuri said with a smile.

"Hey, good morning, is everything going well" he smiled.

"Everything is ready according to what you asked, boss. We fired some employees that didn't work well and contracted new competent people. We bought new and modern printers and fixed some printers too. We launched our new website where it is possible to order Mangas from our sales department here. Also, we contacted the bookstore owners all around the city about showing a manga from us. We also contacted a chain bookstore that spam all around the country to showcase one manga of our choosing in their stores. Currently, we can supply only Elffire city and this chain bookstore. Any more demands and we cannot afford to deliver" Sayuri said all the things she about the reform in one breath.

Theo thought for a while as he went over what Sayuri said

'Only this amount mangas won't meet the demand of the market after Naruto become famous. But we have time, for our first month of profit, we can buy more printers' he thought.

"Well done, I am impressed with the work you did here, good job" Theo said with a smile as he was truly grateful for her work.

"Well, Sam and my team helped, so it was a team job" she replied humbly.

"Did you see the manga that I sent" Theo asked

"Yes! I believe is going to be a success too" she said excitedly.

"Great, I brought it the chapters of the first volume that I drew for you to edit and print it"

"Sure, I will pass it to the editor team." she said.

She received the drawings when she realized something that he said.

"Wait a minute… you drew You are a mangaka" she said astonished

Realizing something else she shouted.

"And you drew Naruto too!"

"Haha, I forgot to tell you, yes I was the one" he chuckled embarrassedly.

He definitely couldn't say that he got it from another world through a system, so it was better to lie.

"So that's why you put GreyDawn as the moniker for the author" she realized.

"The Naruto Mangas will arrive at the stores Monday, right" he asked to divert her attention.

"Yes, tomorrow, Saturday, we will start shipping the volumes. We will manage to send over 10 thousand copies in this first launch."

"Currently we are capable of printing 3500 copies daily. In one week, we print 24500 copies, and over 4 weeks of the month we will produce over 170k copies with our current printing capability." Sayuri explained.

"I assume that for our first month that will be enough. But afterwards, with more volumes to print and other mangas to print, we will have to enlarge the company" he said.

"I know you don't want to abandon this building, so our only option is to buy the nearby buildings to expand the company. I want you to start searching for the prices of these buildings." Theo complemented.

"You are the boss" she replied.

Theo got out of the building excited about the thought of Naruto arriving in this world.

He would build a Manga empire.


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