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I am the Entertainment Tycoon Chapter 6 Shop Open

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The next day Theo was standing next to Sam and Olivia, the new girl that Sam contracted to be the new barista.

They were ready to open for business. The coffee shop looked beautiful with the new decoration and he was certain that it could attract customers.

As Olivia opened the door of the coffee shop, he looked as 2 customers entered and admired the interior and ordered some coffee with cookies.

Theo felt emotional, this was the start of his path as he made his dreams come true.

After he observed a little more, he went back inside so that he could study his knowledge of business management.

Sam and Olivia were more than enough to manage the business.

After one week after they reopened, the coffee shop became somewhat famous in the neighborhood.

They had excellent service, environment, and food.

Sam passed to him the account of the last 7 days and it was looking good.

On the first day, they didn't have much profit but for the next days, they had a steady increase of customers. On the fourth day they had 500 dollars of profit, already discounted the cost of the materials, and in the last 3 days, they repeated this profit.

The shop was becoming a somewhat must-have go shop around the neighborhood and that was the first step of having a steady stream of customers.

According to Theo's prediction, he was going to complete the first mission in 12 days with a profit of 500 dollars a day.

Since he invested 8000 dollars in the coffee shop (6k on buying and 2k with all the redecorations).

After he came home happy knowing that his dream was becoming true. He made a great dinner for his sister.

She was happy too since she saw that everything was going well for him.

On the next day, Theo was studying in the office when he felt something in his mind and he felt new information on BM pouring into his head.

[Business Management Level UP!! Level 2 => Level 3]

'Yes!! I finally leveled up! Did it take some time huh It has some time before I finish my mission maybe I can level up again' he said while going back to study.

And like that, 12 days passed with the profit of the coffee shop at an average of 500 dollars a day.

After they closed for business for today, Theo heard a sound in his mind.

[Ding! First Mission Completed!]

[Issuing Rewards…]

Theo fought the impulse to open the rewards in his office and closed the notifications and went home.

He wanted to open the rewards at home.

After he had dinner with Aurora. He sat on the couch and asked the system.

'System, distribute the rewards!' he shouted happily in his mind.

[Issuing Rewards…]

[Congratulations! You have leveled up! You gained 4 free attributes points]

[You have received 20000 dollars in your bank account!]

[Ding! You gained Food & Beverage Knowledge Skill – Level 1]

[Ding! You leveled up your knowledge skill in Business Management to level 5!]

Theo heard several notifications and he felt a new stream of knowledge on Food & Beverage pouring into his mind.

He also felt my knowledge in BM expanding and giving him new information.

After a few minutes, he adjusted himself.

'System, show my status.'


Host: Theodore Gray

Level 2 (0/300)

Age: 18

Cash: $1500 => $29500

Business Companies Owned:

100% Shares – Blue Cloud Coffee Shop ($11000)


Strength: 6.0

Intelligence: 14

Vitality: 7.0

Charm: 12

Free attribute points: 4


1. Business Management - Level 5 (005/2000): the ability to manage a business to success.

2. Food & Beverages Knowledge - Level 1 (0/100): the knowledge to create and make food and drinks to perfection. Host gains knowledge of the secrets behind the Food & Beverage.

(Passive Effect: 2% increase in customers in F&B business)


'Wow it has a bunch of new stuff' Theo thought

'First, the cash that I have and the shop now appear in my status, I also see that the value of the coffee shop is almost double over what I bought it. Second, I have 4 free attributes that I can assign anywhere I want. And thirdly, the knowledge I gained on Food & beverage is a gold mine!'

'Now I have knowledge in some recipes that can make the coffee shop famous city-wide! And it even has a passive increase in customers.' he was exhilarated.

'System assign 4 attribute points to strength' I said.

Strength is one that he was having more difficulty increasing cause he was weak from all the years of working all day and not eating enough.

Theo thought it was better to go up to 10 points on Strength so he can be on the average as he works on vitality in his everyday workout.

Suddenly he felt his body being massaged all over. It was a wonderful feeling and it last at least 5 minutes.


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