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I am the Entertainment Tycoon Chapter 20 Completing A Hidden Mission

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As they arrived home, Theo said to her.

"Cupcake, this is a credit card with a bank account I made for you. I placed 20 thousand dollars for you to spend on clothes, electronics, makeup. Basically, anything you want." he said while passing over a credit card.

Aurora froze as she heard what he said.

"20 thousand dollars Isn't that too much money, brother" she asked in a hurry.

"Of course not, sis, I can make 20k in one day of profit with BlueCloud Coffee Shop. And today our dinner was 5k. Money isn't a problem anymore, cupcake. And I want you to have your own money so that you can buy anything you want without having to ask me for money." he said with love.

She was mesmerized by the new reality they were living but was happy nonetheless that her brother was successful as she knew how much he suffered to provide for them before.

"Thank you!! You are the best brother ever!" she exclaimed sweetly.

Theo's heart instantly melted when he heard that.

'I like hearing that…' he thought dreamily

Two days later.

It was early in the morning and Theo was at the kitchen cooking breakfast for Aurora while she was getting ready to go for her first day at her new school.

She got into the kitchen dressed in her uniform and she looked like a fairy.

'She's too beautiful for her own good. It was a wise decision teaching her self-defense' he thought.

"I made your lunch as you asked, cupcake" he pointed at the bento that was on the counter.

"Thank you, brother! I only like eating your food" she sweetly while eating breakfast.

Theo said goodbye as he saw her entering a car.

He contracted a car company to take her to school and get her back home too. Her new school was 4 train stations away but he didn't want her inside a train where she could be molested.

He didn't trust any man.

The service was only ten thousand dollars a month and the car would be ready at her disposal any time she called. It was perfect for many situations. And the drivers were all women, so he didn't have to worry about the driver.

He got back inside and dressed in his super tight old school uniform.

Today was the day he would take the graduation exam.

Theo was relaxed about it. Over the course of these last two weeks, he studied the whole high school program and he knew the subjects to an extremely high degree. With his enhanced intelligence, it was an easy feat.

He arrived at his school, in his awkward-looking uniform but he looked handsome nonetheless. Nobody recognized him. His predecessor was a skin and bones person that didn't talk with anyone. Nobody would associate with this handsome-looking boy that looked like a movie actor.

Theo took his exam. And it lasted the whole day. He didn't take much time answering but he had 5 exams at different times of the day so usually, he would answer the exam in one hour, and the rest of the time he idled looking at his phone.

After he handed over the last exam for the examiner. He was informed that the result would be forwarded to him in the next few days and if he passed, he would receive a call from the school with graduation papers.

Theo was happy that everything was taken care and now he could focus his attention on his company.

Theo arrived at his apartment and he observed that Aurora didn't get home yet. So, he took a shower and started cooking dinner for her. He knew she would be hungry and she arrived.

When he was finishing the dishes, he heard the front door opening.

"I am home" Aurora said as she took out her shoes.

"Hey, cupcake, you can take a shower and when you get out the dinner will be ready." He said.

"I am gonna do that then, brother" she said as she walked to her bedroom.

As they sat at the table to eat, Theo asked her with a smile.

"So, how was your first day in the new school"

"It was awesome, brother! Everything is so much better there. I felt I was in a university. The classes are much harder too. But I liked the atmosphere. I made some friends too." She exclaimed.

Aurora started recounting her day in detail and Theo listened with all his attention. He loved hearing her talk about her day.

After dinner, Aurora asked Theo if he could continue teaching her self-defense. And he gladly agreed. He loved teaching her how to beat potential funny guys that got too touchy with her.

Next day.

In the morning, Theo was teaching Akihiro-sensei a movement that Theo executed in the sparring.

"Such a fine attack! This a masterpiece movement!" Akihiro-sensei exclaimed.

"Thank you" Theo chuckled as he got his things to go home.

Now that Aurora started her classes, she didn't come to training in the morning anymore. It was better for her to go to school rested.

Theo too had to cut one hour of his sparring session to be home at 7am to cook breakfast and lunch for Aurora. But he did that with happiness.

Because he felt that he was part of her day even if he wasn't with her during the day.

For the next week, Theo would go training super early, got back home, and cooked for Aurora. At night he would cook dinner for her and train her in self-defense.

But during the day he was fully immersed in his restaurant plans.

He watched cooking classes, tested cooking recipes and techniques, searched for a place for his restaurant, designed decorations for the restaurant according to his wishes.

He got a lot of work done as he had to do without Sam's help. And he loved this process. He already loved his restaurant.

And on Friday as he tested a cooking recipe. He heard a sound in his mind.

[Ding! Congratulations! You acquired The Chef of the Gods Skill]

[Ding! Congratulations! You completed the Hidden Mission – 'It is better to earn than to gain']

[Hidden Mission – 'It is better to earn than to gain'

Description: You gained various skills from the system but earning a skill through your efforts is way better.

Requirements: Obtain a skill, through your efforts, according to the system standards.


1. 200000 dollars;

2. 1000 exp.

3. Decorations for your restaurant in any design you want.]


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