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I am the Entertainment Tycoon Chapter 19 Getting Another Manga

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As Theo got up to take a shower before bed, he remembered something.

'System, draw my lucky ticket' he said in his mind.

[Opening Lucky Draw Roulette…]

Theo saw again the roulette spinning.

Around 1 minute later, it stopped spinning.

[Ding! Congratulations! You received the >]

'I love this manga!' Theo exclaimed as he thought about it.

This manga was about a Demon King and his general being transported to a modern Tokyo and their life as they became normal people without power.

'I guess I will have to make some changes to the story. Making Maou-Sama arrive in Sakura city, the capital of the Sakura Abode Country, instead of Tokyo. And some other changes too.' Theo thought as he entered the shower.

The next day.

Theo was in his office organizing it. His office was big. So, he installed a kitchen in it so that he could start studying cooking techniques in preparation for his restaurant.

When his phone vibrated inside his pocket.

"Boss, I got the schedule for the reform. We need at least 2 weeks to complete everything you asked for with perfect standards." Sayuri said over the phone.

"I understand, I trust you to complete it. I will send 100k to your account for expenses."

"Also, I will send the contact of my employee that manages my business. If you have any doubt, you can consult her." He said over the phone.

Theo hung up the phone and went home.

Tomorrow was the admission exam for Yukihime High School. And he wanted Aurora to relax tonight. He went to the grocery store to buy ingredients for her favorite meal.

As he arrived home, he saw that she was studying in the kitchen.

"Cupcake, you have to relax tonight. I will make your favorite meal and after we eat, we can watch a movie, okay" he said while putting the groceries on the counter.

She bit her lips but agreed nonetheless.

Yesterday Theo answered all the doubts she had on the subject of the exam but she still studied all day today because she was nervous.

'I guess I need to relax' she thought.

They had a great dinner as Theo was becoming an excellent cook. Aurora loved his cooking.

Afterwards, they watched a comedy movie and some silly anime.

Aurora fell asleep on the couch.

Theo looked at her with loving eyes. She looked like a fairy with her perfect body, snow-white skin, and gray hair.

He lifted her and carried her to her room. He tucked her and kissed her forehead.

'It is been a while since I tucked you to sleep, cupcake.' he said in his mind as he silently exited her room.

The next day, they woke up early as usual but today they didn't go training. Today was the admission exam day and Aurora had to be there early. And Theo was taking her to the school.

They arrived at the front of the school.

"Cupcake, relax and do your best. No matter the result I believe you are the most amazing sister I could ever ask for." Theo said as he hugged her and kissed her forehead

Aurora blushed and felt her heart overflowing with love as she melted in his arms.

"I know, brother." she whispered.

'I will pass and help you, brother.' she thought with determination.

Aurora said goodbye and walked into the school with a determination to ace the exam.

Theo went to his office to continue working on his skills as a cook. He even signed for online classes on the subject. He wanted to open a restaurant he dreamed and he wanted to be perfect.

He cooked and studied until it was late afternoon. When he went to pick up Aurora after the end of the exam.

He was waiting at the exit of the school.

And some students that had club work were around it. Some girls were exiting the school talking when they saw the most handsome boy they had ever seen.

He was 1,86m, with lustrous long silver-gray hair that he tied in a ponytail. Mesmerizing silver eyes that were looking at his phone. An angular face that seemed he was an actor. And a body that looked it was made by the gods.

"Oh my goodness… is he a student" one girl asked

"I don't know, you think if I asked his number, he would give me" another girl said

While they were whispering about getting his number. Aurora got out of the school and heard what they said. And instantly she became mad.

She walked to him and pushed him out there.

And when the girls noticed the dreamy boy was gone, they signed in disappointment.

"Why are you pulling me, sis" Theo asked confused.

"Nothing," she said while pouting and looking away.

"Did something happen in the exam Are you okay" he said in a worry

Aurora looked at his brother that was looking at her with worried puppy eyes and instantly felt the guilt of her cold answer.

Her brother would always worry about her first even if that meant he would be hurt.

"Sorry, brother, it is really nothing" she said with the head bowed.

"If you say so then I believe you." he said while pulling her into a hug.

They hugged for a few minutes.

"So, how was the exam" he asked.

"I think I passed!" she exclaimed.

"I always believed in you" he smiled.

That night, they relaxed again as Aurora was tired of today's exam.

The next day, Theo was watching a cooking class in his office when his phone rang. He looked at it and saw it was Aurora.

"Hey, cupcake, what's up" he said.

"Brother, I passed!!!" she shouted over the phone.

Theo froze for a second because of her shout but became happy when understood the shout.

"I am so proud of you, sis!! We have to celebrate. We are going to a restaurant tonight." he said happily.

"Yay I always wanted to eat some traditional Yamato food. Can we eat that, brother" she asked sweetly.

"Anything for you, cupcake." he said lovingly.

Later that day they were exiting their apartment. They looked absolutely stunning. They were extremely beautiful individually and together, they became even more pretty.

They arrived at the restaurant. And Theo said to the greeter that he had a reservation for 2.

It was an excellent restaurant, a little pricy but Theo would only give the best for his sister. The food was delicious and Theo observed it looked like Japanese food of his past life.

It was his first time eating this type of food as he didn't have money to buy in his past life. And he absolutely loved it. Aurora liked it.

It was worth mentioning that their stay in the restaurant was marked with whispers as the other clients thought they were celebrities because they were too pretty.

But Aurora and Theo didn't even notice as they only had eyes to each other and the food they ate.


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