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I am the Entertainment Tycoon Chapter 18 New Missions

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Theo didn't even bat an eye for the money prize anymore. He was more interested in the level-up rewards.

'System, status' he thought as he sat on the chair of his office.


Host: Theodore Gray

Level 5 (0/2000)

Age: 18

Cash: $74500

Net Worth: $770000

Business Companies Owned:

100% Shares – Blue Cloud Coffee Shop ($500000)

90% Shares – Fuji Jump Co. ($300000)


Strength: 18.0

Intelligence: 20

Vitality: 15.1

Charm: 16

Free attribute points: 4

Lucky Draws Tickets: 1


1. Business Management - Level 7 (290/6000): the ability to manage a business to success.

2. Food & Beverages - Level 7 (156/6000): the knowledge to create and make food and drinks to perfection. Host gains knowledge of the secrets behind the Food & Beverage.

3. Grandmaster Fighting Experience of the Myriad of Styles – Level Max: You possess the fighting experience of grandmasters of over a thousand styles of fighting. You have all the knowledge; all you have to do is to practice to be a real grandmaster. (Your training is thousands much faster than a normal person)

4. Arts & Design Knowledge Skill – Level 5 (760/2000): the knowledge on how to draw esthetically and on how to design myriads of projects.


'First, the money I have is pitiful compared with the more than 300k he had but he used that to buy the publishing house and the renting of the new office, he received 50k from the mission but it still is less than I had, but that's okay, in 15 days I get back the money that I spent.'

'Second, the status now shows my net worth. I guess owning more than one company made it appear. Third, my attributes started to slow down the increase. I guess the higher the value, the harder is to increase. I guess after 20, only the free attribute points will make them increase.' Theo thought

'I should increase all of them 20 to see if the same thing that happened when my INT achieved 20 will happen when I hit 20 with the other status.'

'System, assign 2 points to Strength and 2 points to Charm'


'And the first mission… I cannot buy it. I have to build everything. That's interesting." Theo thought as he brainstormed several ideas.

'I could build an Anime Studio but that would take years to accomplish' Theo inwardly said while dismissing the idea.

'I have only one option, of the rest of the doable companies, that makes me feel excited to build with my hands… a restaurant!' Theo thought excitedly.

Theo was thinking of the various possibilities he had and how he would implement them.


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