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I am the Entertainment Tycoon Chapter 5 First Employee

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"I have a proposition for you. I will promote you to be my manager. And you will take care of everything in this shop for me. I will present a business management plan for you and you will put it into practice. And of course, I will raise your salary according to your position" Theo said while looking at Sam's eyes.

She looked at him wide-eyed, not believing he would grant her such an offer. She didn't even have a degree in management, that was the reason she worked as a barista while having knowledge in management.

"Yes! Thank you so much for the opportunity!" she said in emotion.

While not being enough money for her to pay her tuition fees, it was a job in the area that she loved and she felt thankful for the opportunity.

"That's great!" Theo said happily.

'Now I have someone with the knowledge to help me' he thought

"How about we close the shop so I can explain what I plan for the shop" Theo said to her

"Yes, let me do it. We can go to the back. There has a computer where we can do everything" she said while getting up to close the shop.

When they arrived there, Theo started explaining what he had in mind for the shop and they discussed for hours and made a proper management plan on the computer.

Sam's eyes shone with excitement as she knew that such a plan was likely to succeed. The shop would likely have many customers after the reform.

After they discussed everything. Theo moved to the contract of employment of Sam's. He gave her a considerable raise and made her the manager of the shop. After he printed everything, he gave it to her so that she could read the contract and sign it.

After she read it, she signed it without hesitation. It was an opportunity of a lifetime for her.

And she didn't know yet, but this moment would be the moment her life took a crazy turn when her path to become one of the most powerful women on the planet was set in motion.

"Happy cooperation!" he said to her with a smile.

"Happy cooperation!" she also smiled.

After everything, they said goodbye until tomorrow. Because tomorrow would be the first day of the reform of the coffee shop.

As Theo was going home, he passed around a grocery store and he thought 'I could buy something delicious to make for Aurora.'

He got home with the groceries at the same time that Aurora got home too. After they took a shower, they made dinner together while talking to each other about their day.

They had dinner and he slept right after because he was exhausted from all the things he did today.

Theo woke up at 6am and went for a run again. He felt really good while exercising in the morning.

After he got home, he made breakfast but Aurora didn't wake up.

Theo assumed she wasn't going out today. Well, it was the summer vacations and they still had around 2 and half months before the classes so he figured he could let her sleep more.

He got ready to leave for the coffee shop. And as he was going out, he left a message for Aurora saying he was going to work and that he left food in the fridge for her.

The next 3 days were the same.

Theo woke up early in the morning and went for a run. After that he went to the coffee shop and worked on the reform of the restaurant, he spent another 2k on the decoration of the restaurant.

But after 3 days of work, the Blue Cloud Coffee Shop was like a new shop. It had decorations that appealed to the customer.

And it had a new barista that Sam knew could do the job professionally. They were ready for the reopening tomorrow and although they didn't heavily announce.

They still announced around the neighborhood and through social media.

Theo was at home reading about business management as he discovered that he could level up his knowledge through study and that was a relief since he didn't want to depend too much on the system. He managed to level up his knowledge yesterday.

'System, status'


Host: Theodore Gray

Level 1 (0/100)

Age: 18


Strength: 5.2

Intelligence: 14

Vitality: 6.5

Charm: 12


1. Business Management Level 2 (98/300): the ability to manage a business to success.


'My status attributes changed with all the workout I am having in the morning and I am feeling better than ever.'

'I am halfway through leveling BM (Business Management). And I want to level up before I complete my mission so that I can level up to level 4 instead of level 3.'

Theo continued studying at the table as Aurora watched tv on the couch. She looked so beautiful in simple clothes. She was one most beautiful girls he had ever seen.

Her grey hair tied in a ponytail gave her a mature look. Even though her body was undeveloped because she was only 16yo and had the lapse of good nutrition, but she already could be compared to models. She only needed to eat healthier and she would be a full-fledged beauty to shake millions of hearts.


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