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Gu Jingyu grabbed an imitation gun model from the basement.

He dismantled it in front of her and then put it back.


After disassembling, it was placed in front of the little radish.


The little radish blinked in confusion.

What did this uncle want


A little while later, Gu Jingyu did not make any move.

The little radish wanted to play with this uncle.


She was thrilled to crawl towards Gu Jingyu and then smeared saliva on him while doing so.


She also smiled while applying it, looking very happy.


Gu Jingyu’s face instantly darkened.

He had always had a certain level of cleanliness.

When he encountered such a thing, he couldn’t stand it anymore.


He directly pushed the little radish to the side, then rushed to the bathroom and took a shower to change his clothes.


After finishing, he did not approach the little radish again.


It was too small.

It felt like a slight force of the hand, and that life was gone.


In the end, Gu Jingyu sent the little radish to a private childcare center.

He also sent a message to Jack that he could not help.


It was really unexpected that Gu Jingyu, who everyone in the business world aspired to, would fall into the hands of a child.


After Jack found out the news, he rushed back in a hurry.


He held his baby daughter and looked at Gu Jingyu with a mocking face.


He said, “Oh, my goodness, there is still something that can defeat our Great Demon King.

Look at your wretched appearance.

I actually want to laugh a little.”


Gu Jingyu’s face was all black, but he couldn’t refute it.


“Since you’re idle, I’ll leave the company to you.

I need to rest for a while.”


As soon as Jack heard this, his entire face scrunched up.


“No, no, no, no! My baby girl still needs someone to watch over her.

You can’t do that.”


Gu Jingyu coldly curled his mouth.

He couldn’t deal with him.


“I think you can! And I’ve already bought my tickets.

I’ll be leaving later.” After saying that, he stood up directly.

The maid had already sorted out the luggage and handed it to Gu Jingyu.


Jack looked at the departing Gu Jingyu, and his face instantly wrinkled into a bitter gourd.


He did not expect Gu Jingyu to be waiting for him with this kind of baggage.


Gu Jingyu did not leave on a whim this time.

He could feel that his body was running out of time.


He wanted to return to China’s hometown, where Su Hangyu had cherished her life.


Perhaps the original Gu Jingyu thought the same way.


When he arrived in China, he went to bed early to prepare the house and closed his eyes to wait for death.


He felt his consciousness slowly sinking and gradually unable to control his body.

So Gu Jingyu knew that he was really going to die this time.


He had earned a lot of money by living for many decades.


He always knew the blue screen behind him could keep him alive, but Gu Jingyu didn’t want to live.


Although in this world, there really were so many relationships that could make him not feel disappointed.


The news that Gu Jingyu died caused an uproar.


The most common speculation was that Jack was unhappy with Gu Jingyu’s position and had murdered him.


When Jack found out about Gu Jingyu’s death, his whole body was frozen.


How could this happen He was still fooling around with him a few days ago.

How could this happen


Jack hurriedly booked a flight.

He was going to see if this was a fake.


He didn’t believe that Gu Jingyu would leave so suddenly.


Suddenly, a video popped up on his phone: Gu Jingyu.


Jack stared at the phone screen for dear life, staring at the person on it.


“Jack, by the time you see this video, I am dead.

I’ve returned to my mother’s hometown, and the company is in your hands.

I’ve signed the share transfer letter.

Farewell again.

And, I wish you happiness!”


He was not ignorant of Jack’s kindness to him.

It was just that the emotional deficiency disorder prevented him from feeling it.


Perhaps happiness was the best way to live for a normal person like Jack.



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