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I Can Enter The Game Chapter 28 - Relieved! Becoming Someone Elses Child!

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Chapter 28: Relieved! Becoming Someone Elses Child!

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Lin Fen sighed and did not forget to remind Qin Lin, “Remember to let me go when it opens. Ill help you greet the guests.”

Qin Lin immediately said, “Mom, how can I let you serve the guests”

Lin Fen snorted unhappily. “Im not in good health, but Im happy to have my son open for business.”

“Mom, Ill wash the dishes later!” When Qin Lin heard Lin Fens words, he smiled. It was good to have his mother.

After dinner, Qin Lin packed the dishes and went to the kitchen to wash them.

Lin Fen looked at her busy son and sighed again. Her son had been sensible since he was young. He was too worry-free compared to his peers. It was their fault as parents.

After washing the dishes, Qin Lin remembered about the creditors and did not forget to remind her, “Mom, I invited Uncle Ergen and the others over. They should be here soon…”

Lin Fen was stunned. She was about to say something when the doorbell rang. She hurriedly opened the door and looked at the person outside with a bitter expression. “Ergen, youre here”

The other party was the familys creditor. The family owed him 30,000 yuan.

What she was most afraid of now was to see these creditors. Her family really did not have the money to repay them.

“Sister-in-law Lin Fen.” Qin Ergen greeted Lin Fen and asked, “Is Lin Zi back”

“Xiao Lin, your Uncle Ergen is here.” No matter how bitter Lin Fen felt, she could only invite him in.

Back then, she had borrowed money to treat her husband. Although she had not saved him, she could not hide from her creditors. One had to have a conscience.

As soon as she welcomed Qin Ergen in, Lin Fen heard a surprised voice. “Ergen, youre here too”

Qin Ergen greeted the person and smiled. “Dalin, youre here too Your snack bar opened”

“Its still being renovated,” Qin Dalin said with a smile.

As the two of them conversed, someone else came from behind.

“Ergen, Dalin, youre here too.”

“You guys are here too.”

Lin Fen sighed silently. These were all the people who had lent her family money back then. Her son had really invited these people.

People were afraid of creditors coming to their door, but if they owed a debt, they had to welcome them warmly.

She forced a smile and led these people in. She took out a cup and poured water for Qin Ergen and the others.

Qin Ergen and the others filled the small living room. Wang Cai was shocked to see so many people. He quickly got up and ran to the kitchen to look for Qin Lin.

When Qin Lin came out and saw Qin Ergen and the others, he immediately came out to welcome them. “Uncle Ergen, Uncle Dalin…”

He was grateful to these creditors. After all, when his father was diagnosed with cancer, they could still borrow money because they knew that their family might be left with an orphan and a widow.

However, Uncle Ergen and the others still lent them money. This was a huge favor.

The key was that he had graduated more than a year. Everyone knew that it was not easy for them, an orphan and a widow. No one had come to rush for the debt.

Sometimes, he was quite envious of his father. Not everyone could gain such affection.

Or rather, the feelings of the older generation were not present in the new generation.

Modern young people had already been eroded by the pressure of life and exaggerated social values and did not have the spare energy to manage such feelings.

When Qin Ergen saw Qin Lin, he praised him from the bottom of his heart, “Xiao Lin, youre really capable. Youre even more powerful than those juniors from the village.”

Qin Dalin nodded and said, “Xiao Lin has been sensible since he was young. His results are good too. Ill be relieved if our good-for-nothing son is half as sensible as him.”

These words were agreed by the others.

Qin Lin was the only child in the village who had entered a key university. The others were all playful. It was just that Qin Lin was unlucky and his family was in a mess.

Lin Fen was naturally happy to hear others praise her son, but then she sighed. Her son was being dragged down by his family.

Qin Ergen praised Qin Lin and took out an IOU to hand to Lin Fen. “Sister-in-law Lin Fen, look. This is my IOU.”

Qin Dalin also took out his IOU. “This is mine.”

The others took out the IOUs they had brought and placed them on the table.

Since Qin Lin said he wanted to pay them back, they naturally had to bring the IOU.

If the debt was settled, according to ancient logic, the IOU had to be destroyed in person.

Qin Lin was afraid that his mother would be worried, so he hurriedly said, “Mom, I asked Uncle Ergen and the others to come. I earned some money and can pay them back.”

After all, a creditor would not be in a good mood if he came knocking. He immediately sat beside his mother and grabbed her hand to comfort her. Then, he generously picked up the IOUs and said, “Uncle Ergen, Uncle Dalin, you brought your phones, right Ill transfer the money to your bank.”

These words stunned Lin Fen. She looked at her son in disbelief.

At this moment, Qin Ergen and the others also took out their phones.

“Xiao Lin, yes, yes.”

“Who doesnt have a phone now”

“Yes, but can you really return it all once”

Qin Lin did not hesitate. He took the IOUs and checked them one by one. Then, he transferred the money through the bank on his phone. In the blink of an eye, more than 300,000 yuan was transferred. The balance on his card was in danger again!

However, after paying off the money, he was more relaxed. He would treat Uncle Ergen and the others to a meal in a few days. As for this favor, he would slowly repay it in the future.

When Qin Ergen and the others received the transfer message, they all smiled.

Although they had not thought of urging Qin Lin and his mother to return the money, they were still very happy that Qin Lin had returned the money in one go.

Every family had its own difficulties. With this sum of money, it was better to have more money.

Qin Ergen and the others looked at Lin Fen with envy. Although her family was in a mess, she had a good son. It was really enviable.

Qin Lin was amazing. Not only did he not have his parents help, but he also helped his parents repay hundreds of thousands of debts so quickly.

Which parent did not want their son to have this ability

Lin Fen clearly felt this gaze and felt mixed emotions.

Qin Ergen and the others did not disturb them any longer. After praising Qin Lin, they bade farewell.

Qin Lin sent them downstairs and opened the bucket covered in cloth on the tricycle. He gave each of them one of the wild fish he had brought home as a small token of appreciation.

“Xiao Lin, are these wild fish”

Qin Ergen and the others were clearly a little surprised.

“Its a small token. This wild fish is nutritious. Uncles, go back and make some wine to drink.”

“Xiao Lin, why are you being so polite”


Qin Ergen and the others were clearly very happy. This wild fish was not small and was usually very rare.

After Qin Lin sent Qin Ergen and the others away, he picked up the IOUs again. His mother had signed them. He had been there at that time. Now that he had taken them back, he felt a little emotional.

When he arrived at his fathers portrait, he burned all these IOUs to ashes in one go. These debts had once been a mountain that pressed down on him, making him unable to breathe.

Because of the game in his mind, he could finally escape from the quagmire of planting bitterness.

Lin Fen was a little anxious. She asked Qin Lin immediately, “Xiao Lin, tell me honestly, where did you get so much money Did you do something illegal”

This was also what she was most worried about. It did not matter if her son was rich or not. She did not want her son to take the wrong path.

Qin Lin guessed that his mother would be worried and had already made up a reason. “Mom, how could I do something illegal Actually, I caught a wild ornamental fish and sold it for more than 600,000 yuan.”

“After that, I used this money to do wholesale. Previously, I either brought back watermelons or wholesale those watermelons. I earned another sum. Other than investing in the villa, I used the rest of the money to repay my debts.”

This excuse was actually flawed.

He had mixed up the order of fish and wholesale.

“What fish is worth so much” Lin Fen could not believe it.

Qin Lin explained, “Its a wild albino tiger. I dont know whats good about this fish, but rich people like it and spend a lot of money to buy it.”

With that, Qin Lin took out his phone and showed his mother the tax record of his wild ornamental fish.

Lin Fen had no choice but to believe it now. Her face was filled with disbelief. “Theres such an expensive fish Your father must have blessed you to catch this fish.”

A long-lost smile appeared on Lin Fens face as if she had relaxed a lot.

Qin Lin saw the change in his mother and could not help but smile.

“Xiao Lin, then the villa youre busy with isnt a farmhouse that costs 30,000 to 40,000 yuan” Lin Fen reacted and asked.

“Yes, the villa is not small,” Qin Lin said with a nod.

Lin Fen was anxious now and said, “Then hurry up and explain to Moqing. When she came to see me previously, she saw that you didnt tell her about the farmhouse. I thought you had 30,000 to 40,000 yuan farm goods and werent confident, so I told her to wait for you.”

“Moqing is such a good girl. You have to give her something to look forward to. Dont let anyone snatch her away. I only acknowledge her as my daughter-in-law.”

“Huh!” Qin Lin was stunned. He had not said anything because he wanted to give Zhao Moqing a surprise after building the triangular sea of plum blossoms.


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