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Chapter 26: Isnt This Triangular Plum Worth a Lot Repay Your Debt! 1

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The next day.

When Qin Lin woke up, Wang Cai was squatting outside the door, as usual, stretching his head in anticipation of his rub.

Lin Fen had already prepared breakfast for him. “Xiao Lin, why are you being so mysterious these days I went to the shop yesterday and it was closed.”

“Mom, didnt I earn some money from doing wholesale previously I recently established a villa and am handling the procedures. Ill be even busier from tomorrow onwards.” Qin Lin did not hide anything. His mother would find out about this sooner or later.

“Xiao Lin, Ill support you in whatever you want to do. If you dont do well in the villa, the shop can continue to open. If it really doesnt work, I think the shop can still do it.” Lin Fen knew that her son was ambitious. His family was already a burden to him, so she could only support her sons wishes.

The villa her son was talking about probably cost 30,000 to 40,000 yuan to rent a place to decorate the farm, right

After all, his son did not have many funds.

This was also what she was worried about. This was because many people did this, but it would not last long.

“Mom, rest well. Dont worry about me.” Qin Lin was very confident now. He believed that he would make the villa popular.

After breakfast, Wang Cai took the opportunity to follow him out.

Qin Lin picked the ripe okra in the morning and sent it to the RT-Mart. He waited until the afternoon before the game scene in his mind reminded him that the 6 plots of triangular plum were ripe.

Qin Lin immediately controlled the game character to arrive in front of the six plots of land. Indeed, there was a notification that it could be plucked.

He chose different colors for six plots, so the color of the triangular plums in each plot was different. There were about 25 stalks.

He controlled the game character to pick them and finally obtained a total of 153 ordinary ornamental triangular plums.

Then, Qin Lin controlled the game character to enter the seed shop in Ore Town to buy a new ordinary triangular plum seedling (group) and plant it again.

After that, he headed to the warehouse again.

When Qin Lin arrived at the warehouse, he instructed Wang Cai, who had jumped out of the car, “Wang Cai, watch outside.”

“Woof!” Wang Cai responded to the order and wandered back and forth at the door as if it was patrolling.

Qin Lin then closed the warehouse door and entered the game.

After entering the courtyard where the triangular plums were stored, other than the 25 ornamental-type triangular plums, there were 153 ordinary ornamental-type triangular plums in the courtyard.

When these triangular plums were placed together, they seemed to be a sea of flowers. They were beautiful, fragrant, and abnormally dazzling.

Qin Lin went forward and touched an ordinary-looking triangular plum plant. He saw the note:

[Yellow flower type ornamental triangular plum plant: Quality 1]

[This is a special species of ornamental triangular plum. Its 60 centimeters tall, 70 centimeters in the crown, and 4 centimeters on top of its head. Its a game product and is very beautiful. It has a higher ornamental value than ordinary plants of the same type. Furthermore, its easy to transplant. It blossoms all year!]

[Game product: Gorgeous 2, Viewability 2, Attraction 2, Feeling Good 2, Entering the Mirror 2, Transplantation Life Rate 2!]

He looked at the others. Other than the different colors, the notes were the same.

This ordinary ornamental triangular plum was clearly much worse than the seven-colored symbiosis. Not only was it in appearance, but it was also only of Quality 1.

However, a game product was still more entertaining than a similar plant. That 1 increase was not a joke.

In addition, it was easy to transplant and bloom all year round. It was the same as the seven-colored symbiotic flower.

Then, Qin Lin went forward and touched these triangular plum plants. With a thought, a triangular plum followed him into reality.

After repeatedly entering and exiting the game, he spent some time moving all these plants out of the game.

However, now that this thing had been moved out of the game, how to transport it to the villa was a problem.

His lousy car could not transport this thing. He could not carry the seven-colored, symbiotic, and ornamental triangular plum stalk of Quality 2.

Qin Lin could only take out his phone to contact a special transport team. There was a special transport company in the logistics park.

He had memorized phone numbers in the past.

He was transporting them for a short distance. He had to call a special transport team for these 178 triangular plums. The starting price of each car was 85 yuan, and then it was calculated at 5 yuan per kilometer.

After Qin Lin contacted the transport team, he added them on WeChat and sent them a deposit and location. Soon, a convoy arrived.

The area in front of the warehouse was not big. Coupled with the transportation tools, the trucks could only be loaded one by one.

“Is Mr. Qin transporting these triangular plums” The supervisor leading the team was called Zhao Liyuan.

When he looked at the triangular plums in the warehouse, he revealed a surprised expression.

These triangular plums were too beautiful and mesmerizing.

It was not that he had not seen the triangular plum blossoms before. He had even been to the triangular plum blossoms sea in Xia City. However, compared to the ones in front of him, it seemed like the ones in Xia City were far inferior.

He was attracted the moment he came in. Furthermore, these triangular plums were very comforting to look at.

This was naturally the effect of the games attributes.

“Mr. Qin, is your villa going to have a triangular plum blossom sea” Zhao Liyuan said as he subconsciously took out his phone to take a photo. However, he realized that the triangular plum blossom was surprisingly beautiful on camera. The feeling of taking a photo was different.

This was naturally the effect of the entry attribute!

“Thats right. I want to make a triangular plum blossom sea!” Qin Lin nodded.

“Then Ill definitely bring my wife to take a look!” Zhao Liyuan immediately made a decision. Just this alone gave people this feeling. If it really formed a sea of flowers, how beautiful would it be Just thinking about it made one know that it was beautiful scenery to enjoy.

His wife would definitely like that beautiful scenery too.

The transport team also began to move. They had special starting tools to move those triangular plums to the car.

Zhao Liyuan put down his phone and lit a cigarette for himself. He asked, “Mr. Qin, these triangular plums are very beautiful, especially those with many colors. They shouldnt be cheap, right”

Qin Lin nodded and said, “Yes, just look at the color. A three-colored one is more than 3,000 yuan, and a five-colored one is more than 5,000 yuan. My seven-colored one is very rare. Its difficult to determine the price!”

“Ahem… Ahem!” Zhao Liyuan had just taken a puff when he heard the price. He hurriedly said to the employees, “Be careful. Be gentle. Dont hit these triangular plums.”

No kidding. A five-colored one was more than 5,000 yuan. How expensive was a seven-colored one

Just the 25 stalks were astronomical. Those short ones should not be cheap.

How much was their transportation fee

If they accidentally broke one, their transportation fees would not be enough to compensate.

After spending some time loading all these triangular plums into the car, the convoy set off for the villa.

Qin Lin also set off with the transport car. He was in a good mood and began to look forward to the triangular sea of flowers he was about to build.

However, there was something he had to settle.

His family still owed a lot of foreign debts. The online contract he had signed for 10,000 ordinary triangular plums had only paid a deposit. The money on his card was still enough to repay his debts!


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