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I Can Enter The Game Chapter 18 - Eat Whatever Others Cant Buy! 1

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Chapter 18: Eat Whatever Others Cant Buy! 1

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After dinner.

Qin Lin entered the game and took out the 31-catty Quality 2 wild grass carp.

When visiting someone elses house, he had to bring some gifts. Qin Rens father had high blood pressure. This quality 2 wild grass carp had a -2 effect on high blood pressure.

It was a little strenuous to grab a 31-catty fish, and it was very slippery. When Qin Lin passed through the fish rope and picked it up, the fish was still struggling. Most importantly, it was so strong that it almost fell out of his hand.

Fortunately, after a moment of stalemate, the fish lost its strength and could only open its mouth and let itself be controlled.

Qin Rens house was the residence of a top scholar. The position was good, but it was not in the center of the city. When he arrived at Qin Rens house, there were still four people inside. Qin Rens parents, Uncle Shuigen, and Auntie Shuigen, as well as two young girls.

One of the girls was Qin Rens girlfriend, Liao Li, a nurse from the county hospital. She had actually lived with Qin Ren long ago.

As for the other girl, she should be Liao Lis best friend or relative.

“Xiao Lin, youre here” Qin Shuigen was clearly in a good mood. After all, his son was about to get engaged. However, the next moment, his gaze was attracted by the big fish in Qin Lins hand.

Or rather, as soon as Qin Lin entered, everyones gaze was attracted by the 31-catty grass carp.

Ordinary people rarely saw such a big grass carp.

Qin Lin held the fish. The entire fish head had to be above his waist, or the fishtail would scrape the ground.

Qin Ren ran forward in surprise. “Damn, Lin Zi, where did you get such a big item”

Qin Lin handed the grass carp to Qin Ren and said, “This is good for high blood pressure. Its for Uncle Shuigen.”

Qin Ren could not help but gesture with the fish. Even Liao Li and the girl could not help but take photos of the fish with their phones.

This fish was clearly qualified to show off on their social media platforms.

“Huh!” Qin Shuigen suddenly exclaimed. He looked at the fish carefully and said in surprise, “Xiao Lin, is this a wild grass carp”

“Yes, Uncle Shuigen!” Qin Lin nodded and said, “I was lucky to catch this one and sent it to you.”

When Qin Ren heard this, he immediately said, “Lin Zi, did you catch this fish Youre not good enough. You didnt even bring me to play with such a big fish. Remember to call me for such an event next time.”

Qin Shuigen frowned and said, “Child, why did you give me such an expensive thing You cant even buy such a wild item with money. Take it back.”

“Uncle Shuigen, how can you take back a gift thats sent to your door” Qin Lin shook his head and quickly changed the topic. “Uncle Shuigen, I came here for something else today. When my father was sick, he borrowed 50,000 yuan from your family. Now that Qin Ren is getting engaged, Ill return the money.”

“Xiao Lin, where did you get so much money” Qin Shuigen frowned again and said, “We already have the money for Xiao Rens engagement. You dont have to be in a hurry to repay the money.”

However, as he spoke, Qin Lin had already taken out his phone and used WeChat to transfer the 50,000 yuan to Qin Ren. At the same time, he said, “Uncle Shuigen, isnt it only right to repay a debt If I have money, I naturally have to repay it first.”

“Dad!” Qin Ren handed his phone to Qin Shuigen helplessly.

When Qin Shuigen saw this, he could only sigh. He went in and found an IOU before handing it to Qin Lin. “Xiao Lin, youll be successful. No one in the village is more sensible than you.”

Auntie Shuigen was also very touched. “Xiao Lin, youre so sensible that its enviable. If Xiao Ren is half as sensible as you, we can worry less.”

“Mom, how am I insensible” Qin Ren asked, clearly unconvinced.

“Go away,” Auntie Shuigen said unhappily.

This scene made the two girls laugh.

Qin Lin was stunned for a moment. He drank a cup of tea and asked if Qin Ren needed help with his engagement. Then, he bade farewell and left. Qin Ren and his parents sent him out.

In the house, the girl asked Liao Li softly, “Xiao Li, your friend seems like a good catch. Hes not bad-looking either. Why dont we push WeChat to get to know each other”

She seemed to be interested in Qin Lin after hearing the two elders praise.

How could Liao Li not understand her cousins thoughts She whispered, “His name is Qin Lin. Hes a very good person, but his familys situation isnt good. He doesnt have a car or a house. He might not even have any savings with this 50,000 yuan. Na Na, have you thought it through Do you really want his WeChat”

“Xiao Li, I was joking with you. You took it seriously.” Chu Na immediately laughed when she heard Liao Lis words.

What a joke. She was already past the stage of love where she did not care about material things, okay

She was not bad. Her looks were only basic. If the other party lacked some additional conditions, she would not be stupid enough to hit on him.

Liao Li could not help but roll her eyes at her cousin. This woman deserved to be a leftover.

A moment later, Qin Ren and his parents returned.

Qin Shuigen did not forget to instruct Qin Ren, “Dont tell anyone that Xiao Lin was here to return the money.”

“Dad, I know!” Qin Ren nodded.

The father and son knew why Qin Lin was here to repay the money. He must know that their family was short of money for the engagement. He might have even taken out his savings for this 50,000 yuan.

However, Qin Lins family still owed others money. If others knew that he had returned 50,000 yuan in one go, someone would definitely go to his house to nag.

Qin Ren continued, “Dad, since Lin Zi brought the fish over, Ill cook some for you tonight and drink some wine to sleep.”

Qin Shuigen rolled his eyes at his son. How could he not know that he was greedy for good food However, he nodded.

He had really never eaten such a big wild fish.

Late at night, after a pot of fish soup was stewed, Qin Rens family felt comfortable and warm all over after eating.

When she woke up the next day, Qin Shuigen felt even more incredulous. Usually, she would have a headache and feel dizzy because of high blood pressure. This morning, she felt much more relaxed and was in better spirits.

Qin Lin got up as usual to harvest strawberries and okra before sending them to the RT-Mart. In the afternoon, he tried to control his game character to go fishing by the river and realized that he could successfully fish again.

In an afternoon, he had harvested 34 fish again. They were also wild basses, wild grass carps, and wild black carps. Furthermore, there were also more than 10 catties of Quality 2 basses, more than 20 catties of quality 2 grass carps, and 2 black carps.

This also allowed him to understand the rules. It seemed like those who reached the size standard were all Quality 2, while the others were Grade 1.

In the evening, the strawberries and okra were delivered again. He earned another 38,216 yuan a day.

For the next three days, he entered the cycle of planting strawberries, okra, and fishing.

Furthermore, Qin Lin had also confirmed it over the past three days. Fishing by the river would refresh every afternoon, and he could fish. There were 30 to 40 fish, and then there would be a notification that there were no fish in the river.

Including the fish he had caught in the past two days, there were a total of 168 fish.

Among them, there were nine fishes that were more than Quality 210 catties, four fishes that were more than 20 catties, and six fishes that were more than 30 catties.

He did not deal with these wild fishes for the time being. The fishes he wanted to produce were all alive and wild. It was troublesome to send them away. He planned to save more first.

When the time came, he would go out in one go and see if he could continue to look for Manager Chen or go to the seafood market.

However, after three days, the strawberries and okra brought him 113,648 yuan again. In three days, his income was almost 120,000 yuan.

Even if he returned 50,000 yuan to Qin Rens family, he still had more than 410,000 yuan in his card.

This was money he had earned in a short time.

As the sun set, Qin Lin brought home another 11 catties of Quality 2 wild basses.

The fishes in the river could be refreshed in the afternoon. This Quality 2 wild goods would not run out. Others could not buy it with money, but he could eat it whenever he wanted.

“Another big wild bass” Lin Fen looked at the fish in her sons hand in surprise.

How could she not be surprised

This was the third one her son had brought back these past few days.

Such a big wild bass could not be bought even if she wanted to. No matter how rich she was, it would be a waste if no one could catch it. However, she had been eating it every day these past few days.

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Mom, this is easy to get. I wont lack it in the future!”

“” Lin Fen was not sure if what her son said was true.

Who would dare to say that it was easy to get such a wild item

Logically speaking, his son was definitely bragging, but he did bring them home one after another.


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