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I Can Enter The Game Chapter 16 - New Function! Quality 2 Wild Fish! 1

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Chapter 16:

New Function! Quality 2 Wild Fish! 1

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When he returned to the market, Qin Lin opened the shutter door. The black dog barked and ran to his feet to welcome him.

“Lets go. Ill bring you home.” Qin Lin took two bags of dog food and walked out with the dog leash.

“Woof!” The black dog seemed to understand and was a little excited.

When he arrived at the electric car, he was feeling vexed about how to get the dog to cooperate with him and get into the car when he saw the dog suddenly stand at the electric cars step. Its legs were upright, and its front legs were placed on the front of the car. It did not forget to whine at him as if it was reminding him to hurry up.

Qin Lin had seen a certain short video previously. Some dogs seemed to have become spirits. He thought that the video was man-made, but now, he believed that some dogs had really become spirits.

Riding on the electric scooter, Qin Lin brought this new member of the family home.

“Woof, woof!”

When Qin Lin arrived at his house and opened the door with the key, the black dog barked even more happily.

“Xiao Lin, why did you bring a dog back” Lin Fen looked at the black dog that had entered and asked curiously.

“Mom, its a long story…” Qin Lin told her about the black dog. “So, I adopted it now.”

When Lin Fen heard Qin Lins words, she squatted down and touched the black dogs head. The black dog cooperated and reached out its head, even licking Lin Fens palm.

“How smart!” Lin Fen could not help but praise. She then said to Qin Lin, “Xiao Lin, then raise it well. As the saying goes, pigs bring poverty, and dogs bring Wang Cai. This dog might be for our God of Wang Cai. By the way, whats its name”

“Name I dont know yet!” Qin Lin also felt that he had adopted this dog and should give it a name. He said, “Since youre here to give me Wang Cai, then call it Wang Cai!”

“Then lets call it Wang Cai!” Lin Fen smiled and called it, “Wang Cai!”

When the black dog heard Lin Fen call it, it was clearly a little stunned. However, this dog was smart. It seemed to have realized that she was calling it and immediately barked in response.

After dinner, Qin Lin found a pot and poured dog food for Wang Cai. Lin Fen also found a paper box and opened it for Wang Cai to sleep in. The house was small, so this was the only way.

When he returned to his room, Qin Lin saw that the grass in the game had grown again and cleaned it up. Then, he chatted with Zhao Moqing on WeChat and told her about Wang Cai.

The next day, Qin Lin woke up and looked at the game in his mind immediately. He put away the ripe strawberries and okra and planted new seeds.

When he opened the door, he saw that Wang Cai was already squatting outside his door. When it saw him, it whimpered and ran over to rub his leg.

“It woke up early in the morning and squatted at your door, but its very sensible. It didnt even bark.” Lin Fen came out with porridge and praised Wang Cai.

Qin Lin smiled and touched Wang Cais head.

This dog was really good at stirring up trouble.

After eating two bowls of porridge, Qin Lin greeted his mother and prepared to go to the warehouse to retrieve the goods.

“Woof, woof!”

Wang Cai whimpered and ran out the door. It even bit the dog chain and reached out to his hand, as if it was telling him not to leave it behind.

Qin Lin originally wanted to leave the dog at home, but when he saw this, he could only hold the dog leash and bring it out.

He rode the scooter to the market and changed into a three-wheeled truck. He placed Wang Cai in the truck and headed to the warehouse.

As soon as he arrived at the warehouse and locked the door, he entered the game with a thought and disappeared.

“Woof!” Wang Cai looked at the place where he had disappeared and stood up. He ran over suddenly and turned around anxiously and frantically, using his legs to pull at the ground where he had disappeared.

When Qin Lin came out with a basket of strawberries, the dog took two steps back in shock. Seeing that Qin Lin was about to pounce on him excitedly, Qin Lin had already put down the basket and disappeared again.

After two or three times, the dog seemed to be stunned.

After taking out this batch of strawberries and okra from the game and moving them into the car, Qin Lin brought the dog to the RT-Mart to deliver the goods.

Two hours had passed since he finished his work.

After lunch, Zhao Moqing came over. Last night, she had talked about the dog on WeChat and specially came over to see Wang Cai.

Qin Lin went forward to welcome her immediately and hugged her to kiss her.

When Wang Cai saw this scene, it seemed to understand something. It felt like it had to show some affection, so it ran to Zhao Moqings feet and rubbed against her leg.

“Qin Lin, is it Wang Cai” Zhao Moqing squatted down in surprise and hugged the dogs neck.

Wang Cai whined at Zhao Moqing, acting cute to curry favor.

Zhao Moqing looked at the dog and could not help but take out her phone to take a selfie with it.

Wang Cai actually grinned and leaned forward, as if it was cooperating with Zhao Moqing.

What surprised Zhao Moqing even more was that the dog could cooperate with her in a few poses. This made her smile like a flower. “Qin Lin, Wang Cai is so smart. I like it too much.”

Qin Lin looked at this scene in surprise.

Dogs definitely would not know this, unless someone had often asked it to cooperate with photos in the past.

This dog should really be intelligent. It seemed to know how to please the people around him, from his mother to Zhao Moqing.

Zhao Moqing teased Wang Cai for a while and instructed Qin Lin to take good care of it before leaving for work.

Clearly, she had also fallen for this dog in a short time.

Qin Lin lay down on the recliner and controlled the game character to walk around the game map to see if any game missions had been triggered.

However, the mission was not triggered. When the game character returned to the ranch, he suddenly saw a person and a conversation appear in front of him.

Was this the plot

Qin Lin immediately controlled the game character to talk to the other party with his mind. Only then did he know that this person was called Zach, the receiver of the game.

Zach: Because the fruits and vegetables sold by the game characters promote the economy of Ore Town, I hope you will work harder.

Zach also sent a fishing rod and a bag of bait, telling him that he could fish by the river. There were many wild fish markets in the river that was very popular.

In the game, after Zach left, Qin Lin also realized that there was an additional fishing rod and a bag of bait in the game characters toolbox.

This was a new function!

Qin Lin knew where the river was and immediately controlled his game character to go to the river across the pasture.

He took the bait and threw out the fish hook. Then, he waited.

After a while, he received a game notification. A fish had taken the bait. He immediately controlled the game character to pull the hook. A moment later, a fish was pulled up.

He controlled the game character to untie the fish and send it to the storage room. He received a notification:

[You have caught a wild bass (Quality 2)!]

Qin Lin knew about the wild bass. It was considered very famous for its nourishment. For example, his mother was weak, but the bass was very nutritious. Not only could it replenish protein, but it was also effective for strengthening the spleen, moisturizing, and blood circulation.

He often bought bass to nourish his mothers body, and ordinary wild bass could be sold for 30 yuan per catty.

However, what surprised Qin Lin was that this random wild bass was of Quality 2

During this period of time, he also understood that normal things had no quality. Quality 1 was already one level higher than normal things. Quality 2 was equivalent to two levels higher, and they all had 2 attributes.

The things produced in the game were at least Quality 1.

He immediately entered the small toilet in the shop and entered the game.

Other than the facilities for storing fruits and vegetables, there were also a few pools in the game storage room. Clearly, they were used to store water. At this moment, one of the pools was already filled with water, and a fish was swimming in it.

Qin Lin picked up the net beside him and saw the notes.

[Wild bass: Quality 2 (10 catties)]

[Remarks: This is a pure wild bass. Its a big fish. Theres no pollution from the game.

Rich protein 2, easy to digest and absorb 2, healthy spleen moistness 2, active blood circulation 2, appetizer 2, delicacy 2, delicious meat 2, taste 2.]

This series of 2 made Qin Lin happy. This could be used to nourish his mother.

Furthermore, this one had grown to a magical 10 catties.

It took at least three years for a bass to grow more than five catties, and it took even longer for a wild bass. Wild bass above ten catties was almost rare. Because of environmental pollution and manual hunting, two or three catties on the market were considered big. The common ones were even less than one catty.

He had seen a news article about a wild fishing competition. An 11.5 catty wild bass king was sold for more than 200 yuan per catty.

He had caught 10 catties of pure wild bass, and it was even of Quality 2. It was a really big fish that others could not buy even if they had money.

The game was awesome!

Qin Lin was a little excited to catch such a big fish.

He exited the game and controlled his character to fish by the river again. Not long after, another fish took the bait.

[You have caught a wild bass (Quality 1)!]


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