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At this time, he had his back to the water ghost.

It was impossible to see his expression at all as he still self-imposed his willpower:

“Come on, youre fearless.

You really want to go to the place where you soared right now in order to take the first step in life.

You wish!

Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to turn around as he was afraid to be discovered of any abnormality.

However, he used high-powered strength to kick back without any concern.

With all his strength, the kick struck out like a dragon tail.

The water ghost did not expect that the young man in front of him would be able to learn the principles of the Holy Emperor Dragons power in such a short period of time and react.

His abdomen was kicked through by Xu Xiaoshous sword-liked foot!


His clothes were torn and water splashed.

The water ghost lowered his head in disbelief and looked at the large hole in his abdomen that had turned into a whirlpool of water.

It was recovering at a breakneck speed.

“A kick without any spiritual source can break my natural defense”

The water ghost was speechless.

He quickly remembered that this was the Sovereign Physique.

However, how could the Sovereign Physique give him such power

The piercing pain like a stabbed wound from a sharp sword proved that the attack that came from Xu Xiaoshou was just the Water-type Upanishad, which could be ignored.

However, he was just a Master!

Could a Master cause damage to the higher void of Water-type Upanishad


The water ghost thought of the word Cen Qiaofu had given him.

He suddenly thought that probably when Cen Qiaofu and Xu Xiaoshou met, the latter was just an ordinary hedgehog.

And right now, this young man had been mutated into a steel-spiny liked hyena that was about to release its wild nature.

If he actually developed, he would be untouchable!

“Good lord…” the water ghost was angry yet amused.

“You are putting up with stubborn resistance, arent you I already said that it depends on luck.

Why dont you just obediently go down, instead of forcing me to take action”

He could no longer contain himself and pointed at Xu Xiaoshous suddenly turned body.

“Deep blue!”

With a gushing sound, a drop of deep blue water shot out from the water ghosts fingertip.

It pierced through Xu Xiaoshous chest and deeply shot into the sea of clouds on Lone Cliff.

“Attacked, passive points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou grunted and subconsciously clutched his chest as if he was about to suffocate.

He felt that the thing he faced just now was not a water droplet, but a vast ocean that had been compressed into a water droplet!

Even with the force of the entire ocean striking over, the water ghost was able to control the power perfectly.

The sharp pain only lasted for a second, while the impact of the enormous force remained.

However, this despairful impact caused Xu Xiaoshou who had passive skills turn into a paper body, which his defense was instantly pierced through.

That tremendous force even pierced through his chest and flew his body straight into the sea of clouds on the Lone Cliff.

“Go, grow faster.

I am looking forward to the next time we meet… You can have the revenge.” The water ghost smirked under that Golden Mask.

It seemed to enjoy the sense of watching that young man being flown by its attack.

F*ck you… Xu Xiaoshou really wanted to curse, but the Holy Emperor Dragon between his teeth prevented him from doing so.

After knowing that it was the Lone Cliff beneath him, which was the Spell Forbidden Barrier, he was terrified.

He restrained his entire spiritual source from preventing the Spell Forbidden Barrier from being triggered.

But the water ghost didnt give him a chance.

The dark blue water droplets that shot out from its fingertip suddenly lit up in the sea of clouds.

The light was very weak, only a tiny glimpse.

The power of spiritual quality was weak too, with only a tiny wisp.

But that was enough.

Xu Xiaoshou despairingly realized that the water ghost was purely here to disgust him.

It used that dark blue water droplet to trigger the Spell Forbidden Barrier.


A burst of dazzling light and a sense of weightlessness invaded.

In the sea of clouds on the Lone Cliff, there was no trace of livelihood.

Only an inarticulate curse lingering around:

“Bastard, you will give birth to a child who has no butthole!”

Water ghost smiled as he watched Xu Xiaoshou fall off the cliff.

He thought of a word, “Karma” as he had witnessed Xu Xiaoshou kick the Night Guardian off the cliff.

And for the curse…

“Im sorry to disappoint you.

I already have a son.

Theres a high chance that Ill have only one son in my life.

I am not having another child.” The water ghost shook its head and laughed.

He shoved the Golden Mask and turned his back to the sea of clouds.

He suddenly felt depressed and watched the ruined scenery in front of him.

It was like looking at a future path that had no sense of direction.

By taking a step forward, the Water Ghost stopped and looked up to the sky.

“Ive completed the mission for you.

There will be more troubles afterward but I will help you take care of them.”

“At the end of the day, what answer will you give me Bazhunan…”

The Si river.

There was no sea in the Yunlun Mountain Range, not even in the Land Realm near Dongtianwang City.

The only thing that was close to the sea was a 1000 ft wide Si river, which was sparsely inhabited and cascading throughout the year.

While the endless strife happened in the Yunlun Mountain Range, two tranquil figures were silently sitting on the big rocks by the Si river.

Bazhunan had his hair hung down loosely.

Despite his disheveled appearance, his face seemed to be freshly washed.

The aged yet chiseled face with pretty decent edges gave him a perfect image, except for that lackluster eyes.

Since then, thousands of young ladies had fall head over heels over this face.

The wild tempestuous Si river was cascading at every moment.

Bazhunan sat quietly on the big rock with a fishing rod tightly gripped in his hand.

The cork that floated on the surface of the river was repeatedly carried away by the waves.

He pulled it back every time with great effort.

On another big rock nearby, the storyteller held the fishing rod steadily and tilted his head to keep an eye on this entire scene.

He felt that there would be an unknown corpse floating on the Si river once he was distracted.

He had advised many times.

The storyteller had stopped talking about the safety issues and asked worriedly, “Brother, will Xu Xiaoshou end up dead if you play this way”

“Not necessary.

Hes very tenacious.”

Bazhunan replied emotionlessly and in fact was tense up on his neck, “Just like this fishing rod, the river of fate cascading.

If nobody guided his direction, he would have died long ago.

By that time, that old mate would blame me if he survived.”

The storyteller glared back at the motionless fishing rod in his hand and whispered in his heart, “Its because you were too weak to hold it tight.

The fishing rod shouldnt take the blame.

It didnt wish to die young either.”

After thought, the storyteller said, “Arent you afraid that Xu Xiaoshou will hold a grudge against you for this He almost died this time.

It was Rao Yaoyao!”

Bazhunan was still focused on fighting the pulling force of the fishing rod, he answered without looking back, “Unlikely, the water ghost has been watching.

Although he said that he would not bother, he couldnt possibly allow any accident to happen under his responsibility.

If the worst happened, didnt you make two Spirit Talismans I will help.”

Can you help You couldnt even hold on to the fishing rod… The storyteller was secretly ridiculed.

He stared at the fishing rod and suddenly asked, “What do you think we are doing here Can we actually catch fish in this Si river”

“Theyll come,” Bazhunan glanced at him and said impliedly.

The howling wind sound came from behind at this juncture, the storyteller stood up alertly and landed next to Bazhunan with a swish.

He looked up.

The person who came was an old man dressed in white cloth.

He had a gentle and refined temperament.

He held a paper fan in his hand.

His gaze was warm-hearted and his behavior was like the gentle breeze in spring.

“After fishing at Yunlun, you come here to fish by the Si river.

It seems that the old man has no choice but to take the bait today,” the white-clothed elders delightedly said.

“Hes finally here…”

After hearing this, Bazhunan immediately released the fishing rod and let it drift away.

He stood up and hid his red hands due to the exertion behind his back.

His temperament suddenly refined.

He said with his head held high, “The mighty river flows eastward, no restraint.

Since master is not a fish, how can you take the bait”

The storyteller was surprised.

Since Bazhunan addressed this person as “Master”, he greatly respected the person who came.

Who was he

As he thought of this, he saw Bazhunan nod gently at the person who came and said with a smile, “Junior greeting Master Siren.”


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