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In fact, Lin Rui had just come out of the Bifrost transport and had noticed the two Spaceships that had crashed inside Asgard Palace.

But he did not go there at once.

Instead, he chose to help Thor guard the smashed gate.

Because, although Lin Rui knows the original plot in which the Dark Elves break into Asgard palace and kills Thor’s mother and Odin’s wife.

But that was because Loki put the Dark Elves in there on purpose and Odin didn’t show up at all, and Frigga didn’t have much of a bodyguard.

It’s different now, the plot has been completely changed, Loki is not in Asgard at all, and no one is showing the way to Dark Elves.

And Odin should be fine.

If his wife is really in danger then Lin Rui doesn’t believe that he really won’t take action.

The most important point is that Lin Rui does not know whether Asgard can save Jane Foster.

However, Malekith, the Dark Elf leader, surely knows how to extract Aether from the human body.

Therefore, Lin Rui is also gambling.

He is betting that Malekith can break into the palace and meet Jane Foster, but he won’t be able to hurt Jane Foster or Frigga.

If they are lucky, Odin would appear when Malekith finally finds Jane and discovers the Aether.

Then Odin would defeat Malekith and order him to take the Aether out of Jane’s body.

Of course, all this is the most perfect ending in Lin Rui’s mind.

There are also many imperfect endings, such as the fact that the guards in Asgard Palace would not be able to stop the Dark Elves and let them hurt Jane and Frigga. 

And Odin could be in a really bad state, so he wouldn’t make a move in this situation.

Then, Lin Rui might have to use his last resort.

Pū Pū Pū!

“Hoo! I hope it won’t come to that!” Lin Rui silently thought in his heart as he attacked another Dark Elf in front of him.

Afterward, Lin Rui saw that Asgard’s team, led by Thor, had finally intercepted the Dark Elfs as well.

Together with the team chasing after them from the heart of the battlefield, they were going to kill all these crazy Dark Elves!

Pū Pū Pū!

Then scuffles broke out again, more violently than before.

All Dark Elf warriors are doubled in strength, putting a lot of pressure on Asgardians.

Except for Lin Rui, the Big Four, and a few Elite fighters, the rest of the warriors can only work with numbers to block the Dark Elf’s charge.

In this way, Lin Rui has fully adapted to his suddenly enhanced physique and strength.

Many times, when Lin Rui was besieged by multiple Dark Elves, he couldn’t dodge all the attacks and had to block them with his body.

However, those attacks that could deal a lot of damage to Lin Rui in the past only left minor injuries now.

Pū Scoff!

“This was really a blessing in disguise! Now I don’t have to use any other defenses such as the Phantom Suit or the Guardian Talisman, my body is strong enough.

I don’t know what will happen if I fight Hulk again now.” Lin Rui simply glanced at the small wound on his arm and thought triumphantly.

But Lin Rui didn’t notice something.

While these crazy Dark Elf fighters aren’t as high level and their damage to him is low, these small injuries have accumulated so much, and there is already a lot of dark energy in Lin Rui’s body.

Although it is not fatal, it was enough to make Lin Rui feel bad after the battle.

As a result, none of the Dark Elfs from the outer battlefields burst through the shattered Asgard palace gates, with Lin Rui and Thor trying to stop them.

As for the two Dark Elf Spaceships that crashed inside the palace, Thor hasn’t received any bad news.

Da Da Da~

While the battle continued outside Asgard palace gates, Thor’s guard’s team quickly surrounded the two Dark Elf Spaceships which had crashed inside the palace.

Although the destruction of both Spaceships was high, the guards were not careless, each holding their weapons tightly at any gap that might allow the enemy to escape.



While the guard team was surrounding the Spaceships, sparks and electric light spurted out from time to time from the location of the Spaceships.

It seems that the situation inside Spaceship is very bad indeed.


When the guard team had raced around the outside of the Spaceship twice to start some in-depth testing, a sound different from the normal situation suddenly came from the Spaceship that had fallen closer to the inside of the palace. 

The sound immediately caught the attention of the guard team, and their weapons were instantly raised and aimed at the location where the sound was made.

Ka Ka Ka ~


The sound continued to come out, and then at a loud bang, a thick black deck suddenly flew out from the location where the sound came from.

Pū Pū Pū!

The team of guards who didn’t have time to react were directly smashed by this black deck and several were sent flying, while the rest all aimed their weapons at the hole that was exposed enough for people to come out because the deck flew out.

Shoo, shoo shoo!

As they stood at attention, many broken pieces of iron and various Spaceship scraps flew out of that hole once again.

However, the already prepared guard team was not likely to be hit again, and each of them dodged nimbly. 

At the same time, they have also been ready to strike at any time, anyway Thor’s order is to kill anything that comes out of the Spaceships and they do not have to think too much.

It looked as if everything that could be used had been thrown away, and the creature that had been hiding in that hole was finally ready to come out, but it was no ordinary enemy.


The next moment, a tall Dark Elf Elite warrior over two meters tall wearing exaggerated bone armor slammed open the hole that was a little too small for him and rushed out.

“Attack!” The Guards also attacked when they saw the apparently formidable Dark Elf warriors in front of them.

Pū Pū Pū!

In this instant, dozens of energy beams shot this large Dark Elf Elite warrior who had just come out.

Not only that, but several miniature bomb-like weapons rolled under his feet.



At this moment, the Dark Elf Elite warrior who had only just rushed out was already covered by various attacks on all fronts and was even more directly engulfed in the shockwave of several chain explosions.

“Is it dead He should be an Elite Soldier!” One of the Guards asked nervously as he looked at the destruction in front of him.


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