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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 9 Giving Up And Self Improvement

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Chapter 9 Giving Up And Self Improvement

“Hey! Jackson! Whats wrong with you!” When Lin Rui and Tom arrived at school, Peter found something wrong with him and asked curiously.

“Er… Nothing. Lin Rui sat down in his seat and took off his mask. There was no need to hide it too much when he came to school.

“Ha! Are you going to be a vigilante at night Being beaten like this!” When he saw the black bruises on Lin Ruis face, Peter immediately became interested.

“Yeah! I am a good student at school during the day and I become a street hero at night!” Lin Rui replied earnestly to Peters words.

“Uh huh! I dont know if youre going to be a hero in the evening, but youre not really a good student in the daytime. Have you forgotten that you almost slept through the whole day yesterday Behind Peter, Harry asked with a laugh.

“Thats because I was tired!” Lin Rui explained helplessly, God knows what he said is true.

“Well, our Vigilante, dont fall asleep in class today. Yesterday, Mr. Simon was very upset with you.” Harry gave a kind reminder.

“Yes, I know.”

After a brief chat, everyone sat in the classroom and waited for the class to start, while Tom sat next to Lin Rui as before. Today, Tom seems to have some things on his mind and he was a little absent-minded during the class.

Lin Rui, who is physically and observationally superior, apparently found Toms little gesture. After a few minutes, he finally couldnt help it. He wrote a note and handed it to Tom: Are you all right

Tom was surprised to receive the note at first, but then he wrote it quickly. After that, Tom handed it to Lin Rui while the teacher was not paying attention.

“After you ran back from school yesterday, Gwen came over. I think Peter and Harry are interested in her.”

After seeing what Tom had written, Lin Rui raised his eyebrows, but he was not surprised. In his memory, both Peter and Harry seem to like Gwen.

“But I cant get involved in the situation now. Its their business.” Shaking his head, Lin Rui thought in silence.


Just as Lin Rui was thinking, Tom saw him hesitate to respond and handed over a note: I thought you liked Gwen

This time Lin Rui wrote his reply very quickly: Gwen and I are just friends. If Peter and Harry liked her, I would not interfere!

After Lin Rui answered, Tom finally quieted down. Although he is now friends with Peter and Harry, if they really like Gwen, then, of course, Tom is going to help Lin Rui.

“Ah! But as things go, it seems that Gwen will choose Peter in the end. Who made him a Spiderman and became confident and capable Harry has some advantages now, but its nothing compared to Spiderman. After Toms reminder, Lin Rui cant help thinking about the end of this triangle love.

“Who said that it is destined to be like this” Just as Lin Rui felt a little sorry for Harry, the sound of the system appeared without warning.

“Eh Will this change Dont say youre going to give me any weird Quest, like whats ruining Peters relationship with Gwen.” Lin Rui asked angrily at the sound of the system.

“Theres no need. Youve accepted a Quest, havent you Did you forget it so soon The system faintly reminded him.

“What Quest Didnt I just finish that Quest for Vigilante Asked a stunned Lin Rui.

“That Quest worth 50,000 Reward points, you forgot so soon Or do you think you can ignore my Quest now that you have the mainline quests The system is patient and continued reminding.

“That Quest! I have chosen the path of a Superhero. Why is that quest that destroyed Peter and Harrys relationship still exist When he heard the systems reminder, Lin Rui didnt understand it.

Wasnt it a villains job to destroy the relationship between two good friends How can a Superhero do such a thing Lin Rui rightly thought that since he chose to be a Superhero, that Quest disappeared.

“This is your own misunderstanding. These two Quests have nothing to do with each other. It doesnt matter at all that you break up Peters relationship with Harry and become a Superhero. Does the breakdown of Peters relationship with Harry affect you becoming a Superhero The system has no indifferent explanation.


“But you dont want to continue this Quest anymore, do you” The system finished Lin Rui thoughts.

“Well, Peter and Harry really treat me as a friend. I cant do this to them.” Lin Rui replied honestly in a long time.

In fact, it can be seen from Lin Ruis choice of Superheros path that he is the kind of person who would rather suffer more and make himself look more upright. The reason why he had accepted the Quest before was that he did not know Peter or Harry and the system had offered a reward of 50,000 Reward points. Now, Lin Rui has become friends with them and the Quest Reward points for the mainline quest are very good, Lin Rui does not want to continue this pit Friends Quest.

“Its up to you, but now is the best time for you to finish this Quest. If you really dont want the 50,000 Reward points, you wait until the end of the Quest deadline to fail it. But until then, youll have a chance to change your mind.” Although the system follows Lin Ruis words, it finally gives him some psychological temptation.

“Dont worry, I wont do that.” So far, Lin Rui has completely abandoned the 50,000-point Reward Quest. Nevertheless, he can be more comfortable with Peter and Harry as friends, accepting their care without any guilt.

A stable day passed quickly. Lin Rui, who didnt have Quest, was finally able to relax and Tom didnt even ask Lin Rui about the weird two days.

“System, I have so many Reward points now, should I buy something” Lying in bed, Lin Rui looked at the System Shop over and over again and asked.

“Its not up to me, these Rewards are your own. And, didnt you already wanted something since you were a child Otherwise, you wouldnt have saved your reward points for so many years and only spent 200 Reward points to exchange a Freyas guardian charm for your parents and you yourself only spent 50 Reward points to learn Beginner Fighting Techniques. He had watching Lin Rui browse for an hour in the System Shop before reminding him.

“Heh heh! Thats because of the little Rewards that were given before. Now that Im a little wealthy, I think its normal to think about it. By the way, do you think the thing Ive been trying to change is good Previous Lin Rui did save a lot, but thats not because the system gave too few Reward points.

“You mean the Undying Titan blood that you wanted” The system apparently knows what Lin Rui is talking about and he asked calmly.

“Yes! Undying Titans blood, this is Marvel World and if I exchange the blood of Undying Titan from the Greek mythology, then I should become an immortal! ” Lin Rui asked with a little excitement. In Marvel World, where Superheros and supervillains are everywhere, Lin Rui feels that it is possible to be totally safe only by having an immortal body.

“Youre right. Titan in Marvel World is really different from the Titan blood you want to exchange. But that doesnt mean youre really safe with Titans blood. The world is much more dangerous than you think, and its not that easy to be a real Undying Titan.” Hearing Lin Ruis analysis, the system replied.

“Eh What do you mean Hearing the words of the system, Lin Rui seemed to have missed something.

“Because your current level is relatively low, I cant tell you too much. I can only tell you that the idea of what you call the Marvel system is not correct. Also, if you want to become a real Undying Titan then you have to pay a sky-high price. Titans powerful blood will make you unable to die, but it will also completely change your body. So, when you really dont die, you wont be a human anymore.” The system in a rare moment explained so much. It seems that Lin Ruis choice is very bad.

“The Marvel system is misunderstood Are there any other beings in this world Whats more, after becoming Titan I will not remain a human I have to live on earth!” Hearing the systems explanation, Lin Rui was overwhelmed in an instant. He would have liked to step by step exchange the complete Undying Titan blood, but now there is no idea at all. Nevertheless, Undying Titan was not the only strong bloodline he had ever seen.

“Although there are many other lineages that do not change your human identity, I dont think they are very suitable for you. And once the blood is chosen, it is difficult to change. If you encounter an enemy who restrains you in the future, it will be more embarrassing. The system replied faintly.

“Then what do you think is the best for me This is the Marvel World, where the rich depend on technology and the poor on variation. Although I am not a poor person, I am not rich enough to rely on high technology to improve my strength. In addition to choosing these powerful bloodlines, what other ways to strengthen me Lin Rui was troubled to hear the system deny his bloodline path.

As he said just now, Marvel World is a world where the rich depend on technology and the poor depend on variation. Peter Parker, a poor boy, if he had not been bitten by a spider by a lucky mutation, where would Spiderman have the greater power and responsibility behind him Harry Osborn, the son of Osborne Biotechnology, has nothing to do with Little Green Goblin, except for the financial resources and technology behind his family. The two good friends around Lin Rui perfectly illustrate his understanding of the existence of a Superhero in the world, which is also a basic trend.

“Yes, you are not super-rich. Choosing super blood is really a fast and powerful choice for you. But with me, you really dont have to choose the path of variation. You dont always start from yourself. Dont you see your own changes in these two days Without denying Lin Ruis words, the system just reminded him.

“Change Of course, I am stronger. Intermediate Fighting Technique has become more and more skilled. Soaring Dragon Art is also introduced. I am at least three or four times stronger than before. Listening to the system, Lin Rui responded seriously.

“Oh… you mean… dont use blood to strengthen, dont mutate, but choose to strengthen fighting and advanced cultivation techniques to strengthen me” After answering the system, Lin Rui himself reacted.

This kind of reinforcement seems to be a lot slower than blood reinforcement and variation, but its all self-training. Besides not changing his human blood, its also more handy to use.

“Well, this is my suggestion.”

“Well, I will listen to you first, at least I am a Chinese, cultivation technique seems quite normal.” Finally, Lin Rui accepted the systems recommendations.


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