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Chapter 2904: Were the Champions!

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Feng Wu was intrigued when Jun Linyuan headed for the stage.

What was he doing

When she looked at Jun Linyuan in confusion, the crown prince felt rather shy.

He raised his chin and wouldnt meet Feng Wus eyes.

He liked her, but he wasnt going to let her see it.

Those who had a secret crush on someone would understand, but not Feng Wu.


She sighed inwardly when she saw his expression.

She thought, “Hes not going to give me trouble again, is he”

Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu stood side by side.

They looked as pretty as a picture from all angles.

Their heights matched well.

They were equally beautiful and elegant.


Neither would be able to find anyone else that could match their beauty.

They belonged to each other.

There was no other choice.

Their beauty took everybodys breaths away.


“They look so...”

“They have to be a couple! I wont accept anything else!”

“Thats right! Were ready for a beautiful love story!”

The audience was already making up stories for Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan and choosing names for their babies.

They had forgotten that this was still a competition.

The award was supposed to be handed out.

Feng Wu frowned a little.

What were these people talking about

Didnt they know what Jun Linyuan was like

If they didnt stop now, Jun Linyuan would destroy everything on the stage.

She wasnt alone in her thoughts.

Gongshu Hongzhu and Chu Yun felt the same way.

So did Sheng Changtian and his teammates.

They felt no one could defile the crown prince like this and was sure he was going to be furious.

Hadnt Feng Wu enjoyed enough of her five minutes of glory

Those people couldnt wait to see the crown prince lose his temper.

With the crown princes sharp ears, he could obviously hear all the discussion.

However, he just stood there and let people talk without saying anything to Feng Wu.

Only Feng knew what he was thinking, but there was nothing the old man could do.

How frustrating!

Feng Wu felt rather embarrassed.

So, she urged Jun Linyuan, “Your Royal Highness Your Royal Highness Shouldnt you announce the result now”

Why was he just standing there

Jun Linyuan glanced at Feng Wu and didnt seem too pleased.

Feng Wu wondered what she had done.

The crown prince rolled his eyes, but he had to announce the result.

“Dynasty Team has won the competition.”



The Dynasty Team members were over the moon.

They jumped and cheered in excitement, and many people even burst into tears.

They had waited for this victory for too long.

They looked at one another in disbelief.

Their team had won, but they hadnt fought a single battle themselves.

“We won! We won!”

“Feng Wu made it possible! She defeated all five opponents!”

Their happy voices filled the air.

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