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Chapter 2903: Wrap Up

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Gongshu Hongzhu apologized, “Your Royal Highness, we lost the competition.

Weve let you down, so please punish us.”

Jun Linyuan raised his head.

This was the first time that he met Gongshu Hongzhus eyes.

He frowned and seemed bewildered.

What did he have to do with this

Gongshu Hongzhu was in tears.

“Your Royal Highness, weve lost the competition.

Please punish us however you see fit.”


The crown prince patted him on the shoulder.

“No, you did a great job.”

Gongshu Hongzhu felt so touched.

They had let His Royal Highness down, but His Royal Highness had comforted him.

He wasnt as cold as other people claimed that he was!

Im his biggest fan!

After sending Gongshu Hongzhu away, Jun Linyuan turned his gaze on Feng Wu again.

He rubbed his chin and couldnt stop smiling.

His girl was awesome!

That little speech she gave in the arena was amazing!

The crown princes eyes twinkled as he let his imagination run wild.

When Feng Wu turned around to receive the audiences cheers, she looked stunning.

The most beautiful girl was right there on the stage!

A girl wasnt of much use if she only had a pretty face.

If a girl was talented, she would be considered an expert cultivator.

What if someone was both beautiful and talented

How should she be described

Feng Xun couldnt think of any words either.

He just clapped his hands and cheered loudly while he showed off his sister.

The ordinary students around him rarely had a chance to talk to a young lord, and they were thrilled.

“She really is my sister! Were very tight!”

He showed off his sister to every student nearby, even those sitting behind him.

Feng Wu looked at Gongsun Mu.

Only then did Gongsun Mu realize what had happened.


They had won the competition!

Feeling relieved, he turned to Jun Linyuan.

“Your Royal Highness”

However, His Royal Highness was still lost in his girls beauty.

“Your Royal Highness” Gongsun Mu had never seen Jun Linyuan like this before.

The crown prince wasnt pleased when he was disturbed.

Gongsun Mu immediately said, “Your Royal Highness, all five games are over.

Shall we announce the final result

Jun Linyuan looked toward the stage.

The pretty girl was looking at him.


He immediately put on a serious face.

Gongshu Hongzhu thought, “His Royal Highness is on our side.

Im sure hell just say the competition is over and let everybody go home.”

Of course, the crown prince wouldnt deprive his girl of her glory.

He rose to his feet and walked toward the stage.


Gongshu Hongzhu was dumbfounded.

He didnt understand why the crown prince couldnt make the announcement from his seat.

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