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Hearing Zhao Yufei's casual words, he once again felt that she really has some status in the Heaven Sword Sect.

"When I will go to the Imperial City for the competition organised by five great sect, I will change it there." Ye Xiao took a long breath and let it out.

If it was before he obtained the Heavenly Pearl, it would be impossible for him to say those words. But now, he has the heavenly pearl from where he can mine as much spirit stones as he want. So buying a spatial ring was nothing to him now.

After obtaining the high-tier spirit sword, Ye Xiao and Zhao Yufei, both looked at the tree, other side of the lake.

They slowly walked around the lake and reached that tree. Fruits on that tree was of dark red colour and its size was that of a baby's fist. There were twenty of them.

"Dark Blaze Fruit"

"Dark Blaze Fruit"

Zhao Yufei and Ye Xiao, both exclaimed at the same time.

He can even recognise this fruit....

Hearing that, Zhao Yufei looked at Ye Xiao in surprise. Dark Blaze fruit was a very rare fruit and it can only be found by luck and can not be sought.

Ye Xiao can recognise this fruit was a surprise for her.

It takes about 500 years for a fruit to grow and ripen. Only after a single Dark Blaze Fruit ripe, can another fruit grow. There were 20 of these Dark Blaze Fruit on top of the tree. It means that this tree was here for at least ten thousand years. This was really shocking.

Dark Blaze Fruit can be used as the main ingredient for refining a rank 4 pill called Blaze Yuan Pill.

Blaze Yuan Pill can only be consumed after one advanced to Fifth Stage of Martial King Realm and above. It can not only let a person advance two stages directly, be it a martial artist of Martial King Realm or Martial Emperor Realm, it can also help them to give birth of fire element in their body.

Since it can help to give birth of the fire element in one's body, so, it is very precious. Mainly for those who wants to become an alchemist.

If one already has fire elemental body, then this Blaze Yuan Pill can further strengthen fire elements in their body. And it is also because of this that the Blaze Yuan Pill was very precious. And Since the Blaze Yuan Pill's main ingredient was Dark Blaze Fruit and it was also very rare so its price was also very high.

Ye Xiao now possess the memories of the Ancient Pill God. All the knowledge about pills and alchemy that that Ancient Pill God accumulated in his lifetime was now his, Ye Xiao's. If he wants to continue to walk on the path of an alchemist he needed a very good fire. Even if he does not wants to walk on this path, he still needed pills for his own cultivation. Since, he can already refine a pill for himself then why bother to buy. Of course, he will not waste his knowledge about alchemy.

To refine a pill with high purity he needed a good fire. Fire Soul is the best option for him. If he can get his hands on the Fire Soul then he need not to worry about refining a pill with higher purity. But who knows when can he get his hands on the Fire Soul. After all even the lowest rank fire soul is much more precious than any of the rarest pill or even heaven rank martial arts technique.

If he wants to get his hands on the Fire Soul, he needed to wait for a good opportunity. And it will take quite a long time for this. So the best option was to obtain a fire elemental body or cultivate a fire elemental martial arts technique.

If he refine a Blaze Yuan Pill using these Dark Blaze Fruit, not only can he give birth to the fire element in his body, he can also advance in his cultivation by a large margin. But, if he wants to refine and eat the Blaze Yuan Pill, he needed to first has the cultivation of at least Fifth Stage of the Martial King Realm. Right now, he was only a little boy of the Third Stage of Qi Condensation Realm.

So, he has to wait for a long time to refine and eat a Blaze Yuan Pill. Because of this, the best option for him right now was to cultivate a fire elemental martial skill. So that he can refine a pill by using fire from that fire elemental martial skill.

What a pity...

A great opportunity was in front of him but he can not use this opportunity for himself for the time being.

"If I want to use this Dark Blaze Fruit to refine and obtain a fire elemental body, I have to first, at the very least, reach the Fifth Stage of the Martial King Realm. And it will take for quite a long time." Ye Xiao could not help smile bitterly after thinking about this.

When Zhao Yufei saw Ye Xiao smile, she could not help but feel puzzled. This type of opportunity in which one can get their hands on a very rare thing, can only be encountered by luck. They should feel quite happy but this guy beside her was looking sad for some reason.

"What happen Why are you look like this Should not you be happy right now after all we have encounter with such a great opportunity." Zhao Yufei asked. She was really puzzled when she saw the expression Ye Xiao.

"Miss Zhao, it is not that I am not feeling happy. I am really feeling happy but what a pity, we can not use this Dark Blaze Fruit. Even if we want to consume directly this spirit fruit, we have to wait till we reach Martial King Realm." Ye Xiao laughed embarrassingly.

He was swimming in the river of his own imagination and completely forgot that a pretty young girl was standing by his side.


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