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Chapter 8 Unscrupulous provocation

“Let you go” Emperor Yan raised his eyebrows, as if he just heard a big joke.

“You are never going anywhere until Zhijun returns.

If you dare to escape, Xiao Zipei next to you, will be this King’s first person to kill.”

He just said it tentatively, but he didn’t expect for Liu Yuzhen’s beautiful face to show a hint of unease.

Although not because he said he wanted to kill Zipie, but because Yuzhen knew his predicament with regards to Zhijun.

Liu Yuzhen angrily withdrew his hand.

There were so many people watching yet the dignified Emperor Yan was not ashamed Looking at his elegant appearance, it was like a heavy punch to the gut.

Don’t tell me, he has a hobby of kissing me (this body)

Yuzhen was secretly disturbed.

He turned his head to find Xiao Zipei standing by him honestly, and he replied with a grin, “Didn’t you allow Xiao Zipei to follow me Then he is my people now.

If I wanted to leave, of course I would leave along with him!”

Emperor Yan paused, then suddenly faced and glared at Zipei.

“You dare!” ‘To whom was this directed at Me’

“Why wouldn’t I dare.” Yuzhen  provoked him with his waist akimbo.

Zipei saw that the two were arguing endlessly.

The imprisoned Prime Minister of Liu Kingdom even dared to be presumptuous in front of Emperor Yan so he hurriedly came up to stop him.

“Your Majesty, this person will be dealt with by this subordinate, and if there is a mishap, Zipie is willing to give His Majesty his head.”

Emperor Yan knew that Yuzhen’s malicious nonsense made him angry.

Looking at his bloodied hands, he realized that if this person truly wanted to leave, he must also be willing to die.

Since he didn’t manage to flee now, Emperor Yan would very certainly see him again when he returned to his chambers.

Without realizing it, he became very curious about Liu Yuzhen’s thoughts.

He was not acting in a way that agrees with the things he says.

He must guard himself against this person.

“What this King wants is Princess Zhijun, not your head.”

“This subordinate takes orders.” This Xiao Zipei seemed to have no temperat all.

Emperor Yan treated him so fiercely, yet he did not change his face, and even bowed respectfully to him.

Liu Yuzhen could no longer tolerate it.

He despised servility, lofty officials, and authority.

“Hey, is it done yet Your Crown Prince Liu is waiting for you.

If you wouldn’t want to go, I could go in your stead.”

“Don’t be rude to His Majesty.” Zipei didn’t appreciate it.

The sword on his waist flashed to Yuzhen’s neck in an instant.

“What a real man you are.

Can’t you see I’m helping you for your sake.

You just got knocked down by me a while ago.”


Xiao Zipei, who had been expressionless since just now, finally showed an expression that could be regarded as “anger”.

The corners of Emperor Yan’s mouth evoked a subtle smile, which was fleeting.

He stretched out his hand and hugged Liu Yuzhen at will.

Knowing that the man would undoubtedly fight back, he suppressed him with his strength, reversed his hands to his back, and embraced him.


Now, Liu Yuzhen, go to this King’s chamber obediently.

We will discuss the matter of Zhijun again.

This King assumes you don’t want to joke about other people’s lives, correct”

This wretched man’s half-smiling appearance really made him fed up.

He is a man, a man being amorous with another man!

What are the ancients thinking He had to come in such a chaotic era.

Why is it normal for men to kiss men as normal as saying hello

There’s also something that’s constantly glowing in this person’s eyes.

Yuzhen intended to resist at first, but because his own struggle was futile, he simply dropped his dignity and submitted.

In any case, dignity cannot be consumed like food.

He can’t violate his vow since he pledged to assist him recover his sister.

Yuzhen just wanted to go out because he despised being imprisoned.

 Liu Yuzhen, who was covered with moral integrity, turned a blind eye to the fiery gazes that shot at him mercilessly, and looked at Emperor Yan with iridescent eyes, “You can’t blame us for what happened today.

Who asked you to put me under house arrest If you had just changed the conditions for me, it would have been over and done with.”

What he didn’t know was that his look almost took away Emperor Yan’s sanity.

Looking at this alluring beautiful man that could ruin a country, this appearance was enough to capture the soul.

Emperor Yan’s hand couldn’t help but tighten a bit.

Even though he was aware that Prince Liu was expecting him, he was unable to let go of the person in his arms at this moment.

The person he once thought was cowardly and humble, those tearful eyes that used to beg for pity, have become sassy and high-spirited at some point.

Although Liu Yuzhen was obstinate and harsh, his heart quivered when he was eyed at by a man of such great power and exceptional appearance as Emperor Yan, “Can this bastard not stare at me”

Yu Zhen forced his way out of King Yan’s grip, lowering his head and rubbing his wounded hand.

“…Let’s go, Yuelan, I still have things to tell you.” He glanced back but quickened his stride, wanting to leave Emperor Yan’s sight immediately.

Yuelan was exceedingly humble just now, having escaped Emperor Yan’s clutches today.

Along with Zipei, she appeared to be the only one.

Because everyone who witnessed the scene knows that they’re going to die.

Otherwise, how could Emperor Yan be so bold as to kiss and cuddle a foreign prime minister in front of them

Yuzhen followed Zipei in a state of confusion.

Seeing that Zipei was an honest and easy to talk to person, he asked, “Little Pei, is it possible that you, the Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Guard, be my personal bodyguard in the future”

Xiao Zipei was chilly and stern, yet he still looked him in the eyes.

“Please respect yourself.”

“Where am I not self-respecting I didn’t treat you like how Emperor Yan mistreated me.” Liu Yuzhen was at a loss, he was going insane and couldn’t stand it any longer.

He took a deep breath and was about to spew out a  mouthful of resentment.

Yuelan came up and reminded, “Prime Minister, what General Xiao means is that it is very disrespectful for you to call him that.”

“Ah” Yuzhen paused and stood motionless.

When he was still a part of the criminal enforcement special squad, he adopted such an attitude of standing firmly.

This halt had a military seriousness about it, which surprised Xiao Zipei as well.

“A general, to me, is a true hero on the battlefield.

He can’t defend himself, I’m sorry, however I can’t call him that.”

When did Prime Minister Liu become aggressive Let alone be on par with an imperial guard.

Even the servants who came in just to serve him were terrified, and he frequently drove everyone away in a rage.

Is it possible that his bleak circumstances triggered his personality disorder Yuelan looked at him curiously, always feeling that there would be some hope.

“Don’t be surprised, General Xiao.

The Prime Minister had just recovered from a serious illness and is still confused, otherwise such a thing would not have happened today.”

Liu Yuzhen looked at Yuelan awkwardly.

It was this stinky girl who had pointed him the wrong direction, so he bumped into them.

This girl is lying.

Xiao Zipei swept the two of them with stern eyes, and when he turned around, he suddenly left a sentence.

“Call me whatever you like.”

“Oh This kid is talkative.” Yuzhen got excited, jumped up and hooked his arms on his shoulders, almost forcing Xiao Zipei to place his sword on his neck again.

“Little Pei, I’m going to stay in Emperor Yan’s quarters, but what about the queen Do you want me to sleep on the floor and watch them spend the night”

“His Majesty has not yet crowned anyone queen.

There are many wars, and the harem has long been neglected.

Since His Majesty asked you to go, you should just go.”

“Numerous wars” Yu Zhen’s eyes lit up, “With which kingdom”

“Yun Shuang Guo.” (t/n Yun-cloud; Shuang-two,twin,pair;Guo-country,state,kingdom)

Zipei put it lightly, but Yuzhen was sweating.

What is Yun Shuang Guo Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms I’ve never heard of such a kingdom’s name before.

Could it be the existence of a small southern barbarian clan

What kind of era is this!

Translator’s Note

The Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (907-979)  was a period of great division in Chinese history . This title comes from the “New History of the Five Dynasties”, which is a collective name for the Five Dynasties (907-960) and the Ten Kingdoms (902-979).

The Five Dynasties refers to the five regimes whose capitals were successively set in the Central Plains after the fall of the Tang Dynasty in the fourth year of Tang Tianyou (907), namely Later Liang , Later Tang , Later Jin , Later Han and Later Zhou .

In April of the fourth year of Tianyou (907), King Zhu Huang of Liang (whose real name was Wen, who was given the name Quanzhong by Emperor Tang, changed his name to Huang on the eve of Chan) accepted Tang Ai Emperor Li Yi’s denial, established Houliang in the Central Plains, and established the capital of Kaifeng in Tokyo (now known as Kaifeng House ). Kaifeng , Henan ), the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms began.

In the first month of the seventh year of Zhou Xiande (960), Zhao Kuangyin launched the Chen Qiao mutiny , added a yellow robe, accepted the concession of Emperor Zhou Gong, established the Northern Song Dynasty , and ended the Five Dynasties.

At the end of the Tang Dynasty , the Five Dynasties and the beginning of the Song Dynasty , there were many separatist regimes such as Yang Wu and Jie Yan outside the Central Plains . The ten separatist regimes including Ma Chu ), Southern Han , Nanping ( Jingnan ), and Northern Han were collectively referred to as the Ten Kingdoms by the ” New History of the Five Dynasties ” and later historians.

After the establishment of the Northern Song Dynasty, the surviving Nanping , Wuping , Houshu , Nanhan , Nantang , Pinghai , Wuyue , Beihan and other local separatist regimes were unified successively, forming a confrontation with Khitan (Liao). 


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