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Chapter 6 Intending to escape

Prince, he came to Yan Kingdom Prince came to Yan Kingdom

Although Liu Yuzhen awoke immediately, his brain was still trapped in his own era, and he took a while to react.

Yuelan’s words echoed in his head for two or three times before he moved his lips and muttered something, “Which Prince Which Yan Kingdom”

Yuelan felt a chill in her heart, she hurriedly leaned down, pushed aside the scattered bangs on his forehead, and looked at his expression carefully, “Prime Minister, are you not feeling well Yuelan will call the imperial physician for you.”

“No, no need!” It was not the sense of vigilance that made Liu Yuzhen wake up, but Yuelan’s young but very hot figure.

At this time, her plump twin peaks were leaning against Yu Zhen’s arms, which made his blood boil.

Yuzhen at the beginning, stammered, “What did you say to me just now”

“Are you really all right” Yuelan pouted, stomped her feet, and said with wariness, “This maid just said that Prince Liu Ling has come to Yan Kingdom, don’t you want to see him”

Liu Yuzhen was cruelly brought back to an unfamiliar reality by these words.

He was used to living in the single apartment of the army, but now he was in a deserted and depressing room which made him very uncomfortable.

“Why should I go see him Besides, I can’t leave.” Yu Zhen shook the chain in his hand.

“Do you have a way to let me out”

Yuelan was worried, and her face was rather gloomy.

“This maid has asked you, if you want, this slave can risk her life to inform the Prince that you are imprisoned.

Today, the Prince just came to Yan Kingdom.

The time is ripe.”

Yu Zhen scratched his head and finally entered his new role, but he always felt that things were vague and incomprehensible.

“I don’t understand this, I heard that I was sent by Liu Kingdom.

Doesn’t the Prince know What’s the use of telling him”

“Prime Minister, the Crown Prince doesn’t know about you being imprisoned in Dayan (Great Yan).

Liu Kingdom sent you here, nominally asking you to become an official in Yan Kingdom, but I didn’t expect…” Yuelan became anxious.

She thought that the Prime Minister would be very happy, but unexpectedly the reaction was so cold, such a rare opportunity, would Prime Minister Liu waste it in vain

Yuzhen remembered Emperor Yan’s advice, and it was indeed not appropriate for others to doubt his identity.

“Oh, I just forgot it for a while.”

My physical strength soon regained after a short nap.

My body was bathed in a warm current that flowed gently and felt quite soothing.

 At this time, if I don’t break the cage, will I have to wait how long before that damn Emperor Yan gets on me again” No way!

Yu Zhen grinned and patted Yuelan on the shoulder.

“I don’t want to go to the Crown Prince, I don’t want to go to Liu Kingdom, as for where to go, I’ll make plans after I get out.” 

After that, he looked down at the chain on his wrist.

The iron chain buckle was tightly fastened on his wrist without leaving a gap.

There was no keyhole on the ring.

It seemed that it was tailor-made for him and welded with a soldering iron.

There was no other way except to cut off his hands. 

For the unarmed and weak prime minister Liu, this iron chain is the shackle he will never want to escape in his life.

But for him, Officer Liu, hehe.

He has practiced bone shrinking for three years, but this body can’t do it.

His wrists were constantly struggling in the iron ring.

Blood was gradually dripping, and his bones were aching.

“Yuelan, is there any soap”

“What” Yuelan looked at the Prime Minister with a terrifying expression in front of her in horror.

His handsome face was showing an arrogance that was completely opposite to his temperament.

“Something that can be used for lubrication.”

Yuelan nodded and ran out.

Liu Yuzhen touched his wrist and stared at the other end of the chain.

The iron chain was fastened to the iron ring on the wall.

As for the iron ring, it is estimated that there are nails behind it, which were driven into the wall.

Although he knows nothing about culture (ancient culture), it is not necessary to make such a chain in the cold palace.

Neither the women in the harem nor Prime Minister Liu can have the strength to break free.

He tried to tug, and sure enough, the strength of this body was really weak.

It was more difficult pulling out the rivet than going to heaven.

While complaining about this body, Yuelan came back with osmanthus essential oil.

“Prime Minister, what’s the use of this” Yuelan stared at him in confusion.

Yu Zhen stretched out his hands.

“Pour unto my hands.” 

“Yes, but your hands are bleeding.”

“Don’t be long-winded, hurry up.

Such a small injury can’t attract my attention.”

The wrist was lubricated, and it was easier to get it out than before, but the pain of the wound also intensified.

Liu Yuzhen clenched his teeth and pulled out his hand with all his might, only to hear the sound of a bone “cracking” on his wrist, and the chain fell off.

Yu Zhen didn’t think about the bone and pulled out the other hand. 

This scene undoubtedly raised a shadow in Yuelan’s heart.

Is that Prime Minister Liu, who was crying all day long and only begging for death Was he possessed by a ghost

Not to mention that he took off the chain so easily, his wrists were all covered in blood, the bones made an astonishing cracking sound, but he didn’t even blink!

The moment his hands were freed, Yuzhen immediately pulled up Yuelan and left.

“What are you stunned for Yuelan, how are we going to get out” He asked with a smile.

Yuelan sucked in a breath of cold air and pointed to the window.

“The front door is heavily guarded, go through the back door.”

Yu Zhen was overjoyed, pulled up Yuelan and jumped out of the window.

Outside the house was a desolate back garden, overgrown with weeds and surrounded by dark red low walls, making it terrifyingly cold.

Yu Zhen wanted to complain that such a dark and musty place could actually be housed in people, but at this time, he was moving forward vigilantly.

In the afternoon, the earth was golden and dazzling, shining on his gray-white robe, blending with the earth.

Just when they came to the bottom of the low wall and were about to climb over and go out, a stern and serious voice suddenly sounded behind them, “Stop! Who are you!”

“It’s bad.

We’re discovered.” Yuelan whispered, her heart beating so fast, it seemed that her little heart was jumping in her throat.

Yu Zhen was not in a hurry, his laid hands were stacked, and he squatted down, “Yuelan, you go first, wait for me outside.”

Yuelan was nervous, but she saw the Prime Minister’s irrefutable firm eyes staring at the person who came, without any fear.

He stepped on his hand and jumped away from the cold palace. 

“Who are you asking Me Then what are you doing” Liu Yuzhen wrapped his hands around his arms and looked at the person who came to stop him.

The man looked about as big as himself, and his anger had already filled his whole handsome face.

Seeing Liu Yuzhen sending Yuelan out, he immediately pulled out the sword from his waist, stared at him and said coldly.

“Xiao Zipei, commander-in-chief of the Imperial Guards, this is a forbidden area, and you dare to trespass privately, it is a capital offense.” 

This so-called harem was very large, and no matter how heavily guarded it was, there are always loopholes.

He doesn’t know what the commander-in-chief of the guards was doing in the back garden when he had nothing to do But since they had met, and he was alone, things would be much easier to handle.

“I didn’t break into the forbidden area without permission, you can ask your Emperor Yan if you don’t believe me!” As he spoke, he walked towards Xiao Zipei, his hands empty and  he looked weak.

“I, Liu Yuzhen, have always been living in it.

I was in a good mood today, so I came out to relax.” 

 “You are Prime Minister Liu!”  Xiao Zipei’s eyebrows were tighter, and the long sword was already against Yuzhen’s throat, “Don’t even try to escape!”

“Anyway, I’m also the Prime Minister of another Kingdom.

Isn’t it rude of you to point your sword at me.  I just took a walk and didn’t go out.

You are so rude, are you not afraid that I will complain to Emperor Yan “

The young man was very simple.

Seeing that he was unarmed and slender, he put his sword into the sheath suspiciously, and said politely, “I’m sorry, I also ask the Prime Minister to return to the house as soon as possible.

Otherwise, I have the qualifications to execute you on the spot.” 

“Oh On-the-spot execution You have such authority.” The corners of Yuzhen’s mouth were raised high, and his smile was very sinister.

Just as Xiao Zipei stretched out his hand to invite him back to the house, Liu Yuzhen turned around, those bloody hands had already twisted Xiao Zipei’s sword-holding hand behind him.

Zi Pei turned his head in pain, but faced him abruptly.

Liu Yuzhen’s elbow was ready, and between the flashes and flint, the man with the long sword in his hand fainted before he could even snort.

Yuzhen patted the front of his clothes and jumped over the wall fluently, with very strong skills.

But when he stood firm under the wall, everything in front of him made him speechless – countless long swords were already aimed at him and Yuelan beside him.


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