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Chapter 5 Rely on me

He’s crazy!

Emperor Yan was enthralled and amused by him, seeing him perform things that were increasingly incredible, and he became addicted to him.

Liu Yuzhen might not be able to drive him away even if he tried, but he was intrigued by how this man could become so ferocious.

“Who wants to listen to you “The naked Yuzhen held a bowl at his throat with one hand, while the other hand held a knife.

He knew that this knife had no power and could not hurt Emperor Yan at all.

The momentary murderous intent soared in a straight line, and the awe-inspiring murderous intent in his eyes shocked Emperor Yan.

“Oh Prime Minister Liu actually has such a tough side”

“If I die, it shouldn’t do you any harm, right But I don’t like your behavior very much.

If you do this again, I’ll show you how you’ll die.” After speaking, he really planned to do it.

Emperor Yan didn’t want this interesting person to lose his life.

He didn’t let go of the fun he finally found, and his low voice sounded again, soothing Liu Yuzhen’s emotions.

“Okay, I won’t proceed.”

Liu Yuzhen’s lips and teeth moved slightly in anger, and he spit out a sentence with difficulty, “If I don’t show power, you will treat me as…” Resisting the headache, “Don’t force me to slap you.”

On the contrary, Emperor Yan looked at his angry appearance with great interest.

This could not be because Prime Minister Liu could not bear the torture and changed his personality.

No matter how much the stimulation was, it would not completely change a person’s personality.

Most likely this is not the Prime Minister of Liu Kingdom.

“Do you know why you’re locked here” Although Emperor Yan was held down by his big hand, his color did not change, and his sarcasm even became stronger.

Yuzhen was having a headache and didn’t bother to think.

He has always been a man who works by intuition.

What’s wrong with being imprisoned in the cold palace He hates the cold and dark room the most, but hates being imprisoned more.

” I don’t care what the reason is.

If you don’t free me, you’ll bear the consequences.” 

“How could that literate Liu Yuzhen become so vulgar and barbaric Should you tell  this King who you are”  Emperor Yan asked coldly, his attitude was much more serious than before.

Yuzhen realized that it was too extreme to persuade Emperor Yan not to touch him.

 If he was thrown into prison, it would be even more unnecessary.

“If I’m not Prime Minister Liu, who else could I be “

“Prime Minister, are you not embarrassed to say that you are the Prime Minister Then this King will ask you, what is the name of the Emperor of Liu Kingdom “

“…” How could he know that Yuzhen mumbled.

It took him a lot of effort to find out that he was a hostage sent by Liu Kingdom, not to mention that he was dying from a headache now.

He had no desire to be tortured by him indefinitely.

Just as he was about to answer, Emperor Yan asked again, “Then do you remember who Liu Ling is”

“…” How could he know

“Ha ha.”

Liu Yuzhen was actually defeated by a headache.

He thought that it would be no good to continue to pretend to be Prime Minister Liu.

It is said that the man was smart and handsome.

Yuzhen didn’t even study culture class well.

How long can he pretend to be Prime Minister Liu Pretending to go on was just adding jokes in this strange time and space.

“Well, I……”

 But when he was about to confess, he saw Emperor Yan’s expression darken a little bit.

Yes, if he wasn’t Liu Yuzhen, where would he look for Zhijun.

He is not; one  word can get rid of sin.

But what about the king You want to tell this Emperor that Zhijun can no longer be found, who’ll let him free “You’re still Liu Yuzhen, right”

Yu Zhen was stunned for a while.

He saw people very accurately and could read a little bit of what the other party meant.

What he saw from Emperor Yan’s expression was confusion and disappointment, but he didn’t know if this person had discovered his identity.

He hummed and replied.

“Well, yes.

Yes.” It was originally.

The atmosphere cooled down, and Emperor Yan became dignified and serious, with the demeanor of a King again.

Liu Yuzhen was stunned by his solemn gaze.

He had never seen anyone with such courage except his captain.

He likes this sense of oppression, and he likes it from the bottom of his heart, otherwise he would not follow the captain to join the a2203 squad of the criminal police special team and embark on this road of death.

Liu Yuzhen was a little ashamed when he realized he had been swayed by this courage, and hurriedly pulled the quilt from the foot of the bed to wrap his naked body, and said in a low voice, “Anyway, I didn’t know Princess Zhijun’s whereabouts, and relying on me , maybe I can help you find her back.”

“You’ll let this King rely on you” King Yan’s tone was very arrogant and contemptuous, as if he had heard a strange story, but he couldn’t help but smile.

“What’s wrong Wait till my physical strength recovers…” Yu Zhen glanced sideways and saw that Emperor Yan was looking at his body with evil eyes.

He hurried to the head of the bed and made a “please” posture.

“I want to rest, please go out first, okay”

Coincidentally, the eunuch’s message sounded outside the door, interrupting the embarrassing situation between the two.

“Your Majesty, Liu Ling, the Crown Prince of Liu Kingdom, asks to see you.”

When Emperor Yan heard the name just mentioned, his smile became more and more arrogant.

Looking at Yu Zhen’s embarrassed and perplexed expression.

I’m not sure how many times Prime Minister Liu called this name when he was in prison.

This appeared to be his amulet.

Only the person who owns this name has the power to save him.

He would no longer be in pain as long as he yelled this name.

Therefore, it is unreasonable to say that the person in front of him is unfamiliar with this name.

“Liu Yuzhen, this King knows that you are great, and who can beat you if you want to calculate your scheming, but I believe that you don’t know the whereabouts of Zhijun.

But remember this for this King, there are many people who want you dead, whether you forget it or if you’re out of your mind, don’t make trouble for this King”

Yuzhen turned his head and ignored him.

He was locked up, what trouble could he cause.

Emperor Yan got off the bed, and suddenly turned his head towards Yuzhen, with a half-smiling face, “You said you want this King to rely on you, do you want to go back on your words now”

No! Are you serious

Yuzhen felt as though he was being held back by a big rock, but it would be too humiliating for him to deny it.

He murmured, “I really admire your hearing.”

Looking back, he was once again greeted by Emperor Yan’s domineering look, his heart was shocked, and he quickly retracted his gaze.

This feeling, he thought he would never meet again after death.

Unexpectedly, in a place so close to him, this man made his heart beat faster again and again.

“The Emperor will come to see you tonight.

If you want to rest, you should take advantage of it now.” When the Emperor Yan said this, he pinched Liu Yuzhen’s chin again and kissed him fiercely.

He was so frightened that he shivered and almost made a move on Emperor Yan. 

“Are you still coming this evening” Yu Zhen opened his eyes wide.

He was fed up, and he didn’t even know what happened to Emperor Yan, why he was so interested in kissing him.

Should he continue to pour his anger towards Prime Minister Liu on him It doesn’t make sense! However, does he really want to see that man with such an air of arrogance again

Before he could complain, Emperor Yan had already left the room.

In the empty and silent cold palace, only Yuelan and two very young servant girls served him.

Yuelan was light-handed, which made Yu Zhen like it very much.

He was afraid of noise.

Although I also hate this kind of desertion, this environment is just right for recuperating.

As soon as Emperor Yan left, it seemed that his world had returned to peace once more, but he was confused between reality and illusion.

He was accustomed to being occupied with tasks and being accustomed to being highly vigilant.

Even in this era, he still couldn’t change this habit.

Prime Minister Liu’s body is simply too frail.

As soon as he shuts his eyes, the outside world ceases to exist for him, and the entire person falls asleep without warning.

I don’t know how long I slept.

I vaguely felt someone pushing me.

“Prime Minister, Prime Minister.”

“Why…” Yu Zhen hasn’t slept so well for a long time.

Not only was the soreness on his body gradually disappearing, but his physical strength was also gradually recovering.

 How could someone brutally break such a comfortable nap

The voice seemed to belong to Yuelan, and there should be no one else inside the room.

He blinked open his dark eyes.

He immediately awoke and sat up upright, disgusted by this ease.

“What’s the matter” 

This move startled Yuelan, hesitated and said, “Prime Minister, His Majesty the Crown Prince has come to Yan Kingdom”


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