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Chapter Twenty-five,

Wind Chill

“If you like it, that’s enough.” He Xuan drank it slowly, with still more than half left in the cup.

Normally, he was accustomed to drinking strong liquor, this Beauty’s Smile in his mouth was weak as water, and yet, he was not in a hurry to drink it, and said, “In a few days, a theatre group from the south is going to enter the capital, Ig have kept a seat for you.”

“Really Thank you, your Highness!” Xiao Zuo lifted his head to look at him while the bottom of his eyes was rippling with smiles.

“En, I will go and watch with you.” He Xuan saw him drink a good few cups yet still wanted to drink, then knitted his eyebrows and took the jar of wine, and stopped him, “Still drinking Be careful of getting drunk.”

“Is it not fruit wine How could I be drunk” Xiao Zuo at this time was already all drowsy, half-opening his eyelids while softly pushing He Xuan’s hand, and muttered, “Let me drink one more cup.”

“What fruit wine This wine’s aftereffects are strong.” He Xuan laughed, and patted away the hand he reached out with, “Ig see that you are already very drunk.”

“No, I’m not drunk.” Xiao Zuo was struggling to snatch the jar of wine, but who knew that once he got up, he would uncontrollably fall to the side, and when He Xuan caught him, he could even smell the alcohol all on him.

He Xuan froze briefly, and had a feeling like the two were already drunk.

“Your Highness.” Xiao Zuo slightly disobediently shook his head as though he wanted to struggle out from He Xuan’s arms, but that bit of strength seemed much more like it had a flirtatious intent.

He Xuan was originally not some gentleman either, and naturally would not feel any burden for something like taking advantage of a fire to rob or taking advantage of people while they were down.

He followed along his own heart and lowered his head and covered over Xiao Zuo’s bright red lips, the surface was still left with some clear and sweet taste of alcohol, carrying a mellow fragrance, drawing in people to go deeper in.

He Xuan slightly used strength to suck, like he was to savour the fragrance of the wine even deeper in, making Xiao Zuo knit his eyebrows in pain, but right now, he had no power to resist whatsoever- besides, with the hint of alcohol surging up at this time, Xiao Zuo dizzily felt like he tasted something sweet, and hazily extended his tongue out and licked He Xuan, and quickly had his position reversed with He Xuan, hooking his tongue and exploring inwards.

Only when Xiao Zuo got smothered by this long one kiss so much he was panting heavily, He Xuan then finally slowly pecked the corner of his lips, and wiped away the sliver of saliva that flowed down with his hands, then carried him up.

He Xuan reached out and undid the curtains on the bed, then narrowed his eyes like he wanted to savour the taste again, and lightly asked by Xiao Zuo’s ears in an attempt to lull him, “Why don’t you stay for the night”

“Mm.” Xiao Zuo mumbled a bit, the struggle just before made the originally wide and loose inner robe on his body get pulled even more loose, revealing the front chest as smooth as mutton fat from being raised in a comfortable life.

He Xuan spread the blanket on the bed, placed him on it, then the fingers nimbly removed the tie on the waist.

After being drunk, Xiao Zuo turned even more sensitive, and just as He Xuan’s hands reached in, Xiao Zuo shook his entire body from the stimulation, and grabbed his hand.

“What” He Xuan buried his head into the dip of his neck, and maliciously blew a breath at his ear, “Ticklish”

Xiao Zuo trembled a bit, and subconsciously nodded his head, “En, ticklish……”

He Xuan lowly laughed, and kissed his earlobe like he was pacifying him, while the right hand neither lightly nor heavily kneaded his waist, “It won’t be ticklish once you get used to it.”

As he said this, he maliciously increased the strength on the hand, and also removed his underpants.

Once Xiao Zuo made contact with some slightly cold air, he closed his legs like he got startled, yet his hands climbed up to He Xuan’s neck in search of a source of heat, and his head lightly rubbed by his ear.

He Xuan lowered his head to look at him, there was a damp rippling light inside Xiao Zuo’s eyes, while the corners of his eyes seemed like it was swimming with red carps.

He was quite drunk, and at this time, he ignorantly knitted his eyebrows as a flush red colour emitted from his cheeks, slightly gasping along with He Xuan’s hand movements- a conflicting purity and seduction intermingled on his body, like an innocent cherry blossom waiting to be plucked.

“If you don’t respond, Ig will take it as you silently accepting it.” He Xuan lightly smiled, and lowered his head to hold in Xiao Zuo’s mellow earlobes, biting it with varying strength from time to time, the motions from the hand did not stop either, circled around Xiao Zuo’s barren thighs, and satisfactorily heard Xiao Zuo let out a hurried gasp.

He Xuan was afraid Xiao Zuo would go cold, so he pulled a thin blanket from the side and covered it over him, then bent his body to block his lips, while the right hand pulled open a hidden compartment at the top of the bed to find a balm.

“Your Highness, your Highness!”

The door suddenly resounded with an ear-piercing knocking sound, it was Li Fu Hai’s voice.

“Your Highness, your Highness, the palace bears news.”

He Xuan’s movements froze, and took up a porcelain pillow from the bed and smashed it towards the door.

If the one standing by the door was not Li Fu Hai, it would not be as easy as tossing a porcelain pillow to the door.

“Your Highness” Xiao Zuo lightly pulled at the thin tie on his waist, “Is that Li gong’gong’s voice”

He Xuan knitted his eyebrows, and forcefully held in the urge to take a sword and cut someone, pursed his lips, then suppressed his anger, “En, there is a matter at the palace, Ig need to go for a trip.”

“Go then, your Highness, I am also a bit sleepy.” The drunken Xiao Zuo was particularly easy to coax.

He softly smiled, while the corners of the eyes were still smeared with a thin red, evoking the image of a rain-falling cherry-apple tree.

“En, get to sleep early.” He Xuan hung his eyes down, and reached out and familiarly twiddled with Xiao Zuo’s earlobe, then got down from the bed.

“What’s the urgent matter” He Xuan draped on an outer robe then opened the door, while his voice still carried a grumpiness not yet dispersed.

Li Fu Hai bowed his body, and carefully spoke, “They say his Majesty has gotten a wind chill, his Fourth Highness went into the palace just now to accompany him in his sickness.”


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