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"The punishment of treason is...

execution" the emperor stated. Three people become nervous while listening to him. "However, James oswal the previous royal physician didn made a treason but made an mistake which equal to treason.

"After hearing the argument of empress and crown prince. I had come to an conclusion." He stated.

"James Oswal is now serve the crown prince in any way crown prince wants and his title will be given to his only heiress Monica Oswal" he finish his sentence.

[ congratulations on first victory

10 for make an ally task

5 for defeat the enemy ask]

When this notification pop up Argellius did a mental calculation.

20 in some hour. 80 more to gain.

When he enter the training field to look over the warriors training as a duty of crown prince he took lucian who fallow him like a shadow aside.

"How can I make an ally" he ask him.

Lucian was impress with his friend.

Before Argellius would only do whatever emperor or empress told him to do. He was glad to see his friend is thinking on his own. Plus he was glad that crown prince is consider him worthy for advice

[ 5 for reat an ally task]

Notification pop up again. Argellius found this highly irritating but he choose to focus on good part. Plus 5 means 25 total. Its easy to gain a experience point than he thought. All he have to do is keep flattering the people. And due to his acting career of

Five years he can do that with closed eyes.

"I think you should consider marrying various noble lady. Their houses will be very potential ally for you on the future" he drop the bomb on Argellius

Who had too many reason to hate females. On top of that lucian mention various ladies.

Argellius dreaded marrying single lady how can he will marry various.

Argellius brushed off the thought. I will figure out a way to make an ally myself he thought.

But Argellius is forgetting a thing. Its no matter how he tried he cant sworn off the ladies in Sierra. Marrying more than one lady is essential for emperor or crown prince. It helps in the time of war.

Even the emperor had one empress,

Five wife and ten concubines. But only the offspring of empress has the potential to inherit the title. If empress is unable to conceive due to some reason in five years. She get demoted to wife. Which happen to a lady Myra second empress of current emperor. He declared Liliana empress when Myra failed to produce a heir.

And liliana already had a son of emperor.

Argellius entered the training arena to test his fighting skill. Even though Aiden didn have any experience in fighting. Argelliuss body was well acquainted with it. He fought them off easily. He received 25 points for defeating five warriors. Fifty in total.

Thought Argellius as he walk back to his room.

As soon as he enter the room he found

James oswal on his knee. "Stand up" he commanded. "Dont kneel every time you see me." He order him. James let out a sigh of relief when Argellius didn punish him. He thought crown prince will punish him himself thats why he included James in his services.

Argellius was waiting for notification to pop in. He knew he gain a point when relief cross over James face. But it didn pop up. Something else pop up.

[ Daily experience limit is already met.

Read the rules for clarification

1. Maximum limit of experience is fifty.

2. Treat an ally and defeat a foe does not work on same person twice in a day.

3. There is no maximum limit for negative experience.

We know our terms are not fair. But we never claimed to be fair. If life can be Unfair why not Afterlife

Its only fair to be unfair.

A sour expression cross Argellius handsome face after reading the rules

James mistook his expression and lower his head immediately thinking he must have done something to offend the prince.

"prepare a diet chart for me" Argellius order to James. James who was already nervous look at prince with fear. He never heard a term like that what prince means by diet chart.

Argellius raise a brow at fidgeting physician when he notice him still staring at him. "What are you waiting for" he said in annoyance. He was already irritated by not getting and experienced point.

"Forgive me, your highness but I do not know what diet chart is." James said. Realization dawn on Argellius and he curse himself for making such a silly mistake. I even start considering myself as Argellius and not Aiden still how could I makes and mistake like this. He thought

"Prepare meal plan for me. I assume as a physician you have aware of value of meal, I mean which type of meal I should consume according to my schedule which help me in strength and maintaining my... appearance" he told him. James nodded and move to the corner of room.

Its make Argellius uneasy. "Lucian!" He yell knowing the person must be standing somewhere outside. Didn he go to sleep?

Lucian enter his room within the seconds. "Find a room for him nearby" I order. He bowed and took a physician with him. This all is feeling like a drama I used to work in he mutter to himself as he changed into comfortable clothes.

In emperors chamber emperor was seating on the bed engrossed in the thought. Empress enter his chambers

to see if she can talk to emperor about

Having her niece, the lady of Duke Riston as the suitable partner for crown prince. She guess if she can defeat prince by herself then she will work behind the curtain to get rid of him.

"My lord" she gain the attention of emperor. "Im thinking thats its high time crown prince choose his first wife." Emperor face lit up he was thinking the same. When he heard his arguments at the courtroom he thought its high time he retire and pass down his thrown to his heir.

But according to inheriting law of Sierra. One cant inherit the title without next heir to pass the title on.

Means in order to be a emperor our crown prince needs to produce an heir. Empress became excited when she thought of her plan. "Plan a meet and greet ball for the crown prince"

Emperor order wiping the smile off from empresss face.

"But my lord, I have a perfect person in mind for Argellius. Their is no need to Meet and greet ball" empress argue but emperor turn her down. "Its ritual of Sierra every crown prince has his Meet and greet ball. And its important for the pupils of Sierra too. Many young men and ladies for Sierra find their better half in that ball." He said to her.

"Arrange the ball as soon as possible" emperor order to her. Empress left the room with fire in her eyes. She thought she will be able to convince emperor otherwise. She was sure prince will never choose any women related to her.

She was walking toward her quarters when someone catch her eyes. She moved toward the figure. The figure bowed seeing her approaching. "Rise"

She said to the figure. "I would like to use the promise you made to me years ago" the woman empress was talking to bow her head down. She no she cant say no to the empress. She dont have that right.

"At your command, your majesty" the woman bow down.

Argellius was sprawling over the bed as he thought over how to level up. He is curious as to what the power one was. He thought various way of various way of making ally but each one has some limitation. Maybe he should level up by defeating warriors in the battle field. Or he should get in verbal arguement with anyone to win the battle.

He thought of gifting the people at his palace to gain a favour from them but

Then he will be lable as extravagant and this will have negative impact as crown prince. His step mother will surely use it to oppose his coronation.

He then thought about taking Lucians

Advice seriously ut no one can tell if woman is foe or ally he thought and reject the idea as soon as it cross his mind. He walk up to the table and pour himself a wine from a goblet place on the side table.

He relax a little after drinking the wine. He decided to leave the worries for tomorrow and enjoy the luxury palace is offering him for today.

He was drinking the third glass of wine when notification pop up in head.

[-20 for urn ally into foe task]

Argellius was confuse what did he do wrong he was drinking the wine how can he turn ally into foe while drinking the wine.

He got up from his bed to search for a ball of grey fur when someone stuck him in the head from behind. He collapsed to the floor as everything got black.

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