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Becoming The Business Magnates Spoiled Wife Chapter 30 - Real-Time Imaging

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Chapter 30: Real-Time Imaging

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“Ding dong” sounds came from the hotel room.

Looking at the images on her phone screen, Qu Xiao instructed the bodyguard to adjust the angle and position of the pinhole camera installed in the corner of the room.

It was not until the most comprehensive image was captured that Qu Xiao smiled in satisfaction and said, “Perfect, lets call it a day!”

The bodyguard looked at Ling Chi with sympathy. His hands and feet were tied up with sex toys, and his mouth was stuffed with plastic balls. He simply could not bear to look at Ling Chi.

Qu Xiao turned around and walked out of the hotel room. She then proceeded to remind the bodyguard, “Remember to find girls with good figures for Ling Chi. Dont let him down.”

The bodyguard coughed awkwardly twice and followed closely behind Qu Xiao to send her home.

Outside the villa, Qu Xiao saw a familiar black Bentley parked at the door. Her eyes revealed a look of surprise as she ran over and raised her hand to tap on the car window.

Shang Yan turned around and saw her. Qu Xiao placed her hands beside her eyes and narrowed her eyes as she moved closer to the anti-peeping window. Her delicate face was slightly deformed as it stuck close to the glass, but there was a hint of cuteness to it.

Shang Yan could not help but chuckle. He rolled down the car window and motioned for Qu Xiao to take two steps back. The Butler brought his wheelchair over.

Qu Xiao followed closely by his side and asked cheerfully, “Why did you come back so early”

Li looked at her with dark circles under his eyes. He thought about how Shang Yan had compressed his two-week trip to five days and rushed straight back to the villa as soon as the plane landed. This was something he had never done before. Did she really not know why

Shang Yan did not answer. Instead, he looked at the blood stains on the bodyguards sleeve and asked with a frown, “Where did you go”

Qu Xiao pushed him back to the living room. Assuming that the call girls had arrived in the hotel room, with an evil smile on her face, she said in a low voice, “You came back just in time. Ling Chi invited us to watch him perform!”

She projected the screen of her phone onto the television screen. It showed three call girls surrounding Ling Chi. They were doing all sorts of things to tease him. It was very embarrassing.

Shang Yan frowned and turned off the screen. He stared at Qu Xiao as if he wanted a reasonable explanation.

Qu Xiao saved the video and did not seem to notice Shang Yans anger.

The bodyguard saw this and quickly told him about Ling Chi and Juttmans attempt to ambush her. Shang Yans eyes turned cold and were filled with murderous intent as he clenched his fists. He suddenly turned to Qu Xiao and asked, “Why did you meet with Juttman”

A hint of struggle and hesitation flashed across Qu Xiaos eyes. Shang Yan was extremely resistant to rehabilitation treatment and did not allow anyone to mention it. Therefore, she had to secretly go meet doctors behind his back. If she told him the truth, he would definitely be angry. However, if she lied...

With Shang Yans IQ, he would definitely see through her. Moreover, there would be estrangement and resentment between them.

Distrust between couples was fatal for relationships. Once trust was lost, relationships would collapse.

When Qu Xiao thought about this, she walked to Shang Yan and half-squatted in front of him. She held his long and cold fingertip and explained apologetically, “I wanted to find a famous doctor in the rehabilitation field to help you with your treatment. Who would have thought that Ling Chi would use this against me by hiring Juttman to lie to me”

Shang Yans pupils dilated as he stared deeply at Qu Xiao, his emotions complicated as he remained silent.

Qu Xiao was so nervous that she bit her lips lightly. She shook Shang Yans arm as she said, “Many people around you are talking about your legs. They praise you in front of everyone as an elite in the business world, a ruler and a superior. However, they are all saying bad things about you behind your back.”

“I know that you too, want to be treated and be able to stand up again, but youre afraid of being disappointed again and again, so you dont dare to have any expectations.”

Qu Xiao raised her head and looked into Shang Yans eyes. She said particularly sincerely, “You have to trust me this time, okay”

“Although my medical knowledge isnt vast, Im willing to accompany you to try rehabilitation training. Maybe with me as your lucky charm, youll recover Shang Yan, give me a chance, promise me to try again, okay”

Shang Yan looked down at Qu Xiao holding his palm tightly. A warmth spread from his palm.

The housekeeper and the nannies held their breaths as they waited for Shang Yans answer. They silently cheered for Qu Xiao in their hearts, hoping that she could convince Shang Yan and encourage him to try rehabilitation treatment again.

As time passed, Qu Xiaos legs became numb and she could not squat properly. Just as she was about to give up, she heard a reply coming from above her head, “Okay, I promise you.”


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