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Becoming The Business Magnates Spoiled Wife Chapter 24 - Sharing a Bed

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Chapter 24: Sharing a Bed

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Shang Yan looked at her with his deep dark eyes for a long time before he said slowly, “You were the one who leaked the base price of that land to Ling Chi.”

“And you stole the proposal for Ling Chi, which was why they got the project. These all belonged to the Shang Group in the first place. To a certain extent, youre just returning what you stole. Do I need to thank you for that”

It made sense. Qu Xiao was speechless and pouted.

Couldnt he tell that she was being nice to him

The butler was worried for Shang Yan. It would probably take a long time for him to understand Qu Xiaos intention.

Luckily, Qu Xiao knew how to communicate. She pouted and said, “At least I made up for my mistake and helped the company recover some of its losses. Arent you going to praise me Come on, you miser!”

Shang Yan was stunned. He did not expect Qu Xiao to care about these superficial things.

Qu Xiao bent down and stared at her toes. Shang Yan could not bear to see her disappointed, so he caressed the top of her head.

The butler was so shocked that he could not control his expression. He quickly turned around and left them alone.

Qu Xiao felt his warm and broad palm on her head, and her lips curled into a bright smile. She rubbed her head against his palm like a coquettish cat and poked his chest with her head. She said coquettishly, “Youre not so heartless after all.”

Shang Yan retracted his hand, unable to do anything about Qu Xiaos shameless behavior.

Qu Xiao felt that Shang Yan did not reject her as much as before, and the next step of the plan surfaced in her mind.

She suddenly moved in front of Shang Yan, the tip of her nose touching his high nose bridge. At such a close distance, Shang Yan could smell the faint fragrance on her body, and his heart seemed to beat faster.

Qu Xiao stared at him with watery eyes and said sincerely, “I had a nightmare last night!”

“I dreamed that a monster was lying on my bed, staring at me with its red eyes like it wanted to eat me! I was so scared that I could not fall asleep. Perhaps it was because my head got hurt that I kept having weird dreams recently. Shang Yan, can I move into your room tonight”

Qu Xiao blinked and threw out a suggestion that shocked Shang Yan so much that he could not answer. “When my wound gets better, Ill move back!”

Shang Yan wanted to reject her, but Qu Xiao seemed too pitiful with her watery eyes.

He suddenly recalled that when the psychiatrist examined her, he had mentioned that she lacked a sense of security and needed the company and care of her family.

Qu Xiao noticed his shifting eyes, which meant he was not so adamant now. He was obviously hesitating.

She hurriedly shook Shang Yans slender fingers and pouted her lips as she urged him. Finally, he relented and nodded, not able to resist her anymore.

Qu Xiao kissed him excitedly and let go. She was so excited that she was waving her hands and jumping up.

She ran back to the bedroom on the second floor and leaned against the railing, waving at him. “See you later!”

Shang Yans ears turned pink. He frowned and coughed lightly. He saw the butler standing in the corner covering his mouth and laughing secretly. Shang Yan instructed, “Add a pillow and silk blanket to the bedroom, and change the bathroom items...”

The butler nodded and went to prepare. Shang Yan held the mouse and moved it a few times before looking at the report seriously.

Qu Xiao returned to the bedroom and opened the wardrobe. She was not satisfied with the style of her pajamas.

The ones with black lace seemed a bit obvious, but the cartoon ones were slightly childish and conservative.

She found the pink negligee deep inside the closet and changed into it with satisfaction. She stood before the full-length mirror and studied herself. “Perfect!”

Qu Xiao sprayed some perfume that smelled like the one Shang Yan was wearing. She then carried her pillow to the room next door and knocked twice.

“Come in...”

Shang Yan held a thick book in his hand. He only looked up at her once before lowering his eyes to continue reading, as if he did not mind her intrusion.

Qu Xiao shrugged her shoulders and carried the pillow to the other side of the bed naturally. She lifted the blanket and crawled in.

Shang Yan froze. He narrowed his eyes and reminded her, “I got the butler to prepare a new set of silk blankets for you.”

Qu Xiao nodded and pointed at the rocking chair. “There, I saw it. But we are married. We can sleep together. Dont waste the new blanket!”

“I like it here,” she added.

Qu Xiao moved towards Shang Yan and her soft skin touched his waist. The sexual tension caused the temperature in the bedroom to rise suddenly.


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